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  Summary of Irish politics

Who would I vote for?

Labour Party


The Presidents

Socialist Party

Socialist Workers Party

Workers Party

Communist Party

Sinn Fein / IRA

Michael D. Higgins

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The Irish left (politics)

I agree with the Irish left on civil liberties (for example, the blasphemy law). I disagree with them primarily on the economy, crime, and foreign policy.

I could live with this until the War on Islamism began on Sept 11th 2001, when foreign policy became so much more important. I cannot now support any party that does not support America.

Summary of Irish politics

The Labour Party

The Greens

The Green Party makes some sense locally - on preserving old buildings and natural areas. I would support them on things like preserving the Hill of Tara.

But more or less everything they say about science and international issues is wrong.

The Socialist Party

The Workers Party

Letter of 26 Feb 1989 from the Workers Party to East Germany, admits they use "illegal" methods of fund-raising.
From Irish Times, 14 Jan 2013. See p.1 and p.4.
See 4 articles.
Even without the reference to "illegal" methods of fund-raising, this letter is just disgusting, and condemns the Workers Party forever. They were the George Galloways of the day - the toadies to dictators.

Soviet-lover Tomas Mac Giolla was Lord Mayor of Dublin 1993-94.
Image from here.

The Communist Party

Sinn Fein / IRA

How quickly we forget. This is what Sinn Fein / IRA did. For 30 years.
Hyde Park bombing, London, 1982.

The 120 women, girls and female infants killed by the IRA from 1970 to 1994.

Sinn Fein is still pro-IRA. Still pro-terror.
Sinn Fein bookshop promotes terrorism today.

Sinn Fein - IRA
have not killed anyone for:


Last killing: Kevin McGuigan in 2015.


The terrorist party:
Mary Lou McDonald, Nov 13, 2016, posts a picture of herself at a PIRA event.
She says: "Delighted to speak at Derry Volunteers Dance. Very moving occasion for all the families. Honoured to be honoured."
See photo of her at the event, honouring PIRA man Ciaran Fleming, who was killed while engaging in terror activities in 1984. Photo from here.

"Why should I expect any different from a Tánaiste and a Government over this partial-parliament in this little semi-statelet over which he is presiding?"
The mask slips, Mar 2008, and Sinn Fein TD Arthur Morgan shows us what he thinks of the rich, successful Irish republic that he would like to destroy.

The Presidents

Since Mary Robinson was elected to the largely-ceremonial position of President of Ireland in 1990, the position of President has become increasingly politicised. Presidents now feel the need to deliver little homilies - like the bishops or Prince Charles. Invariably (as with the bishops and Prince Charles), these homilies tend to be centre-left conventional wisdom.

Mary Robinson

Tyrant Fidel Castro and antisemitic killer Yasser Arafat arrive at Mary Robinson's anti-Israel hatefest in 2001.

Irish government, May 2013, meets up with Mary Robinson, "The Elders", Christian Aid and Trocaire to hear their appalling left-wing ideas on the Middle East.

How I feel when I see the above.

Mary McAleese

You don't speak for me, President McAleese.

Michael D. Higgins

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