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Mark Humphrys (politics)

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Statement, 22 Dec 2021

I have been the victim of a hysterical cancel mob. And it is now time to name the person who caused it. His name is Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun.

The cancel mob against me that started on exactly 22 Nov 2021 was an absolutely shameful display. Instead of debating me, it was a flood of abuse, libel, lies, fake quotes, hysterical screaming, and calls for me to be sacked, censored or even prosecuted. Shame on everyone involved.

It took a while to find out what happened, and why hundreds of people were suddenly picking through my blog and screaming at me. It turns out it was started by a viral tweet from a student called Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun on exactly 22 Nov 2021. He found my page on the Black Lives Matter movement, where I argue, as do many others, that BLM has caused a vast increase in black suffering and death in US cities.

Instead of replying with logic and reason, Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun constructed a tweet that contained incendiary fake quotes, said to be from me, but in fact they were fake. Thanks to the fake quotes, his tweet went viral, and the mass screaming began. Once the hate mob started, it was impossible to stop. I just had to wait for it to burn out.

Now the hysterical mob has dispersed, here are the facts:

  1. Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun's quotes are fake.
  2. I did nothing wrong.
  3. My opinions can be held by people of any race, and indeed are.
  4. I have not apologised. There is nothing to apologise for.
  5. I have not deleted my page on Black Lives Matter. It is still up. There is nothing wrong with it.
  6. I have not edited my page on Black Lives Matter. It is the same now as on the day when Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun went hysterical about it. There is nothing wrong with it.
  7. I have not made any racist statements. So there are none to apologise for.
  8. I still have my job. Nothing has changed.
  9. I continue to lecture students. Nothing has changed.
  10. It is an absolute disgrace that the screaming mob did not want to debate me. They should be ashamed. University should be a place where you open your mind and debate other people. You might change their mind. Or they might change your mind.
  11. It is a shocking failure of Irish education and Irish media that third-level students have never once heard an argument against the BLM movement, like this argument by Wilfred Reilly, and the first time they ever hear one they want to censor it.
  12. I have started a legal case for defamation against Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun. This case is in progress. He defamed me, and his defamation caused huge damage.
  13. Weeks after the storm he caused, Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun deleted his viral tweet and his fake quotes. The case continues to court.
  14. Other people promoted his fake quotes, and lied about me and defamed me. There may be legal consequences. One step at a time.

After my social media mobbing

Now that my social media mobbing has died down, it is important to make clear that it was based on a lie.

Offence archaeologists went digging on my site for reasons known only to them. They found a page I wrote two years ago about Black Lives Matter. A student called Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun got angry that I criticise the BLM movement. He made an incendiary tweet containing two quotes, allegedly from me. The first quote in particular was toxic, claiming that I referred to black people as "the blacks". This went viral, and the social media mob became unstoppable.

The problem is I never said it. It is made up, a fake quote, invented by him. Anyone could see it was fake if they just looked at the page, but few did.

The second quote is not correct either. The word "another" refers to Michael Brown. That meaning is lost when it is ripped out. It makes no sense without knowing that it refers to Michael Brown. And the word "just" does not exist. It is simply invented. You cannot pull phrases out of context and insert new words to make them sound worse than they are.

The fact is, I never said either quote. It is shameful to distribute fake quotes about someone, and then not delete your tweet when it goes viral.

Without the fake quotes, the storm would never have started. It would just be one student angry at criticism of the BLM ideology. No one would have even noticed. It was the fake quotes that ignited the storm.

Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun has seriously defamed me, with huge consequences. Anyone who distributed his tweet has defamed me. Anyone who called me racist has defamed me.

There are no racist statements on my page about BLM. I will not apologise for that page since there is no racism on it. It is regular speech about individuals and a political organisation. I even quote black authors like Wilfred Reilly on that page to support my point. Not that my critics have ever heard of him. And not that I care that he is black. I am interested in his ideas. You can agree or disagree with my page, but it is all free speech.

OK so I did not say anything racist. But will I apologise for offending people? No I will not. There are many solutions to being "offended". One is to debate the person to find out what they think. You might even change their mind.

If you disagree with my writing, then debate me in a civilized manner. Debate online or, even better, organise a public debate with a chair, and speakers on both sides. That is what a civilized society does, instead of screaming about sackings.


