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  The Old IRA burnt Ireland's heritage

Sir Arthur Vicars and the PRO

The burning of Ballyconree orphanage

The killing of 7 year old Emmet McGarry

Modern IRA crimes

The Guildford bombers

Attacking "capitalists"

The security forces

Republican killings of Gardai

Modern IRA attacks on heritage

The bombing of Westminster Hall

The bombing of the Tower of London

The burning of libraries

SF-IRA's support for tyranny

Loyalist crimes

Republican crimes

I am not opposed to violence. But it should be reserved for enemies with whom reason is impossible - such as Al Qaeda, Hitler, the Soviet Union, the PLO and Hamas. It should never be used against democracies.

1914 was a year of madness. It was a year when the worship of violence came into western democratic politics. Democracies and semi-democracies went to barbaric war for no good reason that anyone can explain. And in Ireland in 1916, Irish nationalists turned to violence for no real reason other than that they wanted to, and they were caught up in the bloodlust of the times. Boring parliamentary progress would have led to a far better future for Ireland north and south.

The old IRA, apart from the deaths they caused, also destroyed much of Ireland's heritage. The only thing that saves them is that they set up a democracy, one of the oldest in the world.

The modern IRA soaked Northern Ireland in blood, violence and fear for decades. They achieved little, and their violence was grossly out of proportion to the real but modest oppression suffered by Catholics. The IRA's campaign was incredibly extremist. Peaceful methods would have achieved far more.

The burning of the Public Record Office in the Civil War, 1922.
From here.
I would trade our independence from Britain to get the Public Record Office back.

The Old IRA burnt much of Ireland's heritage

The Old IRA, so-called Irish patriots, burnt much of Ireland's heritage.

The Irish Times, horrified by the destruction of the Easter Rising, 28 Apr 1916.

18th century Moore Hall in Co.Mayo was burnt by the Republicans in the Civil War in 1923.
When they burnt big houses like this, the Republicans destroyed forever ancient libraries and irreplaceable family papers and portraits - and hence much of Irish history.

Eamon de Valera, an Irish "patriot" who ordered the burning of centuries of Irish local government records in the Custom House, Dublin, in 1921.
Image from here.

Irish "patriot" burns centuries of Irish historical records.
Feels no guilt about it.
This is IRA man Vinnie Byrne explaining how as a 21 year old he burnt the Custom House, Dublin, in 1921.
A vast archive of Irish history was lost forever, thanks to him.
From 45:58 in Part 9 of "Ireland: A Television History" (1980).

The Public Record Office, Dublin, before its destruction by Irish "patriots" in 1922.
They burnt the 1821 census, 1831 census, 1841 census and 1851 census.
See larger and full size.
From here.

Irish nationalists were not the only ones to burn Ireland's heritage.
British crown forces burnt Cork City Hall in revenge in 1920, destroying forever its priceless historical archives.
Image from here. From Irish Examiner.

Sir Arthur Vicars and the Public Record Office

The killing of the genealogist Sir Arthur Vicars is the story of the destruction of Irish heritage by so-called Irish patriots in a nutshell.

Sir Arthur Vicars devoted years to studying Irish history, compiling an index to the priceless wills in the Public Record Office.

Irish nationalists killed him in 1921, and burnt the Public Record Office (and all the wills) in 1922.

Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland, 1536-1810, by Sir Arthur Vicars, 1897.
A wonderful gift to Ireland from a lover of Irish heritage and history.
Irish nationalists killed him in 1921, and burnt all these wills in 1922.


A lost world of Irish history.
Some of the wills indexed by Sir Arthur Vicars and burnt by Irish nationalists in 1922.
Note the wills of The Knight of Kerry, MacCarthy Mor and The O'Conor Don.
Irish nationalists burnt all these.

Kilmorna House, near Listowel, Co.Kerry, on 1887 to 1913 map. Labelled "Kilmeany House" on earlier map. See modern satellite view of site.
Home of the genealogist Sir Arthur Vicars.
The IRA shot him dead here in April 1921, and burnt his house and papers.
Who knows what ancient pieces of Irish history these savages burnt at this house.

The burning of Ballyconree orphanage

Like a Muslim mob burning Christian orphanages, the Catholic IRA burnt a Protestant orphanage at Ballyconree, Co.Galway, in the Civil War in 1922.
Photo of the Protestant orphans of Ballyconree from Irish Times, 19 Mar 2012.
A Catholic mob also burnt a Protestant orphanage in Co.Tipperary in 1938.

The burning of the Protestant orphanage of Ballyconree.
From The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 December 1922.

