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  The left's support for the Palestinians

Palestine "Solidarity"

The far left and the far right

Israeli leftists

Anti-Israel Jews

Neturei Karta


The media and Israel

Why do people support the Palestinians?

Anti-Israel gays

The Irish left and Israel


Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Abuse I get for defending Israel

Gary Spedding

The left and Israel

Israel is a litmus test for me.

Palestinian Muslim totalitarians are fighting Jewish/secular democrats. The former jail and torture gays. The latter have gay pride marches. The former beat women for immodest dress. The latter have topless beaches. The former get new rulers when the old ones are shot and thrown off rooftops. The latter have decades of peaceful elections. The former have sharia law. The latter are more secular than Ireland.

If you support the Palestinians, you have no moral compass.

There are a range of trendy reasons why westerners refuse to support a liberal western country under siege from people who do not subscribe to western values. Self-hatred may be the single most dominant reason. Hating Israel is a safe way of hating the west, for a certain left-wing mindset. Whatever the reasons, the left disgraces itself by its support for the Palestinians.

Leftists never, never, never call for the war to stop.
Made here.

American lesbians dance in hatred of Israel, the only country in the Middle East where lesbians are free.

Clips of hatred of Israel in UK and Ireland.
This is what the left stands for now.

Comment on how the left talks about often imaginary "Nazis" and how the left responded to the Hamas massacre in Oct 2023 of Jewish men, women and children.

Why do people support the Palestinians?

The left's support for the Palestinians

It used to be that the left was against all religion. It is a mystery where the strange modern left-wing sympathy for Islamic religious fascism began. But it seems to have started with the Palestinians.

Palestine "Solidarity"

The paradox of the left: Allegedly liberated women allying with sharia against sexual freedom.
Anti-Israel protesters during Israel's war against the sharia state of Gaza, Jan 2009.
(Left) In Paris. From here. See terms of use. Note Hizbollah logo on cap.
(Right) In Brazil. From here. See terms of use. There was open support for Hamas (see here) at the same rally.


Some hideous woman harassing a relaxed British Muslim shopkeeper for selling Israeli products, Green St, London, Aug 2011.

Here I ask British "pacifist" Cora Livesey a really tough question.
She is defending Palestinian "anger".
I ask her to oppose Palestinian violence. She runs away.

The far left and the far right

"Anti-Zionism" is a "gateway drug" into the darker side of the left, which wraps around into the far right. The far right has always hated Israel.

The Irish-American anti-Israel activist Ken O'Keefe is now getting into Holocaust denial.

The left is now on the same side as the "God Hates Fags" church on Israel. How did that happen?

Lefties hate it when you point this out!

Israeli leftists

Anti-Israel leftists aren't all foreigners. Like any free Western society, Israel produces its own loony leftists too.

Raya Yaron (left), spokeswoman of far-left Israeli group Machsom Watch (Checkpoint Watch), comforts a woman in the West Bank, 16 Apr 2011, who has had her son arrested after the slaughter of the Fogel children at Itamar.
Her son is Hakim Awad, who killed the Fogel children. The other child-killer was his cousin Amjad Awad, and other Awad family members were arrested for helping them.
Story here.

The evil witch above is proud of her son.
Palestinian TV glorifies the killers of the Fogel children at Itamar, Jan 2012.
Hakim Awad's mother proudly describes him as the one "who carried out the operation in Itamar".
An aunt of the two Awad killers describes her nephews as heroes.
This is Fatah TV.

Anti-Israel Jews

As well as loony left Jews in Israel, there are loony left Jews outside of Israel. Even ones who support jihad against Israel.

The idea that Jews would oppose violence against Jews is naive. Humans are more complex (or more crazy) than that.

Jewish Voice for Peace openly supports and promotes unnecessary and barbaric violence against random Jews.
"Jewish" Voice for "Peace".
You do need to check what an organisation stands for before believing its name.

Neturei Karta


ADL Letter to Fox News Channel, 2006.
From here.

Rabbi Weiss of Neturei Karta protests against gays.
Neturei Karta talking about gays: "The public acceptance and assent to perversion as a "legitimate" way of life is cruel and barbaric."

Neturei Karta summed up.
Found here.

