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Stoner foils Koran burning

If You Burn Their Book, They Will Burn Humans

Terry Jones burns the Koran

Is Terry Jones responsible for Islamic violence?

This will never end

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"It's In The Koran"

Islam annoys the West

Something strange has been happening with Islam, and the West's reaction to it.

Before 9/11, most people in the West knew little, and cared less, about Islam. It was just another exotic third world religion of no interest or importance.

Since 9/11, the West has been learning all about Islam. And it's getting a bit bored of it. It's getting bored of Islamic anger and grievances. And people are especially getting annoyed at the idea that they have to watch what they say about Islam (while they can say what they like about any other religion).

The West is a strange place. There are a lot of people who are just driven by the desire to have fun, to shock, to offend, to make jokes. I have a philosophy behind what I say, but many of these people do not. They are just used to western freedom of self-expression. And the more Islamic foreigners get offended and try to stop them, the more they will keep doing it, even escalate it.

Islam has started to annoy the hell out of the West, and millions of westerners are starting to annoy Islam in return. And they will never stop. It's a bit like Scientology. If you are Muslim, you better get used to escalating attacks on the Koran and the Prophet for decades to come.

The only way for Islam to ever have a quiet life again is to stop attacking and threatening the people who mock you. If you did this, if you ignored all attacks, and refrained from violence, eventually you would be ignored the way Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs are ignored.

But until then, a primitive, pre-modern Islam is locked into an endless exchange of abuse with shocking, tasteless, irreverant infidel Westerners. It is an exchange that Islam can only lose. If Islam wants to be free from blasphemy and mocking, it needs to disengage from the West entirely, not engage with it.

Islam annoys the West:
Topless FEMEN activists burn the black flag of jihad in front of the Great Mosque of Paris, April 3, 2013.
You've got to admit this is pretty cool.
Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images. From here.
See video.
A similar hilarious FEMEN protest is when they bowed in topless prayer in a protest at the Tunisian Embassy in Paris, June 5, 2013.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

From here.
Actually, this is not Mohammed, it's Jesus.
No, just kidding!
It's Moses.

From here.
This is not Mohammed either.
It's a rubber duck.

This "Non Sequitur" cartoon of 3 Oct 2010 is a play on "Where's Wally?".
From here.
It does not even feature Mohammed. And yet it was still dropped by many newspapers who normally print "Non Sequitur", for (unspoken) fear of Islamic violence.

Molly Norris

Poor Molly Norris got blamed by the Islamofascists for starting EDMD.

I understand this cartoonist's point, that Molly Norris criticised Comedy Central for backing down out of fear of Islamic violence, and then herself backed down out of fear of Islamic violence.
But I note this cartoonist does not use his real name, and his photo is not carried on posters by violent third world maniacs. So who is he to talk? He has no right to criticise Norris.

"International Burn A Koran Day"

I don't support the weirdo Florida church behind "International Burn A Koran Day". But what they do should be legal in a free society. It is no different to leftie flag burning, which should be legal.

The real story, of course, is not what the Florida church is doing. The real story (as ever) is the ludicrous threat of Islamic violence in response to this act that harms nobody.


Burning other people's books is apparently fine with these maniacs.
From here.


Miscellaneous Koran burning

Australian atheist Alex Stewart smokes pages from the Bible and Koran.
He rates the Bible's pages better than the Koran's for smoking.
Search for copies.
Sharia in Australia: His university threatens to sack him, confirming what Daniel Pipes said about universities as "Islands of Repression in a Sea of Freedom".

Iranian rebel burns the Quran, Jan 2018.
"I ask you, young people of Iran, to join me in burning the Quran ... this book has caused us to fight each other ... This book is all superstition. We have to burn it ... I hate these words. This is superstition worship."
Do western leftists agree that this guy - a guy oppressed by the Quran his whole life - has a right to be angry about it and burn a Quran? If not, why not?

Iranian rebels burn the Quran, Nov 2019.
From here.

Stoner foils Koran burning

A stoner leftie counter-protester, Jacob Isom, foiled a Koran burning in Amarillo, Texas, 11 Sept 2010, giving birth to a hilarious, nonsensical music video.

The video, "Dude, You have no Quran!"
There are now t-shirts and facebook fan photos.

An interview with Jacob Isom shows that, contrary to appearances, he is no freedom-loving anarchist. He is a statist who thinks the government should control people's speech.
About the plan to burn a Koran he says: "I decided I'd go with [a friend] to try and stop the guy, cos we shouldn't let that happen here, cos we just don't let people step on people's religion here in this country".
Speak for yourself, you freedom-hating statist control freak.

If You Burn Their Book, They Will Burn Human Beings

Protester against Koran burning at the above event in Amarillo, Texas, 11 Sept 2010.
Screenshot from this video.
Of course, the people burning Korans are not burning people.
Whereas the people threatening violence if Korans are burned are burning people.
For example, I am sure the well-meaning protester is totally unaware of this kind of thing: The placard should really read: "IF YOU BURN THEIR BOOK, THEY WILL BURN HUMAN BEINGS", which doesn't give quite the same message.

Terry Jones burns the Koran, Mar 2011

The Florida pastor Terry Jones didn't even burn the Koran in 2010. Yet Islamic religious maniacs still went mad with threats and violence.

When he finally burnt it in 2011, they saw this as a new excuse to kill innocent people.

Another day, another story confirming the worst stereotypes about Islam.
Think of the millions of non-Muslim jaws dropping open in horror, disbelief and disgust as they read this headline around the world today.
Front cover of Daily Telegraph, 2 Apr 2011.

Is Terry Jones responsible for Islamic violence?

Joe Klein of TIME, 1 Apr 2011, blames the Florida pastor for violence committed by other people!
He says blasphemy is the same as murder!
I knew there was a reason why I never linked to a Joe Klein article.

Andrew Klavan's "How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre" attacks Joe Klein and Lindsey Graham.

All western behaviour should be designed so as not to offend these people.

This will never end

Sorry, Islamist chaps. This will never end. You've annoyed the West, and the West's got the Internet. The things you see online now are only the beginning. Good luck trying to stop the flood.

"Islam - The Religion of Peace" by SyeTenAtheist.
With footnotes!

"Science" in the Quran.
To the tune of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.
Video by SyeTenAtheist.
From original by TheRationalizer.

British ex-Muslim Ibrahim S. Amin says he is not good at drawing.
So he produces this picture of The Incredible Hulk versus "rape-man".

"What Islam Fears - Laughter".
Atheist Phil Hellenes reacts to a Muslim crackpot talking about the Punishment of the Grave.
"Snakes ... from Hell!"
Search for copies.

Islamic religious crackpot: "And that scorpion is so much poisonous that .. there is a .. This is a true story by the way."
Phil Hellenes [laughing]: "Are you sure about all this?"

"For the record I don't think everybody needs to spend their time being offensive about Islam. Not only is there no need to be offensive all the time, but most Muslims just want to get on with their lives as peacefully and successfully as everybody else. But there is an unevenness in our societies that needs to be corrected. ... If somebody threatens to kill people who draw a cartoon because it offends them, the only proper response is not to agree to alter everything you draw in future or avoid certain subject matters: it is to keep drawing that cartoon until such a time as the people who do the complaining stop. And then you stop doing it because it's no longer necessary - just rude."
- Douglas Murray.

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