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Kim Jong-Il dies

Kim Jong-Il dies, Dec 2011, too late for the millions of people he starved and tortured. He starved millions to death. He put entire families in concentration camps. He put families in gas chambers. He was pure evil. May he rot in hell.

Tweet from here.

Bin Laden dead. Al-Awlaki dead.
Gaddafi dead. Kim Jong-Il dead.
Mladic captured.
It's been a good year.
Cartoon from The Australian.

Poor brainwashed North Koreans weep at the death of their torturer.
It reminds me of the death of the Ayatollah in 1989. When you see mass hysteria like this, you know that the person being mourned is worthless.
Cracking comment on YouTube: "Boy, You'd think Justin Bieber died".

Thousands of North Koreans sent to labour camps for not crying enough at the death of the butcher.

Vice minister of the army executed by Kim Jong-un for not sufficiently mourning his father's death.

From here.
Based on "Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things".
"The Dear Leader likes to look at things."

The new tyrant Kim Jong-un.
From here.
Based on "Kim Jong-un Looking At Things".

Disgusting hypocrites: The Kim Jong-il funeral car is a 1970s-series Lincoln Continental. Disgusting hypocrites.
See New York Times.

Out of respect for the death of Kim Jong-il, the UN flag flies at half-mast in Geneva (seat of the UN Human Rights Council), Dec 28, 2011.
A truly depraved organisation.
Photo from UN Watch.

It is also alleged that the appalling Jimmy Carter sent condolences to North Korea. This is not yet confirmed or denied.

Sacha Baron Cohen, in his role as "Admiral General Alladeen" from The Dictator, appears at the 2012 Oscars, Feb 2012, with "the ashes of Kim Jong Il", which he then manages to spill. Hilarious. Classic disrespect to a disgusting butcher.

(Sadly, the movie itself is pretty bad. It tries to make the dictator a sympathetic figure, which doesn't work at all. But this Oscars stunt is priceless.)

RIP Christopher Hitchens

Lara Marlowe, US correspondent for The Irish Times

Irish Presidential election

Ireland elects loony-left anti-American anti-Israeli as President.

Ireland now has the most anti-American head of state in the western world. That will do wonders for American business and tourism.

7 years of sermons about capitalism, America and Israel.
Dear God no.
From this channel.
Better animation here was removed.

Who to vote for?

In the end, I voted:

  1. Seán Gallagher (Stands for Celtic Tiger Ireland. Sounds good to me.)
  2. Gay Mitchell (Had the guts to go after the Provo candidate.)
  3. Mary Davis
  4. Dana (I don't really like her, but I wanted to insult the three other candidates.)
  5. No one else.

Irish Presidential election, 27 Oct 2011
  • Irish presidential election, 2011 is shaping up to deliver a nightmare President. It may be one of these:

    1. The fanatic terrorist leader Martin McGuinness. Yes, thanks for stopping killing and bombing. Now go away.
    2. The radical anti-American, anti-Israel David Norris.
    3. The radical anti-American, anti-Israel Michael D. Higgins.

  • This is madness. If any of these become President, Ireland's image, already dented, will hit rock bottom worldwide. Imagine British tourism if a Provo is Irish President. Imagine a Tea Party Republican Presidential visit with a viciously anti-American Irish President.
  • If any of these three are elected, all I will say is: "NOT MY PRESIDENT".

Michael D. Higgins attends a candlelit vigil in Galway, 2004, mourning the death of the Jew-killing butcher and dictator Yasser Arafat.

Terrorist President

Anyone who votes for Martin McGuinness as President of Ireland should be ashamed of themselves. Can you not read? Do you not know what he has done?

See full size.

IRA terrorist leader Martin McGuinness.

Joanne Mathers, the Protestant census enumerator
shot dead by the IRA in Derry in 1981.
Her husband Lowry Mathers chokes up as he recalls: "how their infant son used to run to the door hoping his mother was returning home after her murder".
Lowry Mathers says: "Whatever he says, Martin McGuinness was in charge of the IRA in Londonderry at that time. If anyone knows who murdered Joanne, Martin McGuinness knows."