Statement, 23 Nov 2021

For 20 years, I have expressed opinions on various political and religious topics online. I do so under my own name, unlike the legions of Internet trolls who have targeted me over the years. I am willing to debate in public, such as at the L&H and NUIG and in DCU debates also. I have written op-eds under my own name, such as for the Sunday Times and RTE.

This week, some students discovered my thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement of last year and got offended. I never showed these thoughts to any student. I do not discuss politics with students ever.

Unlike many lecturers, my politics do not come into my lectures, which are technical. Politics are completely absent. You can read a thread here where many students did an entire degree and had no idea of my politics until after they left. That is how I like it, so why do people want to upset that? Keep the two separate, I say.

As for Black Lives Matter, of course I want only what is best for all people, in America and Ireland alike. I oppose the BLM movement since it has made things worse for the American urban poor, not better. There is much statistical evidence to support that strong claim. Many people, including academics, agree.

My thoughts, whether crazy or clever, or both, are my own. They are nothing to do with DCU. If you think I am crazy, or have some facts wrong, it's not hard to debate me. But leave DCU out of this.

Mark Humphrys


Some quotes of support

"Former student of yours. Never once did you bring politics into any lecture nor when I spoke with you at @DCU. I use what I learned in your OS classes every day in my work. You have a right to your own views and your own life outside your work. Ignore the trolls and hate."
(Former student of mine. Public message.)

"Me being a current student of Prof @markhumphrys can tell that he never involved anything irrelevant in his classes. Moreover I don't understand why people are comparing personal point of view with professional life. @DCU he is one of the finest faculties I have met till now."
(Public message. From a current Masters student of mine.)

"Hope you are doing well after everything that has been going on. As a POC in your class and as a current and previous student I have never witnessed you say or mention anything political or racist in any one of your lectures or labs. You have treated every student equally and with respect anytime you had an interaction with them. I hope this all works out for you as you have a right to a freedom of speech and you were using a personal blog to state your opinions. I don't agree with 99% of your views or opinions but also don't believe that you should lose your job over this."
(Privately. From one of my current undergrad students.)

"I'm an ex-student of Marks from DCU, you would never think he held those opinions from his classes, I never agreed with them but read his whole blog at the time, appreciated the entirely different opinion"
(Former student of mine. Publicly.)

"Hi Mark, I am an ex student of yours (going back 20 years now) from DCU. I have just been reading your page about that awful twitter campaign against you, I am utterly appalled at this - we truly live in an ignorant mob rule society, and I worry about the so called next generation - it seems victimhood seeking truly is a career path for some. Just know that a lot of people support you and are appalled by this."
(Former student of mine. Privately.)

"I'm currently studying an undergrad in [faculty redacted] at DCU. I saw the unjust backlash you received for voicing your opinions and would just like to give words of encouragment to you. I believe you have every right to voice your opinions on whatever topic that may be, and think it is a sad reflection of our society that we are demonized for having the "wrong" opinions on topics. I hope you know there are many of people backing you and your right to freedom of speech."
(Private email from an undergrad student.)

"I am currently an undergrad student in DCU a student of [faculty redacted] and I have read your blog last night. I am writing to give you my encouragement and support your view and the ability to voice your own opinion. It is very dissapointing how cancel culture had made its way into DCU"
(Another private email from an undergrad student.)

"I apologise for directing this through your university email. I wished to express my support to you as I heard about the recent situation and I don't have a twitter as directed by your blog. I know you don't like mixing students and politics so I won't linger. You'll probably be getting a lot of threats and assertions about yourself, don't believe them. The communists don't speak for the groups they claim to represent. Stay Strong"
(Current student in another faculty. Private message.)

"Please allow me to express my full support for your openly and courageously expressed opinions ... I am a secondary school teacher in [foreign country redacted] and was made aware of you by my daughter, who is third-level student in Dublin. Being in my mid-fifties, I am especially worried about the rapidly narrowing spectrum of political views one is supposed to hold in the public sphere. Wokeness is throttling the freedom of expression. Keep up your good work!"
(Father of a student. Privately.)

