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The UN's hatred of Israel

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The UN Secretary-General

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Iranian pro-terrorism conferences

The United Nations

I am opposed to the UN, and always will be, because the worst countries in the world - the worst dictators and human rights abusers - are members of the UN and have a vote. The enemies of my freedom and my world have a vote. Why should I respect such an organisation? I do not.

This is not a happy, imaginary world where all nations are respectable, and the UN can deal with the rare outbreaks of lawlessness. Rather, this is - as it always has been - a world where criminals run entire countries, where many nation states are headed by unelected dictators, tyrants, racists, hate-filled religious fanatics, communist fanatics and all-out genocidal killers. Many "ambassadors" represent thugs with Swiss bank accounts, not the people of their country.

By giving these unelected thugs a vote, the UN loses all credibility. No intelligent person should support the UN, or respect what it says, or abide by what it says. The UN should be shut down, or at the very least all non-democracies should be expelled.

The idea that the UN has moral authority I find sick.

Assad's Syria sits at the UN.
Photo 2012. From here.

Terrorist Iran sits at the UN.
Photo 2009. From here.

Genocidal North Korea sits at the UN.
Photo 2012. From here.

Islamofascist Saudi Arabia sits at the UN.
Photo 2008. From here.

Gaddafi's Libya sits at the UN.
Photo 2009. From here.

Communist China sits at the UN. And has a veto.
Photo 2012. From here.
I cannot respect anybody who respects the UN.

The United Nations

If there is to be a global policeman, it should grow out of something like NATO, which at least roughly represents the democracies and the countries with the best human rights and civil liberties - rather than the UN, which represents every thug, junta and oppressive regime there is. And gives Russia and China a veto. NATO has moral authority. The UN does not.

The UN, Dec 2011, holds a minute's silence for the death of the genocidal monster Kim Jong-il.
(Kim Jong-il ran concentration camps and gas chambers.)
This really sums up the UN.

The UN also held a minute's silence when the democidal monster Stalin died in 1953.
From Irish Times, 7 Mar 1953.
Notice the genuine condolences from the commie-loving Indian prime minister Nehru.

The UN's hatred of Israel

Israel is a litmus test for bad politics. All the worst countries in the world are anti-Israel.
One would expect a depraved body like the UN to be anti-Israel. And indeed it is so.

No one should of course care what the UN says about Israel (or indeed any issue).

Simple graphic showing how the UN has no credibility.
Incredibly, this graphic is used by Israel's enemies to claim there is something wrong with Israel, not with the UN!

U.N. General Assembly resolutions in 2013. 21 on Israel. 4 on the rest of the world.
Graphic from Sun News (Canada).


Top 10 Worst U.N. Decisions Of 2014 includes:
  1. U.N. Elects Iran to Women's Rights Commission.
  2. U.N. Elects New Human Rights Council Members: China, Russia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia.
  3. U.N. Picks Sudan to Oversee Human Rights Activists.
  4. U.N. rewards Syria with top post on human rights committee.
  5. U.N. Adopts 20 Resolutions against Israel. Compared with 4 on Rest of World Combined.


"The World According To UNHRC Condemnation" 2006-2015.
See full size.
From Dan Smith.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was linked in 2011 to a campaign promoting terrorism against Israel.
UNFPA appeared as a sponsor of the "White Hands" campaign for "womens' rights" (and Islamic terrorism).
This "White Hands" video promotes the Palestinian terrorist Dalal Mughrabi.
In response, the UNFPA disassociated itself from the White Hands Campaign.

No, seriously, this is satire.
Though maybe we should check.
From here.

Jesus Christ. UN official Francesca Albanese openly comes out in defence of the jihad "resistance" against Israel, 8 Aug 2022.

Richard Falk

Richard Falk in this New York Times piece of 16 Feb 1979 promoted the Islamic Fascist revolution in Iran in 1979 that brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power, ended Iranian human rights, killed tens of thousands, cleansed most of the Jews of Iran, and made Iran an oppressive state and promoter of terror which it still is today.

More from Richard Falk's 1979 piece promoting Islamic Fascism for Iran.
Westerners idiotic enough to believe the above are still with us.

The UN Secretary-General

Kurt Waldheim

The UN was headed in the 1970s by a former Nazi officer. Says it all.

Oberleutnant Kurt Waldheim served in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany in WW2.
He later served as UN Secretary General in 1972-81.
Image from here.

Ireland isn't the only country to put a Nazi collaborator on a stamp.

The UN "Human Rights" Council

The UN "Human Rights" Council is a sick joke. As was its predecessor, the UN Commission on "Human Rights". Sneer quotes are essential when talking about these bodies.

No matter what year you look at it, the UN "Human Rights" Council is always full of human rights abusing dictatorships. If you are interested in what cold-hearted communists, Islamic maniacs and tribal warlords have to say about human rights, knock yourself out. I have only utter contempt for this council. Anyone who takes what this council says about human rights seriously needs their head examined.


"Human Rights Under Assault" by UN Watch.
Watching what actually goes on at the U.N. "Human Rights" Council is the best cure for anyone who believes in the UN.

Stunning speech by UN Watch to the UN "Human Rights" Council, 23 March 2007.
A rare occasion when truth is spoken to power in the halls of the amoral UN.

The UN "Human Rights" Council, Nov 2010, focuses on the "crimes" of America. A comical group of repressive dictatorships claims to be "concerned" about the lack of human rights in the United States.
Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Qatar, Egypt, China and Libya all express their concern at the lack of human rights in America.
After watching this, no intelligent person should support the UN, or respect what it says.
The UN should be shut down, or at least it should expel all non-democracies.

This is not a joke.

UN committees

The UN's other committees are just as useless, decadent and corrupt as the UN "Human Rights" Council. They have to be, because of the UN's membership. They can be no other way.

The racist Durban conferences



Terrorist leader Yasser Arafat speaks to the UN in 1974, and threatens more killing of Jews.
He gets a standing ovation.
He goes on to kill loads more Jews, as he promised.
Says it all about the UN.
(Ignore the disgusting pro-Arafat commentary on this video.)

Tyrant Fidel Castro and antisemitic killer Yasser Arafat arrive at the racist UN conference in 2001.

The filthiest committee of all

In the filthy cesspit that is the UN, it is hard to pick a standout, but maybe this committee is it.

The UN has an entire committee dedicated to threatening the people of the Falklands and Gibraltar: UN Special Committee on Decolonization. Disgusting and depraved.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ)

The International Criminal Court (ICC)

T-shirt at
From IMAO ("In My Arrogant Opinion") blog.

The "Alliance of Civilisations"

Iranian pro-terrorism conferences, May-June 2011

Similar to the UN's absurd conferences by racists pretending to be against "racism", or by human rights abusers pretending to be concerned about "human rights", we have the farce of "anti-terrorism" conferences hosted by the state sponsor of terror Iran, May-June 2011.

Of course by "terrorism" they mean any action by America, Britain or Israel to try to stop Islamic terrorism.

Sick comedy: The terrorist state of Iran hosts an "anti-terrorism" conference, June 2011.

Global Counter Terrorism Forum

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