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Where did this monster come from?

The killer's comments on

The killer's manifesto

The youth camp was anti-Israel and pro Islamic terror

Breivik's mental illness continues to develop


Norway - Is the counterjihad to blame?

Norway - Lies about me

The Norway attacks, 2011

A lone Norwegian "counter-jihad" right-winger decides to slaughter left-wingers, in the worst terrorist attack in the West since Madrid.

All of the counter-jihad figures he cites as influences disown and despise him. None of them ever supported anything like this. In no sane world does opposing terror attacks on the West logically lead to carrying out terror attacks on the West.

The killer is no different to an Islamist jihad terrorist. He bombs the elected democratic Norwegian government and Oslo civilians. Targeting the centre-left government is incredibly extreme - they support the Afghan War and the Libya War. He then carries out the most sadistic, barbaric attack against children at a mainstream, centre-left, politicial summer camp. His attack targeted children who had nothing to do with policy, and was incredibly sadistic, hunting them down and executing them close up.

Where did this monster come from?

Should the counter-jihad feel guilt about this monster Breivik? Well, when he took part in public counter-jihad discussions on up to Oct 2010, he seemed fairly mainstream. There is nothing that would make one call the police. He was right-wing and anti-jihad, yes, but he was not a neo-Nazi (he was pro-Israel) or a white supremacist (he opposed the BNP because they are racist). He was Christian, but not a fanatic (he was pro-gay). In fact he was apparently like me - liberal right. He was anti-racist, pro-gay and pro-Israel. So how on earth did someone like that become a terrorist against the West?

It seems he changed on his own after Oct 2010. His manifesto, released at the time of the killings in July 2011, is radical, extremist and violent. It is openly pro-terror. It openly talks of carrying out terrorism against the left. It is like it is written by a different person.

In his manifesto, he is a loner, with no supporters. He has decided that he alone, in silence, must start this war. In contrast to jihad attacks, no one is cheering him on. No one (except jihadists) celebrates the attack. Deciding he had to go and kill left-wingers is his own interpretation of counter-jihad material. The authors themselves do not agree with him.

I would give him the death penalty. (Though Norway won't. They have not executed anyone since 1948.) And I would be very careful that he has no followers or accomplices. But it would be wrong to blame the counter-jihad - or at least, the mainstream, democratic, non-violent counter-jihad voices that he cites. It would be wrong to use this as an excuse to stop speech criticial of the jihad and sharia. Breivik is a great enemy of the counter-jihad, not an ally.

The killer's comments on

The killer's anti-jihad online comments on in 2009-10 are strangely moderate and mainstream. There is nothing to indicate a racist or fascist. And nothing to indicate a mass murderer in waiting.

The killer's Facebook page

Breivik's Facebook page is very strange. It shows nothing to indicate a potential mass murderer.

However, it seems it replaces an earlier, deleted page. It would be interesting to see that. His manifesto talks of: "my former 7000 patriotic Facebook friends".

He admires Jesus and Edmund Burke.

He is a fan of Winston Churchill and Norwegian anti-fascist hero Max Manus.
You can only imagine what Max Manus would say about this sadistic killer of Norwegian children.

The killer's manifesto

The killer's manifesto, "2083: A European Declaration of Independence", released only on the day of the killing, is truly terrifying. It is openly pro-terror. It openly talks of carrying out terrorism against the left. It is like it is written by a different person to the one on

A very strange terrorist

It seems unlikely that the Breivik attack is the start of some wave of right-wing terror. Breivik seems more like a loner with mental problems than a member of any group.

Breivik was a very strange terrorist. A "defender" of the West who carried out terrorist attacks against it. A Norwegian "patriot" who bombed Oslo like Al Qaeda would. A violence-worshipping terrorist guerilla who quotes a load of stuffy parliamentary thinkers who despise revolutionary terror.

The youth camp was anti-Israel and pro Islamic terror

The youth camp was anti-Israel and pro Islamic terror. Obviously this doesn't mean that they deserved to be killed. Many people in the West are anti-Israel and pro Islamic terror. The response to such people in a democracy should be more speech - not violence by unelected savages like Breivik.

The left-wing AUF teenage and youth camp that Breivik attacked was calling for the boycott of Israel.
Shameful, yes. But in a democracy, the answer to speech you disagree with is more speech, not brutal violence.
But Breivik was not a democrat. He was a totalitarian.
He has the same contempt for liberal democracy as jihadists have.
(Photo is of Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs visiting Utoya the day before the attack. From TV 2 (Norway). Photo credit Scanpix.)

Nazi boycott of Jewish shops in Berlin, 1933.
The placards say: "Germans defend yourselves! Don't buy from Jews."
From here. And more images.
You would think that Europeans would avoid any boycott of Israel because of its echoes of the Nazi boycott of Jews. But sadly no.

One of the "games" at the AUF youth camp was apparently "Break the Blockade", where the young people would try to sail "Palestinian" boats past an "Israeli" blockade.
Shameful, yes. Obnoxious, yes. Young people with their heads full of nonsense, yes.
But allowing this - and criticising it - is part of the basis of western liberal democracy.
Suppressing such people - or their critics - means you are not a democrat but a totalitarian like Breivik.
The above photo, widely distributed in 2011, is not in fact of Utoya 2011. It is from here and appears among photos of Utoya 2010 by Socialist Youth (Norway). See another photo.
These are a different Israel-hating group to the AUF.

The AUF campaign against Israel in June 2010.
They are complaining here about the Government Pension Fund having some investments in Israel. The banner says "OIL FUND OUT OF ISRAEL".
Do such obnoxious ideas deserve death? Of course not. It is normal to have different ideas in a democracy. Everyone should have the right to say what they believe.

The AUF youth camp themselves hosted terrorists:
Fatah Youth went to the camp: "It is with consternation that we have received the dramatic news of an awful terrorist attack against a summer camp ran by our comrades of Norwegian Labor Youth AUF ... The Fatah Youth group had taken part in the summer camp in the past on the Island of Utoya ... Fatah Youth has participated for almost 15 years in the same summer camp".
Of course, none of this means violence is justified. Breivik is still a sick, evil terrorist. But it sure is an unpleasant little fact.
Image from here.

Jew-hatred in AUF:
Ironically, given that Breivik is seen as a neo-Nazi killer of anti-fascists, we can find neo-Nazi hatred in AUF itself.
AUF member's post on Facebook during the Israel-Gaza conflict, Nov 2012 (see translation) says: "Damn Jew whores ... wish Hitler could come back and shower you a little more". 40 of his friends (probably many AUF) "like" the post.
AUF senior member Khalid Haji Ahmed joins in humorously, and says something like: "Yes yes .. good luck with that".
Ahmed is a Muslim from Somalia, and survived the Utoya massacre in which his brother Ismail Haji Ahmed was killed by Breivik.
He later defends his comments unconvincingly.
See full size.

Breivik's mental illness continues to develop

Breivik's mental illness has continued to develop since his massacre. He has been coming up with new insane statements.

Breivik was a strange type of "counterjihadist" - one who wanted an alliance with the global jihad!
The above is from his manifesto.
In what sense is a rising fanatic Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East "useful" for Europeans and Israel? Nutcase.
Not to mention his contempt for the Christians and minorities of the Middle East who would have to live under it.
He proposes carrying out certain terrorist attacks in the West that are "acceptable" to the jihad.
This man is mentally ill.



Norway - Is the counterjihad to blame?

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