The kidnap of leftists

Muslim Brotherhood member wins Nobel Peace Prize, Oct 2011

Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan killed, 30 Sept 2011

Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan are killed in a drone strike. A major defeat for Al Qaeda.

Anwar al-Awlaki was the no.1 English-language leader of the global jihad. His hatred inspired Islamic terrorism across the West. He was linked to the Fort Hood massacre, the London bombings, the Little Rock shooting, the Flight 253 bomber, the Times Square bomber and the Stephen Timms attacker. He may even have been involved in 9/11.

Samir Khan was the no.1 English-language media figure in the global jihad. He was the editor of Al Qaeda's glossy Inspire magazine, which called for random jihad killing across the West.

The Jawa Report on the demise of Anwar al-Awlaki.
In 2010 Anwar al-Awlaki called for the killing of poor Molly Norris: "A cartoonist out of Seattle, Washington, named Molly Norris started the 'Everyone Draw Mohammed Day'. She should be taken as a prime target of assassination".
Now he is dead.

The Jawa Report on the demise of Samir Khan.
Samir Khan called for random killing in American cities.
Now he is dead.

In 2007 Samir Khan issued a death threat to "Rusty Shackleford" of The Jawa Report: "O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family."
However, as Rusty says in 2011: "He who laughs last, laughs loudest. Also, the guy not killed in a drone strike. He laughs loudest, too."

Samir Khan running a jihad website from his wealthy home in America (up to 2009). Like Anwar al-Awlaki and Osama bin Laden, he grew up in prosperity and privilege. He could have lived a good, worthy life. Instead he chose evil. He spent his life as a rich man dedicated to killing poorer men.
Samir Khan shows that oppression and poverty do not cause jihad.
Rather, the hallucinatory, utopian ideology of Islamism causes jihad.
His wealthy father, Zafar Khan, may have been an Islamist extremist.

Racist UN conference, 22 September 2011

Background to the racist UN conference.
From Boycott Durban III site.

The anti-Israel, anti-American peace activists held hostage by Iran are released, 21 Sept 2011

Hope at last for the Church of England

Hope at last for the Church of England:
Rowan Williams to step down.
He will step down in Dec 2012. The torture will continue until then.

10 years (2002-2012) of destroying Christianity and promoting Islam.
I am not a Christian, but I would love if the next Archbishop of Canterbury could be a defender of Christianity.

South African anti-apartheid figures

The Arab Spring: The terrorist bomber of Lockerbie Gaddafi falls.

England riots, Aug 2011

Pro-Israel Irish blogger destroys the campaign of front-running anti-Israel Irish presidential candidate, July-Aug 2011
  • The viciously anti-Israel and anti-American David Norris was front-runner for the (largely powerless) Irish presidency until July 2011.
  • It would be appalling if this intemperate, divisive man becomes Irish president. He will make Ireland hated in America, and will endlessly insult Israel.

  • Pro-Israel blogger John Connolly publicised facts on 24 July 2011 that destroyed Norris' campaign. Norris withdrew from the race on 2 Aug 2011.
  • Well done John Connolly! The first great victory for the Irish blogosphere. A win for the Irish counterjihad!

  • Letter from Paul Kearns, 4 Aug 2011, sums it up: "I see the Israeli embassy .. states that, "There is much admiration in Israel for Senator Norris's work in Ireland .. and in particular for his endeavours for reform of the laws relating to homosexuality". I don't suppose we will have a similar expression of support from the Palestinian Authority?"

  • Norris came back later with a new campaign. But he never recovered from this. However, the victory was still hollow because Michael D. Higgins became President instead.

