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Israel - Palestinian support for tyranny

  The Palestinians supported the Nazis

Muslims who fought for the Allies

Communist tyrants

The Palestinians supported Saddam

The Palestinians supported Al Qaeda

The Palestinians support tyrannies

The Palestinians have no history of supporting human rights or democracies around the world, since they do not believe in such concepts, even for themselves. If they believed in human rights and elections they would have those things under Hamas and PA rule.

The Palestinians have been consistent in their support for tyranny throughout the world. The Palestinian leadership supported, and were allied with, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, East Germany, communist China, communist North Korea, communist North Vietnam, Nasser's Egypt, Saddam's Iraq, Castro's Cuba and Qaddafi's Libya.

The Palestinians should be ashamed of their history.

The Nazis, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Saddam, the Ayatollah, Castro.
The Palestinians loved them all.

The Palestinians supported the Nazis

"The Turban and the Swastika", German documentary on Palestinian-Nazi collaboration in WW2.

"Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism".
German documentary (with subtitles) on Islamic-Nazi collaboration in WW2.

Fatah and PLO leader Farouk Qaddumi: We Supported the Nazis in WW2.
See transcript.
More here.

"The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem with the Bosnian volunteers of the Waffen-SS".
Wiener Illustrierte ("Vienna Illustrated") magazine, 1944.
From here.

Westerners used to know all about the Grand Mufti.
Westerners used to portray the Palestinians as Nazis.
This is the New York Times in 1948.
At this point, the Israelis were referred to as the Jews of "Palestine" and Israel's local Muslim enemies were just called the "Arabs".
The name "Palestinians" for Israel's enemies was only invented later.

The torch passes to a new generation of tyranny-lovers:
Yasser Arafat (right) at the funeral of his relative and mentor, the Grand Mufti Amin Al Husseini, in 1974.
The Mufti's 1st cousin was the grandparent of Yasser Arafat.
From here.

Muslims who fought for the Allies

On the other side, many Muslims fought for the Allies in WW2:

A Muslim soldier who fought against the Nazis to liberate Europe:
Ali Haidar (right) received these injuries fighting to liberate Italy in 1945.
From Imperial War Museum.

Communist tyrants

Yasser Arafat with North Korean communist butcher and tyrant Kim Il Sung, 1993.
Kim Il Sung ran actual concentration camps, but that was all perfectly fine with Arafat.
From AP. Originally from North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency.

Arafat with General Giap of communist North Vietnam in 1970.
From here.

The Palestinians supported Saddam

Long-time lovers: Arafat and Saddam.
As at 2014 this picture was still being proudly displayed on the site of the Palestinian Mission in London. Not ashamed of it at all!

"Dedicated to Yasser Arafat and All The Men He Loved".

The Palestinians supported Al Qaeda

Palestinians celebrate 9/11 in 2001.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya Condemns the Killing of the "Muslim Mujahid" Osama Bin Laden. May 3, 2011.
"we, of course, condemn the assassination or killing of a Muslim mujahid and an Arab. We pray for Allah to cover him with His mercy".

"the Muslims inside and outside Palestine welcome the new regime of Germany and hope for the extension of the fascist, anti-democratic governmental system to other countries."
- Quote from the leader of the Palestinians, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, welcoming the Nazi rise to power, 1933.

"Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: 'The Jews are yours.'"
- Quote from the Mufti after WW2.

"I declare a holy war, my Moslem brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all."
- Quote from the Mufti calling for a genocide of the Jews when Israel was declared a state, 1947.
Luckily, the Palestinians failed to carry out their genocide.

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