Unconfirmed report that there was an attempt to kill the children.
From The Argus, 21 December 1922.

The killing of 7 year old Emmet McGarry

In the Civil War in Dec 1922, the anti-Treaty IRA set fire to the home of pro-Treaty TD Seán McGarry while his children were asleep in it, and closed the front door to prevent rescue.
His 7 year old son was burned horribly and died 5 days later.
From Irish Times, December 11, 1922 and December 15, 1922.

Modern IRA crimes

Attacks on British politicians and royalty

The Claudy bombing, 1972.

The IRA killed Lord Mountbatten and relatives in 1979.

Joanne Mathers, the Protestant census enumerator shot dead by the IRA in Derry in 1981.

Tribute to the great Irish racehorse "Shergar".
The IRA kidnapped and machine-gunned him to death in 1983: "the two handlers, one clutching a machine gun, went into the remote stable where the horse was being held and opened fire. "Shergar was machine gunned to death. There was blood everywhere and the horse even slipped on his own blood. There was lots of cussin' and swearin' because the horse wouldn't die. It was a very bloody death." It was several minutes before the horse, which was in agony, slowly bled to death."

The IRA collaborated with Nazi Germany in WW2.
The British Army fought against and defeated Nazi Germany.
The IRA bombed a memorial service for the WW2 allies in Enniskillen in 1987.

The IRA bombs a school bus in 1988.
Irish Times, June 29, 1988.

The Guildford bombers

Everyone knows about the terrible imprisonment of the innocent Guildford Four for the IRA Guildford bombings in 1974.

But there is a lot less talk about the people who actually did the Guildford bombings - the IRA Balcombe Street gang - who are free and celebrated by SF-IRA today.

The IRA Balcombe Street gang did deliberately target civilians.
Here there was no warning. They threw a bomb into a crowded London restaurant and ran away, killing one.
From Irish Times, November 14, 1975.
A few days later, they killed two people when they threw a bomb into another London restaurant.

The IRA Balcombe Street gang killed the wonderful Ross McWhirter of the "Guinness Book of Records" in 1975.
He was one of my innocent childhood heroes.

Irish terrorist leaders Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams celebrate the killer of Ross McWhirter, Balcombe Street gang member Hugh Doherty.
Photo 1998 from here.
See video of Sinn Fein celebration of the Balcombe Street gang.
Hugh Doherty is the brother of Pat Doherty of Sinn Fein.
Hugh Doherty is now an artist.

Other republicans

Attacking "capitalists"

Comically, Sinn Fein now pretends to care about the Irish economy.
See An Phoblacht pretending to care about jobs: "Sinn Féin jobs plan and how to pay for it". Part of the plan is not to kill businessmen.

The security forces

This graph notes the restraint of the security forces.
The security forces were killed themselves far more than they killed others.
With the paramilitaries, the situation is the opposite. The republican and loyalist paramilitaries killed others far more than they were killed themselves.
The chart shows, for each group X, the number of X killed and the number killed by X. So the total of 5,214 dead counts the dead twice.

The song "Soldier" (1972) by Harvey Andrews.
Based on the story of British soldier Michael Willetts, who died saving children in a police station the IRA was bombing.

Republican killings of Gardai

It is not widely enough known that almost all of the Gardai that have been murdered in the history of the state were killed by republicans (not by criminals).

The IRA is the leading killer of Gardai since WW2.

Sinn Fein - IRA, the top killers of Gardai,
have not killed a Garda for:


Last killing: Jerry McCabe.

Modern IRA attacks on heritage

The IRA burnt Tynan Abbey, Co.Armagh, and its historic contents in 1981.
Photo of ruin from here.

Eton College by Canaletto (about 1754). National Gallery, London.
Just one of thousands of beautiful paintings that the IRA tried to destroy in 1991.

The bombing of Westminster Hall

The 11th century Westminster Hall, with its spectacular 14th century timber roof, the largest medieval timber roof in Northern Europe.
The IRA bombed this beautiful building in 1974, setting it on fire.
Luckily it was not destroyed.
Photo 2013. From here. Creative Commons. See more photos.

Some disgusting terrorism supporter celebrates the attack, 21 Oct 2013.
The fanatics who burnt Ireland's heritage are still with us.

The bombing of the Tower of London

The IRA bombed the 11th century White Tower of the Tower of London on 17 July 1974, when it was full of tourists.
They killed one tourist and injured 40 other people, including tourists and children.
Image from here.

There is a detailed description of the injuries suffered by the children and tourists at the Tower of London in this article:
"The Tower of London bomb explosion", British Medical Journal, August 2, 1975.

SF-IRA's support for tyranny

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