Norway terror attacks, 22 July 2011

The Clonskeagh mosque

Iranian "anti-terrorism" conference, 25-26 June 2011

New Irish ship to Gaza, June 2011

Catholic bishop Luigi Padovese was stabbed to death by a Muslim in Turkey shortly after the 2010 Gaza flotilla clash between Turkish Islamists and the Israelis. His killer shouted: "I killed the great Satan! Allah Akbar!"
I wonder what innocents will die this year.

Nobody died. Well done Israel for stopping the 2011 flotilla peacefully!

The Israel-hating fake "Gay Girl in Damascus" blog

Song For Gaza by Michael Heart

President Obama visits Ireland, May 2011

OK, Obama's not all bad.
His rhetoric is terrible, but he is still carrying on the War on Islamism. He hasn't left Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, he has attacked a third Muslim country - Libya. He kills jihadis without trial. He hasn't closed Guantanamo. Despite his rhetoric, he is carrying on most of Bush's policies. He is a hypocrite, and I am glad he is a hypocrite.
The pro-jihad Irish "Anti-War" Movement is against him.

I agree with Dick and Liz Cheney, 2 Oct 2011.
Obama has carried on the war, despite his awful rhetoric. I am glad he is a hypocrite. Well done for that, but he owes Bush an apology.

Dick Cheney: "When he goes to Cairo, and in effect says we walked away from our ideals ... on our [Bush and Cheney's] watch, that's a big mistake."
Host: "You'd like an apology, it sounds like."
Dick Cheney: "Well, I would. I think that would be not for me, but I think for the Bush administration, and that he misspoke when he gave that speech in Cairo"
Liz Cheney: "I think he did tremendous damage. I think he slandered the nation and I think he owes an apology to the American people. Those are the policies that kept us safe. ... I think the president owes everybody an apology, frankly."

Queen Elizabeth II visits Republic of Ireland, May 2011

First Royal visit since 1911. Warmly welcomed by most Irish people. Opposed by a small minority of narrow-minded bigots.

Éirígí (TDs: zero) and the CIRA (TDs: zero) and the RIRA (TDs: zero) and other ultra-nationalist bigots protest the Queen's visit. These are the same people who attacked the "Love Ulster" parade in 2006. Imagine an Ireland ruled by these people. It would be a country of Catholic bigotry, grinding poverty and political oppression.

Britain and Ireland: divided by politics, united by almost everything else, Daniel Hannan, 18 May 2011, on how the people of Ireland have resisted a total separation from Britain. "While Eamon de Valera pursued his quixotic schemes to [make Ireland alien and different] the two islands continued their habits of intermixture and intermarriage. They followed the same football teams, watched the same television stations, shopped at the same chains. ... Where governments divide, organic ties of family, commerce and civic society unite. For the better part of a century, politics and politicians pushed Ireland and the United Kingdom apart; but their peoples are closer than at any point since 1916."

The last Royal visit, by the Queen's grandfather George V, 7-12 July 1911.
(Note that the Queen's father George VI was not on this trip.)
My relatives demonstrated against the visit in 1911. I do not criticise them for doing so. But I am glad that we have moved on since.
See larger. From Irish Times, 13 July 1911.

List of Islamic terror attacks on the West, 1968 to date

Bin Laden is killed, May 2011

Bin Laden, symbol of the evil of Islamism, is killed

The mass murderer of innocents Osama Bin Laden is killed. He could have lived a life of luxury, partying, enjoying life with friends and family, driving Lamborghinis and harming no one. A good life, more or less.

Instead he chose evil. He chose to waste his life on a set of utopian memes - a religion based on no evidence, a god that exists only in his imagination. He killed thousands of real, innocent human beings for a god that does not even exist. On 2 May 2011 (local time), after 10 years escaping justice after 9/11, the awesomely brave US Navy SEALs came for him in his large suburban house in the terrorist state of Pakistan, where he had been living safely since 2005, no doubt protected by Pakistan's security forces.

Congratulations America! And well done Obama - you aren't really as bad as your awful rhetoric. It is wonderful that he is dead and there will be no trial. It is wonderful that he had no funeral. It is wonderful that he is buried at sea, and, like the Nazis, he will have no grave. How much better it would be if stupid young men did not follow these ancient memes in the first place. If young men lived for pleasure, rather than following Islam, the world would be a better place.

