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Norris uses "Nazi" language about Israel

Norris says Israel is committing "genocide"


Norris wanted to arrest President Bush

Anti-Israel gays

David Norris

David Norris is a hero of the long fight to legalise homosexuality in Ireland. I admire him for that. If only he stuck to gay rights and Joyce, he would be a great President.

But unfortunately, he comes with a foreign policy. He is in fact one of the main Irish opponents of the West's two frontline states - America and Israel. You would think he would have some sympathy for the brave American and Israeli troops fighting the gay-hating, gay-torturing, gay-murdering, religious maniac Islamists. But no. All he does is attack them, often in viciously intemperate and angry language.

David Norris attacks Israel - the precious oasis of sexual and religious freedom in the Middle East.
All across the region, gays are persecuted and murdered. Only in Israel are gays free.
And yet Norris endlessly attacks Israel, and uses offensive "Nazi" language about it.
Photo from here in photos of Pride Parade 2008, Tel Aviv.
See other Israeli parades (both gay and straight/mixed).


Michael D. Higgins and David Norris at an IPSC rally in 2009.
No they don't mean free Gaza from sharia.
From IPSC.

David Norris says Gaza is "an open-air concentration camp".
Yes, I remember the shops and restaurants in Auschwitz were just like the above.
Although you probably could not get the iPhone at the shops in Auschwitz.

Hezbollah terrorist flag openly displayed at anti-Israel march, Dublin, Apr 2008. From here.
David Norris spoke at this march.

The IRA in 1940 attacks Britain's criticism of Nazi concentration camps.
Instead they point to conditions in Derry Jail.
From the IRA's War News, 6 Jan 1940.
Irish people who don't know what a "concentration camp" is are still with us today.

Norris uses "Nazi" language about Israel and the Vatican

Le Monde cartoon of 2002 compares the Israeli attack on Islamic terrorists at Jenin, 2002 (53 dead, almost all Islamist enemy fighters)
with the Nazi attack on the innocent Jews of Warsaw, 1943 (70,000 dead, almost all civilian men, women and children).
Search for more copies.
Consider also the following:
The Nazis had already killed 300,000 innocent Jews in Warsaw (and more elsewhere in Poland) even before 1943.
The Nazis killed 90 percent of all Jews in Warsaw.
The Nazis killed 90 percent of all Jews in Poland. They killed 3,000,000 innocent Jews in Poland (and more elsewhere in Europe).

Tweet shows the uncanny similarity of the IDF and the SS.

As David Norris says, Gaza is just like the Warsaw Ghetto!
The Israelis are just like the Nazis!
A Palestinian woman in Gaza suffers serious burns in an accident. Despite the endless terror attacks from Gaza on Israelis, she received compassionate permission to enter Israel for hospital appointments, where Israeli doctors and nurses kindly treated her.
That's just like what the Nazis would do!
And, oh yes, she responded by trying to kill them. (She tried to suicide bomb the hospital.)
Yes, the Palestinians are really just like the Jews in World War Two!

"Hamas in their own voices".
When it comes to people who actually are anti-semites, nazis, totalitarians, fascists, terrorists and racists, David Norris merely says: "I am not naturally disposed to support Hamas, about whose origins and policies I have serious reservations. However, I would point out: (a) Hamas was legitimately elected ..."
About Hamas he merely has "serious reservations", but Israel and the Vatican - now that is real evil!

Like Hitler, the Hamas Deputy Minister of Religious Endowments, February 28, 2010, describes the Jews as sub-human bacteria.

Norris says Israel is committing "genocide"

The world's slowest genocide.
From here.

The Dolphin Club and Resort, Gaza, opened in 2013.
David Norris is right. It's just like the Warsaw Ghetto!

The brutal genocide of the Palestinians.
David Norris is so right.


David Norris (left) and Michael D. Higgins (right) at an anti-US protest, Mar 2006.
They stand in front of signs portraying America as demonic and U.S. President Bush as a monster.
They are supporting Irish saboteur Deirdre Clancy (centre), who attacked a U.S. military plane at Shannon airport.
See large size.
Can you imagine a Tea Party Republican Presidential visit with either of these two anti-Americans as Irish President?

David Norris (in brown) supports Irish saboteurs of U.S. military equipment at their trial, Oct 2005.

David Norris supports Irish saboteurs of U.S. military equipment, Nov 2005.

Norris wanted to arrest U.S. President Bush

Poster from the above anti-US protest in Ireland.
See full size. From here.

David Norris at anti-US protest, 2006.
Close-up of above picture.

"I am effete and proud of it. I am also a lefty pinko. I was told that by no less than our mutual friend, Kader Asmal, and coming from him, it was the greatest compliment I ever received in my life. Myself and Deputy Michael D. Higgins are two old lefty pinkos. I am an effete lefty pinko and I was part of the commentariat as well for a period."
- David Norris sums it up in his usual style in Mar 2007.
"Effete" is fine, but a "lefty pinko" will be a divisive, damaging President.

"I regret that there seems to be some confusion between the terms "Jewish" and "Israeli". ... it is dangerous and we need to be aware of the dangers of unleashing anti-Semitism. In London, Hasidic Jews demonstrated at the cenotaph against the blockade, holding up placards calling on what they call the "Zionist" state to cease a criminal occupation and siege. That must be borne in mind, as must the work of Mr. Ezra Nawi and Professor Jeff Halper, an Israeli citizen and very distinguished academic ... on a previous flotilla, there was an 83-year old holocaust survivor who is critical of Israeli policies in the area, which should protect anybody who takes an interest in this matter from the charges of anti-semitism."
- David Norris attacks Israel at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs, 3 June 2010.
Norris, despite his alleged knowledge of Israel, is impressed by Neturei Karta (the "Hasidic Jews" he refers to).
Hat tip John Connolly.

"16 people on both sides have died in the Israel-Palestinian conflict this year. 16! And people still claim 'genocide' with a straight face."
- Derek Hopper, 20 Oct 2013.

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