Ali Abunimah


I am blocked on Twitter by Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada.
My only interaction with him was asking the above hard question.

Perhaps Ali Abunimah's most revolting tweet:
He describes the cold-blooded shooting of a mother and father in front of their four children as a "West Bank clash".


Rachel Corrie

A deluded westerner who died for the Palestinians in March 2003. What a worthless cause.

Rachel Corrie burns the American flag in front of a group of children in Gaza, Feb 2003 (one month before her death).
The JC and Al Jazeera say it is her.

Rachel Corrie's parents meet the Jew-killer Arafat in Sept 2003.
He presents them with a medal and portrait in honour of their daughter.
From here.

Cartoon in The Diamondback, Mar 2003.
How sad to die for such an unworthy cause.

"All The Rachels"
See video: The Forgotten Rachels.

Vittorio Arrigoni

The new Malcolm Caldwell.

Italian Israel-hater Vittorio Arrigoni thought it was a good thing to devote his life to the cause of Muslim totalitarians fighting Jewish democrats.
The Muslim totalitarians killed him in Apr 2011. They beat him and hanged him. They described Italy as "the infidel state" and said Arrigoni had "entered our land only to spread corruption."
I wonder in the last moments of his life did he finally understand what Israel is up against.
Rusty Shackleford, 14 Apr 2011, has some human sympathy, and does not think people should laugh at this. He regards Arrigoni as a "left wing stooge whose only crime, I imagine, is believing all of the lame anti-Israel rhetoric he learned in college. It's probably not his fault that he believes that the Israelis are the bad guys. It's kind of the narrative that the antisemitic European media reinforces. And it's an easy narrative to buy into if you're already dumb enough to be a Leftist."

Arrigoni with the Hamas butcher Ismail Haniyeh.
From Ynetnews. Via Israellycool, which has other damning pictures: "He burned with hatred for Israel, and actively worked to undermine the security of me and my fellow Israeli citizens. He was in bed with the terrorists, as it were. So while I won't be celebrating his murder, I won't be mourning him either."

Arrigoni tweets on 13 Apr 2011 about pacifist Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad, who does not want to serve in the Egyptian army because he does not want to fight Israel.

Jews as "Christ killers".
A cartoon from Vittorio Arrigoni's Israel-hating facebook page rather ignores the fact that Christians are persecuted by the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
In contrast, in Israel, where Christians live in freedom, their population has grown massively. Israel's Christian population grew by 25 percent from 1995 to 2007. Since 1949, the number of Christians in Israel has grown by 345 percent.

I noticed a story in June 2011 of black African Christians risking their lives to get to Israel where they can live in freedom. A glimpse of reality, as opposed to the lies of Vittorio Arrigoni.

The terrorist group the PFLP mourns the death of Arrigoni, Apr 2011.
The month before, Mar 2011, the PFLP stabbed 3 small Jewish children to death.

Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth in a shop in Gaza, Sept 2008. From here.
In Sept 2008, she said Gaza is: "the largest concentration camp in the world today".
Yes, I remember the shops in Auschwitz were pretty much like the shop above.

Lauren Booth with the Hamas butcher Ismail Haniyeh.
She has no idea what she is dealing with. Ismail Haniyeh on the killing of Bin Laden, May 2011: "We regard this as a continuation of the American policy based on oppression and the shedding of Muslim and Arab blood. ... We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs."


Lowkey song

Lauren Booth teaches Palestinian propaganda to her children.
And copy. And more.
Very sad.
The words are from "Long Live Palestine" by the Israel-hating, America-hating British Muslim rapper Lowkey, who is a 9/11 truther.
"Wars are made by ignorant fools." You mean like the intifada?

Craig Murray

British former diplomat Craig Murray is an open supporter of Islamic terrorists against Israel. A disgraceful man who brings shame on his country.

After the Hamas massacre of Jews in Oct 2023, the greatest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, the foul Craig Murray comes out in support of Hamas.

Jihadist terrorist supporter Craig Murray, 1 Apr 2024, wants the world to join the jihadist terrorist war against Israel: "there needs to be international military action against Israel. Now."