Bin Laden (2nd from right) in Sweden in 1971, before he turned to follow evil. See larger. If only he had carried on enjoying life. The world would be a better place if he had been more selfish and hedonistic.

Hitler's death announced on 2 May 1945.
His enemies also were the democracies of Britain and America.
Bin Laden's type of people supported Hitler.
Image from here.

The world celebrates

Someone on the radio said Easter 2011 was like a Disney movie. The sun shone. The lovely, ordinary girl married a prince. The strong, brave, good guys attacked the wicked bad guy. The bad guy got killed. Everyone cheered and celebrated.

Grace Van Cutsem ("Grumpy Flower Girl" at the Royal Wedding)
sits through the other part of the Disney movie.
See larger. From here.

From Gary Varvel.

US Naval Academy celebrates Bin Laden's death.
His death sends a strong message to the enemies of the West.
See more celebrations.

Thank you to the modern day heroes of the US military,
who defend not just America, but all of us in the free world.

Animations and video games

You can now kill Bin Laden yourself, in the video game KumaWar Episode 107: Osama 2011, which re-creates the house at Abbottabad.
And search for more videos.
See other Bin Laden games where you can shoot and assault Bin Laden.

Next Media Animation (Taiwan) (see channel and search and search) have produced both serious and comic animations of Bin Laden's death.
In this comic animation, the US soldiers keep firing at Bin Laden long after his death. They fire RPGs at his dead body. They score top video game points. Bin Laden finds himself in hell with Satan, Hitler and Saddam, where 72 virgin pigs rape him.
Copies here and here and here.
They seem to have taken down this comic version
and put up a serious version (and another and another).

Another comic animation about how Bin Laden lived peacefully in Pakistan.

Seanad elections, Apr 2011

The new Seanad will be a dreadful collection of failed politicians and Israel haters.

Bad news:

Obama finally releases his birth cert

Palestinians kill Israel hater

The "Koran-burning" riots and murders, Mar-Apr 2011

The Afghanistan "kill team"

Allies bomb Libya: We are all neo-conservatives now

  • Libya

  • Despite Cameron's anti-neocon speeches, I always knew he was a neocon.

  • Obama has spent years attacking Bush for exactly what Obama is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Libya. Despite his awful, annoying rhetoric, Obama isn't all bad.

  • I love Jihad Watch and they may be right to fear that deposing Gaddafi will only lead to an Islamist Libya. But damn, doesn't it feel good to see this butcher finally getting what he deserves? Daniel Pipes, 24 Feb 2011: "How deeply satisfying it will be to watch as a brave and desperate people sweep this eccentric, nasty, and repressive tyrant into the dustbin of history."

  • Flip-flopper John Kerry claims Libya is not a neocon war. He claims it is different from Iraq and Afghanistan, which understandably fostered an Islamic "narrative of resentment". Bruce Thornton says "this assertion is incoherent. For haven't those "invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan" expended our blood and treasure in order to free Muslims from brutal dictators and autocrats, and to create for Muslims the democratic self-rule and political freedom that Kerry claims is their highest aim?"
  • Kerry is wrong. Libya is a neocon war. And Kerry will only stay on board for a short time.

  • Justice is coming for the Butcher of Lockerbie. Gaddafi says: "I shall die as a martyr .. in the end." Let's hope so!

Palestinians stab 3 small children to death, 11 Mar 2011

Redacted inspires the Frankfurt Airport shooter, 2 Mar 2011

Violence against Christians in "liberated" Egypt

SFIRA in the Dail

As Gerry Adams leads an unpleasant block of 14 SFIRA TDs into the Dail, let us bring up IRA killings at every opportunity.

At the Irish census, 10 Apr 2011, let us remember Joanne Mathers (and video), the Protestant census enumerator shot dead by the IRA in 1981.

