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Friday, 9 June 2023


Susan Abulhawa


Israel debate, Eblana Forum, 27 October 2022

A rare public debate on Israel was held at the Eblana Forum, Dun Laoghaire, on 27 October 2022. I spoke for the Ireland Israel Alliance, against Richard Boyd Barrett, TD.


The video of the complete debate, both sides, including questions from the floor.

The core beliefs of Islam

Woke history

The series Bridgerton.
The mainstreaming of crank "woke history".

Russia's evil and barbaric war on Ukraine

Controversies to do with sex

2021 cancel mob

Umar al-Qadri libels me, Nov 2021

Ibrahim Halawa lies about me, Nov 2021


I am targeted by a cancel mob, Nov 2021

My page on Black Lives Matter makes a long and detailed case against the "Black Lives Matter" movement, which has caused so much damage to America, and to black lives. I support my argument with evidence and statistics.

A cancel mob went hysterical about my page on 22 Nov 2021. They did not construct any arguments or present any evidence. They did not even appear to have read my page.

I leave it here unchanged so you can see it for yourself. There is nothing wrong with it.

I have not apologised. There is nothing to apologise for. I did nothing wrong. I have not deleted my page. I have not edited my page. I have not responded to the mob's anger or demands in any way. I carry on as normal. I am uninterested in the hysterical screaming of people who cannot debate.

To add insult to injury, the viral tweet that started the cancel mob on 22 Nov 2021 was a lie. It had two fake quotes, allegedly from me, but neither of which I ever said. It was the fake quotes that started the firestorm. It wasn't even my website that started it.


BLM has killed 3,000 people.
No one cares.

Who the cancel mob are:
Tim Urban discusses low-rung thinkers (those who cannot debate and change their minds). Most low-rung thinkers only harm themselves. The exception are the "idea supremacists". These are low-rung thinkers who want to stop other people debating and thinking.

How high-rung and low-rung thinkers react to a website like mine.
In 2021 the "idea supremacists" tried to cancel me. They failed.


Robert Fisk dies, Oct 2020

Ireland's no.1 awkward fact: Ireland is only free because of the British military


The rescue scene in the movie Dunkirk (2017).
Ireland is only free because these men won.
Most Irish nationalists cannot deal with that. Even today.

Black Lives Matter riots, May 2020 on

30 people killed in US riots due to anger at fictional "racist" police. Widespread rioting and vandalism. Homes and businesses looted and burned.


Irish election, Feb 2020

25 percent of Irish voters vote for the terrorist party Sinn Fein. Shame on them. People with no morality. People with no right to lecture us about anything from now on.



Corbyn is annihilated, Dec 2019

Corbyn is annihilated in the glorious 2019 election. Oh what a glorious day. What a wonderful day.


Irish snowflake blocklist "GowlBlocker"


An anonymous Israel-hating troll gets me banned from Twitter, July 2019.

  • "OldDumpy" gets me banned for opposing terror against Jews. ("OldDumpy" is anonymous. He hates Israel. He pretends to be Jewish to make fake reports. Elsewhere he admits he is Catholic.)

  • Second Twitter ban: I am banned again from Twitter for criticising the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Twitter shadowbans me

The "Israel Beacon" videos, March-April 2019

A series of short videos with me on Israel.


Video no.1.
Why are people anti-Israel?
The need to see the Westerners as the bad guys

Paddy Manning banned on Twitter after malicious complaint by troll account, March 2019


Talk on 20 Nov 2018

I gave a talk to Maynooth Student Friends of Israel on 20 Nov 2018.

  • The video below is part of my talk, towards the end, during questions. Unfortunately, the other parts are not yet available on video.
  • I discuss the "liberals" whose "solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to deport 0.6 million Jews. I discuss other refugee situations, where people got on with it, and built a new future, rather than called for a new cleansing.
  • The year when hardly anyone died was 2013. See graph.

Click through for video.

Protest against Mahmoud Abbas, 22 Sept 2018

I went to the very civilized pro-Israel protest against Mahmoud Abbas' visit to Dublin. Protest at Áras an Uachtaráin, 22 Sept 2018.

I speak in this video from the protest.

Podcast with me, Sept 2018

  • Here is a 2 hour interview with me by Paddy Manning of The Right Side podcast (and twitter). Also here.
  • It covers a range of topics, including: neo-conservatism, the Iraq war, the future of Islam, the Halawas, the Irish left, why support Israel, and the role of the West in the world.
  • Fact check: 1/4 of Baghdad was Jewish in 1911, not 40 percent. Hard to remember all these numbers!

Interview with Mark Humphrys - "We never did find Frances Black's chicken farm", posted 19 Sept 2018.
Length 2 hr 14 min.

Human rights under Palestinian rule

The claim that Israel is carrying out a "genocide" of the Palestinians

The claim that Gaza is a "concentration camp"

The Frances Black boycott of Israel, July 2018

My RTE article on boycotting Israel

My Sunday Times article on the Gaza border riots

A jihadi Facebook post during the riots.

Irish sports journalist targets my job because I support Israel.

Gaza border riots

Paul Joseph Watson, the fake "counter-jihadist"

Dundalk attack, Jan 2018. The first Islamic terror attack in Ireland?


Ibrahim Halawa is freed. The videos emerge. Four years of my research on the case is vindicated.
Halawa facts:

Ex-Muslims that follow me

The Kevin Myers hysteria, July-Aug 2017

Ramadan - The month of Islamic slaughter

Swedish government "hate" list on Twitter blocks people that leftists and Islamists dislike.

Terrorist leader Martin McGuinness dies, 21 Mar 2017

My Sunday Times article on Irish support for tyranny

Letter on Israel in The College View, 22 Feb 2017

Islamic terror attacks on the West increased five-fold under the "healer" Obama.


Obama led to increased, not decreased, Islamic terror.
See full size.
Details here.
Graph made here.


Graham Linehan says Nigel Farage is a "cunt" and a "racist", but refuses to say the same about Hamas.

The death of Castro, 25 Nov 2016

Trump wins U.S. Presidential election, 8 Nov 2016.

Horrifying. Just horrifying. Three celebrity fools in a row (2008, 2012, 2016).


Fake "counter-jihadist" Donald Trump thinks Muslim women like wearing the veil because it avoids makeup. He knows nothing about Islam and forced veiling. He talks in childish generalisations, like an uneducated bar drunk.

The US is now led by President Dwayne Camacho from the movie Idiocracy.

Phoenix magazine replies to my article, 4 Nov 2016.

I wrote an article about the Palestinians in the Sunday Times (Irish edition), 23 Oct 2016.

Celebrity American rapper spreads lies about me, and calls me racist.

I wrote an article on the long-term future of Islam in the Sunday Times (Irish edition), 31 July 2016.

I explain what is almost never explained - the long-term solution to Islamic terror. In fact, the only solution that will ever end it:


The British artist behind "Jesus and Mo" likes my article. I argue that people like him are probably playing a more important role in bringing long-term peace to the world than any army.

Civilized online debate on Halawa. (For once!)

The Muslim Brotherhood

I spoke in a debate on Islam at the L&H, UCD, 10 Feb 2016.

My speech.
See full transcript with links to sources.

The hadith saying atheists must be killed.

The two popular accounts using the "Pegida Ireland" brand on Twitter are both Nazis.

I wrote an article on the Halawa case in the Sunday Times (Irish edition), 31 Jan 2016.


Where is Halawa family's respect for the freedom we enjoy? by Mark Humphrys, Sunday Times, 31 Jan 2016.

Kudos to the Sunday Times for having the bravery to run this.



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