Craig Murray when the Iranian President was killed in a crash in May 2024.
He made his name opposing a dictatorship in Uzbekistan. Then he became an anti-Western lunatic. Now he is just a disgusting toady of dictatorships.

Mark Thomas

At a Feb 2007 "anti-war" demo, left-wing English comedian Mark Thomas blames Blair and Bush, not the jihad, for the jihadist killing in Iraq.
I say "anti-war" in quotes because I notice he does not condemn the use of violence by the jihad. I doubt anyone at the protest did.
He also says that if Britain has nuclear weapons, what right does it have to stop Iran getting them too?

Mark Thomas' "comedy". Only funny if you agree with it.
He compares the tolerant, liberal, parliamentary democracy of Israel to Saddam's Iraq.


Song For Gaza by Michael Heart

The anti-Israel song "We will not go down (Song for Gaza)" by "Michael Heart".
I used to regard this as a good example of the American left's hostility to Israel.
But then it was pointed out that "Michael Heart" is Syrian-American. He was born Annas Allaf in Syria. His father worked for the Assad dictatorship in Syria.

From an interview with Viva Magazine (Jordan edition) in 2009.

Michael Heart song "Freedom".
He seems to support the Syrian revolt against the younger Assad, who, like his father, has stamped out Syrian human rights.
Good for him for supporting the revolution. Does he realise now how wrong his father was to support the elder Assad? Does he have any grudging admiration now for Israel for being a democracy all those decades when Syria wasn't?

The Berlin Wall (built to stop people emigrating from communist East Germany) in the video for the Michael Heart song "Freedom".
It's a bit ironic that his father represented a regime (Assad's Syria) that stopped people emigrating.

Jimmy Carter's hatred of Israel

Jimmy Carter's "book" (left) on sale in a bookshop in Jordan which also promotes the popular Mein Kampf (right).
From The David Project Center for Jewish Leadership.
Do you think you can buy Daniel Pipes in Jordan? Or Robert Spencer? Or Ibn Warraq? Of course not.


Nathan J. Robinson

It is amazing how almost every Western "pacifist" throws their values in the bin as soon as Palestinians start violence.
They come up with some tortured chain of cause and effect from "grievance" to war in order to defend or excuse some completely unnecessary war.
Left-wing "pacifist" Nathan J. Robinson is a great example.
He is a "pacifist" and a huge enthusiast for unnecessary and aggressive Islamic war.

Nathan J. Robinson spins for aggressive Islamic war during the Gaza conflict, May 2021.
Aggressive and completely unnecessary war by racist jihadis against random Jews. And this is what he breaks his "pacifism" for. Heaven knows what he would support if he was not a "pacifist"!
From here.

If you support Ukraine defending itself against a fascist imperialist dictator, then you MUST support this unrelated racist war against the Jews, says lunatic called Nathan J. Robinson. July 2023.



Abuse I get for defending Israel



The Irish left and Israel

"Before I turn to proposals for a future peace, let me directly address the growing number of students and young people who are joining the legion of bigots who can see no right on the side of Israel and no wrong on the side of those who seek to destroy the Jewish state and transfer its Jewish population. You are on the wrong side of history. You are on the wrong side of morality and justice. You have, perhaps inadvertently, joined hands with forces of evil that have for millennia imposed a double standard against everything Jewish.
You are on the side of those who supported Hitler's Holocaust and now deny that it occurred. You are assisting those who are once again targeting babies, children, women, and the elderly just because they are Jewish. You are in very bad company. Nor can you continue to hide behind claims of ignorance, because the facts are so easily available to anyone who wants to think for himself or herself.
If tragedy were once again to befall the Jewish people, or the Jewish nation in which more than 5 million of them make their home, history will judge you harshly, as it has your ideological predecessors. Think for yourself. Learn the facts. Listen to all sides. And if you are a person of goodwill, I am confident that you will no longer see this complex issue as one-sidedly anti-Israel. You owe it to yourself and to history not remain complicit with a new variant on the world's oldest prejudice."

- From the closing words of Alan Dershowitz's book The Case For Israel, 2003.

"ThisIsPalestine" sums it up: "Some time ago, supporting a liberal democracy became right wing and supporting a fascist Islamist theocracy became left wing. Weird!"

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