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  The dictator Gaddafi

Gaddafi state sponsorship of terrorism

The Lockerbie bombing, 1988

Western support for and pandering to Gaddafi

Irish support for Gaddafi

Libyan revolution, 2011

Islamists rampant in the new Libya

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Gaddafi's philosophy is like a reading list of failed third world ideas: "Islamic Socialism" and pan-Arabism.

In reality, what Libya needs is democracy, capitalism and a free society.

Libyan dictator Gaddafi was Head of the African Union 2009-10 (which shows exactly what the African Union is).

Rebels destroy a monument to Gaddafi's "Green Book", Eastern Libya, Feb 2011.
Children were forced to study this ridiculous book in school every day.

The dictator Gaddafi

The "secular" Muammar Qaddafi calls for Islam to conquer the world, starting with Europe, which he predicts will be Islamic soon, in a 2006 speech full of religious fanaticism.

Gaddafi state sponsorship of terrorism

The Lockerbie bombing, 1988

The Lockerbie bombing, 1988: Gaddafi murders 270 westerners.

Disgusting: The terrorist Gaddafi is allowed visit New York and speak at the UN, Sept 2009.
He is not attacked with a drone, or captured and put in Guantanamo.
In 1988 his regime bombed a flight to New York, killing 270 innocent men, women and children.
His victims included:

Speaking to the UN in Sept 2009. Shot by a mob in Oct 2011.

Western support for and pandering to Gaddafi

Qaddafi is humanised in the musical, Gaddafi: A Living Myth by Asian Dub Foundation (2006).

Irish support for Gaddafi

Irish socialist/republican fanatics mourn Gaddafi's death.
The newly-formed Communist Party of the Irish Republic and the terrorist group the INLA organise a "Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi Day School" in Dublin in Oct 2012.
From here.

Libyan revolution, 2011

Sarkozy welcomes the blood-soaked dictator Gaddafi to France in Dec 2007.
In Mar 2011, Sarkozy started trying to kill Gaddafi. In Oct 2011 he and his allies did kill him.
Funny old world!

In 2011, Libyans were no longer afraid of this buffoon.
"Zenga Zenga", the Israeli parody of Gaddafi's ridiculous speech, which became a popular Libyan revolution song.
Girl from here.

The killing of Gaddafi, Oct 2011

The brutal dictator Gaddafi is captured and killed by a mob in sordid scenes, Oct 2011.
It appears that he was attacked and sodomized with a knife before being shot.
He deserved to be executed for his crimes - but this is sadistic and disgusting.

Gaddafi the rapist and sex pervert

It is ironic that Gaddafi was sodomized before death, since he himself was a sex pervert and rapist of young girls and boys.


Yes it was wonderful to see Gaddafi destroyed. To see that butcher of Americans and Britons pay for what he did.

But as for what comes next, the Arab world almost always lets us down. Will the new Libya be more, rather than less, free? Will it be less, rather than more, anti-Israel?

The Onion, 26 Aug 2011, probably nails it: "We've got a nice four weeks of thinking Libya represents a triumph of liberty before the situation begins to deteriorate and some new form of authoritarianism inevitably asserts itself. ... We should all enjoy this stirring image of Libya as a beacon of democracy before Islamists or a new military strongman moves in to fill the power vacuum."

Will the new Libya be a sharia tyranny?

No Jews in the new Libya:
A lone Libyan Jew returns to Libya after the revolution in 2011. (All Libyan Jews were expelled years ago.)
He dreams that the new Libya will be a place for all creeds. He attempts to restore Tripoli's old synagogue.
He meets with death threats and protests calling for him to be deported. The protesters carry signs reading: "LIBYA FOR THE LIBYANS - NOT FOR THE JEWS" and: "THERE'S NO PLACE FOR JEWS IN LIBYA". They try to attack his hotel.
He gives up and leaves Libya again in sadness.
Nice to see the end of Gaddafi. Shame about the Libya that comes next.
Photo from here.

Islamists rampant in the new Libya

Libyan Islamists desecrate Christian graves, Feb 2012

Welcome to the new Libya:
Muslim mob attacks and desecrates Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in Libya, Feb 2012.
This is Benghazi War Cemetery (a WW2 cemetery).

One smashed grave identifiable in the photos is that of Martin Palmer Northmore of the Royal Canadian Air Force (died 1943).
See 1943 poem in his honour written by his aunt: "Did Heaven's beam, among the stars that swing, Lead safely to a welcome, glowing hearth? Skies there are free from evil birds that prey; On lives so young and lovely in our sight".

Another smashed grave is identifiable as that of Rev. Geoffrey Bond, Chaplain 4th Class (died 1941).
His father was killed in action in WWI in 1916.
The Islamic maniacs attacking these graves disgrace only themselves.

Libyan jihadists kill the US Ambassador, Sept 2012

Why did the Benghazi staff not get air support?
From Special Operations Speaks PAC.

The movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016).


2013 on

Libyan jihadi scum round up Christians in Benghazi, Libya, Feb 2013.
They are accused of "proselytizing" i.e. of being Christian.
The jihadis shave their heads and kill one of them.

"We consider ourselves comrades in arms. ... Your readiness to provide us with the facilities of forming an army of liberation indicated your commitment to the fight for peace and human rights in the world."
- Nelson Mandela, 1990, thanks Gaddafi for supporting the ANC. He absurdly claims that Gaddafi believes in "human rights".

"Libya's Revolution brought free health care and education to the people and subsidized housing. ... Now, as for democracy, .. Libyans govern themselves by The Green Book, a form of direct democracy based on the African Constitution concept that the people are the first and final source of all power. ... Muammar Qaddafi has long been a friend to African people. ... Mr. Qaddafi to this day continues to assist Black political organizations in an effort to keep people of African descent able to exercise their right of self-determination. ... The Hugo Chavez Foundation communiqué concludes: Long live Muammar Al-Qathafi! Long live the African Union! Long live Pan-Africanism! Solidarity with Blacks everywhere!"
- "Ghaddafi a Hero for African Rights and Liberation" by Cynthia McKinney, March 27, 2011.

"How did it [the NTC] get its legitimacy? Did the Libyan people elect them? Did the Libyan people appoint them?"
- Hilarious quote by the unelected dictator Gaddafi, Oct 2011, questioning the legitimacy of the National Transitional Council (NTC) that overthrew him.
So now, after 42 years without elections, elections are suddenly important?

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