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The Tucson lie is like the JFK lie

The left and "civility"

The Tucson shooting, 2011

The Tucson shooting was blamed on the right, and there were calls to clamp down on right-wing speech. The gunman, a mentally ill left-winger, was called a "right-wing" terrorist. The left rushed to blame the shooting on prominent figures on the right, including an outrageous attempt to blame it on Sarah Palin.

The real story, as so often, is perhaps not so much the shooting, or the mentally ill left-winger who carried it out. (*) The real story is the behaviour of the left and the media afterwards.

(*) I do not mean to downplay the suffering. I am just saying that the Tucson shooting has no meaning. A nutcase killed people. That's it. There is no logical cause or deeper meaning.

Blood libel against Sarah Palin at ultra-partisan "news" channel MSNBC.

A mentally ill left-winger commits an atrocity.
Obviously Rush Limbaugh made him do it.
Or maybe Sarah Palin.

Left-wing loony Jared Lee Loughner burns the American flag.
He's just like Sarah Palin!

The appalling local sheriff, Clarence Dupnik

Many people have been shocked at the disgracefully partisan pro-Democrat local sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who, instead of just investigating the crime, loudly repeated Democrat talking points blaming Republican speech for the shooting.

The Tucson lie is like the JFK lie

The ludicrous theory that the mentally ill left-wing Tucson shooter was affected by "right-wing" hate speech is very similar to a previous ludicrous theory - that the dedicated communist assassin of JFK was affected by a "climate of right-wing hatred" in Dallas.

The latter lie is practically written into the textbooks. I wonder will the former lie be as successful?

Lee Harvey Oswald writes to the Soviet Union seeking citizenship, 16 Oct 1959.
"I, Lee Harvey Oswald, request that I be granted citizenship in the Soviet Union. ... I want citizenship because; I am a communist and a worker. I have lived in a decadent capitalist society where the workers are slaves. ... I have seen American military imperialism in all its forms."
He lived in the Soviet Union from 1959 to 1962. Somehow this turned out not to be paradise after all, and he returned to the "evil" US like the disgusting hypocrite he was.
He shot the anti-communist JFK in 1963. Obviously a "climate of right-wing hatred" in Dallas made him do it!
Maybe Sarah Palin made him do it! (She was then a 6 month fetus in the womb.)
This letter was released by Russia in 1999.

Left-wing hypocrisy

Sarah Palin

Twitter death threats to Sarah Palin

"Can't you see just how dangerous Palin's violent rhetoric really is? This mentally disturbed guy had absolutely no connection to or interest in Palin or any right-winger for that matter, yet Palin's rhetoric still drove this kid over the edge. Just think, if this kid, whose political influences were all far-left, can be driven mad by right-wing rhetoric that he's never even listened to, those of us who actually like Sarah must be ready to go on a murderous rampage as soon as we receive her coded message to do so. Dangerous, dangerous woman that Sarah Palin."
- Brilliant comment.

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