On International Women's Day, 8 Mar 2011, let us remember Jean McConville and all the other women murdered by the IRA.

Irish general election, 25 Feb 2011

The country voted, as I did, to wipe out FF and the Greens for their bank bailout with taxpayers' money. I would prefer an FG plus right-wing Independents coalition to an FG-Labour coalition, but FG weren't interested. I fear that an FG-Labour coalition will be timid on our debts (which are not really ours) and on Europe.

Good news:

  1. FF punished for bank bailout.
  2. Greens wiped out.
  3. Alan Shatter elected (FG, Dublin South)
  4. Alan Shatter becomes Minister for Justice and Defence.
  5. Chris Andrews loses seat (FF, Dublin South East)
  6. Hussein Hamed fails (Ind, Dublin South) (Muslim Brotherhood)

Every single member of the Dail Committee that introduced the blasphemy law either lost their seat or retired. Not one of them is left in the Dail:

  1. Bobby Aylward loses seat (FF, Carlow-Kilkenny)
  2. Thomas Byrne loses seat (FF, Meath East)
  3. Sean Connick loses seat (FF, Wexford)
  4. Brendan Kenneally loses seat (FF, Waterford)
  5. Darragh O'Brien loses seat (FF, Dublin North)

Bad news:

  1. FG-Labour coalition. I would prefer FG plus right-wing Independents.
  2. The left-wing, anti-Israel Labour leader Eamon Gilmore becomes Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  3. Gerry Adams elected (SFIRA, Louth)
  4. Richard Boyd Barrett elected (PBP/SWP/IAWM, Dun Laoghaire)
  5. Finian McGrath elected (Ind, Dublin North Central)
  6. Mick Wallace elected (Ind, Wexford)
  7. Thomas Pringle elected (Ind, Donegal South West)
  8. 14 SF-IRA candidates elected.
  9. 5 ULA candidates elected.

The anti-Israel Micheál Martin was one of the reasons I disliked FF.
Making him leader of FF made me less likely to vote FF.

Thomas Byrne (FF TD) loses his seat.
He is gone, but his embarrassing and sinister blasphemy law lives on.

Irish general election

FF and the PDs made Ireland rich. But the PDs are gone. And FF is a different party now.

I want to punish FF for bailing out Anglo Irish Bank, bailing out foreign bankers, bailing out foreign speculators, being unable to control our currency exchange rates and interest rates, never considering leaving the euro, massively increasing state spending in the later boom, being anti-Israel, and introducing the blasphemy law. Your complaints may differ, but we will all agree that FF has to go.

But who to vote for? If only there was a pro-market, Euro-sceptic, anti-jihad, pro-Israel, libertarian party. There is a real gap in the market in Irish politics right now.

Who not to vote for:

I hope none of the following get elected:

The members of the Dail Committee that introduced the blasphemy law:

Who to vote for:

People I like include:

Vote John McGuirk (Ind, Cavan/Monaghan).

Sharia law in Austria

Judge Bettina Neubauer, the Austrian sharia-enforcer who decided that it is now illegal in Austria to call Muhammad a paedophile. Incredibly, she started arguing about whether Muhammad was a paedophile or not. She not only claimed that in her opinion Muhammad was not a paedophile, but that the Austrian state should be able to force everyone by law to agree!
A day of shame for Austria and Europe.

Egyptian revolution

The Egyptian revolution.
I so much want to believe this is about freedom.
But I have so little faith in the Islamic street.
Please, people of Egypt, prove me wrong.

Twitter death threats to Sarah Palin

A mentally ill left-winger commits an atrocity.
Obviously Sarah Palin made him do it.
To protest allegedly "violent" American political rhetoric ... Twitter users issue death threats to Sarah Palin. There is irony upon irony here. One tweet even complains that Palin never gets any death threats.

The Tucson, Arizona shooting, Jan 2011

A mentally ill left-winger kills people. Obviously the right is to blame.



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