"Hello, dear Prof. Humphrys. I'm a [foreign country redacted] student from [DCU course redacted]. I've recently come to know about your troubles ... I'm deeply sorry that my fellow students are doing this to you. I know we've never met, and I'm not specifically a student of yours. Nonetheless, I share your thoughts and ... I always advocate freedom of speech and opinion. That's why I'm so disappointed at what Ireland has become. I just didn't know, before moving there for studies.... And I hope one day it will be all over. ... Hold still, Prof. Humphrys... I might be the only one texting you like this, but trust me: not all students from DCU are [insult redacted]".
(Private message from a current postgrad student.)

"I teach [subject redacted] to overseas pre masters students at DCU. And I want to say that I support you 100%. Thereís a palpable chilling effect on campus. Like nothing Iíve seen. It's bananas, frankly."
(A DCU instructor. Privately.)

"I wish to write in support of your right to free speech and your academic freedom. It is refreshing to see someone take a public stand against current political orthodoxy. If I can further support the aforementioned rights of yours in some way please let me know."
(A lecturer in Theology. Privately.)

"The latest attack on academic freedom in Irish Universities. (@DCU, @markhumphrys) is to be strongly condemned. This cancel culture led by the woke is a cancer in the University system and must be opposed when it rears its very ugly head."
(Prof. Mike Lyons, Head of School of Chemistry TCD & Professor in Physical Chemistry.)

"Lecturer @markhumphrys has a right to freely express his opinions like everyone else. You gotta say his research & grasp of the facts on many issues is superb. Just look up for eg.. Radical Islam in Ireland. His views don't impinge his professional haters back off."
(Hermann Kelly, political candidate, journalist, President of the Irish Freedom Party.)

"We should all stand by the courageous @markhumphrys, now under threat from anti-free-speech mob."
(Ruth Dudley Edwards, historian and writer.)

"Mark Humphrys, of DCU, is a vanishingly rare example - perhaps the only example - of an Irish academic who regularly writes from a perspective which takes the contrary political view on a range of issues to that of the majority of his colleagues. ... Mark Humphrys has been writing about politics and social issues consistently for decades, always under his own name. Those who wish to challenge him are free, and have always been free, to do so. He has never shied away from a debate. That is how it should be. The idea that his job should be under threat for expressing political views is absurd, and insane. ... Those pursuing Mark Humphrys do not, in truth, really care what he said, or says. What they want is to send a signal about their own views: Agree with us, or else. They must not, under any circumstances, be permitted to prevail."
(John McGuirk, media commentator and Editor of Gript.)

"Naturally I am not a fan of the blistering critique of religion offered by @markhumphrys and I disagree profoundly. But I am a huge fan of free speech and glad he can articulate views different to mine. The childish bullies going after him are pathetic."
(Michael Kelly, Editor of the Irish Catholic.)

"Mark is an absolute mensch who has stood bravely against a tide of antisemitic sh*t for years. He deserves nothing but support and commendation"
(Ben Myers, activist against antisemitism.)

"It is a peculiar experience to watch someone treated this way when one knows that they are not at all what they are suddenly said to be. Mark has had a discussion of the psychology and politics of racism on his website for a very long time .. broken down under the headings "racism is unscientific", "racism is pessimistic" and "racism is genocidal". Whether it will do him any good is another matter. It is the nature of the sudden "cancel culture" storm that a longstanding track record to the contrary counts for little if anything with the mob."
(Richard Waghorne, The Critic, London, 30 Nov 2021.)

"Dr. Humphrys has rigorously avoided using his teaching platform in a technical/scientific subject at the university to prosyletise his views or even to draw attention to them. For those who take the time to read his blog, he has always welcomed dissent and debate. He makes no pretence to speak on behalf of the university on these matters and the university in turn, of course, dissociates itself from his views. Any attempt to capitulate to the irrational demands of this vocal and intolerant minority of students risks returning Ireland to a dark past, one in which a self-appointed moral elite took it on itself to police the words and thoughts of the vast majority of the people."
(Dermot Meleady, author. Letter to Irish Times.)


Jordan Peterson has great advice on lynch mobs:
"If You Haven't Done Anything Wrong, Do Not Apologise."
I have done nothing wrong. So I will not apologise.
If you disagree, then debate me in a civilized manner.
If you are offended, then stop reading me.


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