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The "Free Gaza" flotilla - Irish reaction

  Hamas flag at Dublin demo (31 May 2010)

Gays should support Israel

My letter to Irish Times

Reply from Killian Forde

"Death to Israel" at Dublin demo (31 May 2010)

"Death to Israel" at Dublin demo (3 June 2010)

Hezbollah flag at Dublin demo (3 June 2010)

Hezbollah flag at Dublin demo (5 June 2010)

Flotilla II (2011)

Irish reaction to the Gaza flotilla clash

Ireland went hysterical about the deaths of nine radical Turkish Islamists who attacked Israeli soldiers in the "Free Gaza" flotilla clash of 31 May 2010.

The confusion probably stemmed from the fact that the flotilla also contained many western peaceniks, hippies, useful idiots, appeasers, confused clerics and other dhimmis. But these were not the ones who attacked the Israelis and these were not the ones who were killed.

Driven partly by Ireland's history of anti-Israel prejudice and partly by the fact that there was an entire Irish boat of useful idiots, Ireland's reaction has been ludicrous and over the top. Books of condolences for Islamists for heaven's sake!

"SMASH THE ZIONIST STATE" says a SWP protester at a demo in Dublin protesting the flotilla raid, 31 May 2010.
"Smash" the only democracy in the Middle East?
These Westerners will only go quiet when every Arab lives under the jackboot of native thugs and strongmen like Hamas. (Look at Africa.)
Photo by Ted Leddy.

PFLP Islamic terrorist flag at protest in Belfast, 31 May 2010.
From Indymedia.

PFLP Islamic terrorist flag at protest at Stormont, June 2010.
From Indymedia.

Hamas flag at Dublin demo, 31 May 2010

A massive Hamas flag was paraded through Dublin at the anti-Israel march on 31 May 2010.

Here leading the march are Emer Costello, Labour Lord Mayor of Dublin, and Chris Andrews TD.
From here.

Video of the demo.
Shows a Hamas flag being carried throughout the demo.

Still from the above video.
On the RHS, Labour LGBT protests against Israel, the only country in the Middle East where LGBT people have rights.
In the centre, the Hamas flag. Hamas tortures and executes gays.


Blocked photo

  • There is another photo showing the Hamas flag at the march with the Labour gays. It was posted on Indymedia, June 1, 2010.
  • I posted it on this page, with a link to the source at Indymedia.
  • But the photographer (who does not like my politics) demanded I take it down in 2016.
  • So I did. But you can still see it at Indymedia.

Another still from the above video.
Shows Hamas flag being carried prominently at the front as they march along.
Did no one notice? Did they not care?

The Hamas flag at the Dublin demo.
From the Workers Solidarity Movement. Full set here.
It is noteworthy that the Workers Solidarity Movement chose to upload this photo and saw nothing wrong with it.

The Irish Times, 1 June 2010, front page photo was of the demo, showing both the Hamas flag and the LGBT banner.
And the Irish Times did not notice!

Flag of Islamic terror carried openly in Irish streets.
From here.

Other idiots (apart from the gays) marching with Hamas

The SIPTU trade union marches with Hamas, 31 May 2010.
From here.

The National Womens Council of Ireland marches with Hamas, 31 May 2010.
Hamas of course arrests uncovered women, women found with unrelated males, and so on. Western feminists couldn't give a toss.
From here.
Spotted by Tom Carew.

Gays should support Israel

Gays should support countries that have gay rights, and oppose countries that don't.

The Irish gays marching alongside a Hamas banner are a disgrace.

Gays being hanged in Iran, sponsor of Hamas.

Gay pride parade in Israel, 2007.
From here. See terms of use.

Gay pride parade in Israel, 2007.
From here. See terms of use.
Why anyone would support the enemies of this society is beyond me.

Only in Israel are gays free (in the Middle East).
From here in photos of Pride Parade 2008, Tel Aviv.
See other Israeli parades (both gay and straight/mixed).

My letter to Irish Times

I wrote to the Irish Times, pointing out the Hamas flag on their front page, and also pointing out another photo they did not understand: They published a photo of Neturei Karta without knowing who they were!

They published my letter on 4 June 2010. Here it is (see image):


Your front page photo of the Dublin demo (1 June) works brilliantly to discredit the anti-Israel protesters. On the right of the crowd, the Labour LGBT group is protesting against Israel, the only country in the Middle East where LGBT people have rights. To their left, protesters hold up the flag of Hamas, which tortures and executes gays. Nothing could better illustrate the failure of western democrats to support a democracy fighting totalitarians.

There is another strange photo on page 10, of what is blandly described as "Hasidic Jews" protesting against Israel. You neglect to mention that these are Neturei Karta, a tiny minority of fanatics who want Israel destroyed for arcane religious reasons. They praise Islamic extremists, and went to the Holocaust-denial conference in Iran. They are about as representative of Jews as the "God Hates Fags" church is representative of Christians.

As for the clash on the flotilla, at what point exactly, when they are being beaten to death with iron bars, should the Israeli soldiers draw their guns? Should they have waited until the first soldier died?


Mark Humphrys

Reply from Killian Forde

I received a devastating reply to my letter from Irish politician Killian Forde, a Labour Party councillor.

He destroyed my arguments:

Isn't that priceless? From an elected Irish politician. I shall treasure this.

"Death to Israel" at Dublin demo, 31 May 2010

A man wore a t-shirt saying "Death to Israel" in Hebrew and Arabic at the above protest. Did the many Arabic speakers on the march not care? Did they approve?

Protester at the anti-Israel demo, Dublin, 31 May 2010, wears a t-shirt that says "Death to Israel" in Hebrew and Arabic.
He's hiding it from the English-speaking useful dhimmis around him.
But he wants the Israeli Embassy, and any passing Jews who know Hebrew, to get the message.
He also assumes that passing Arabic speakers will approve, and enjoy the secret joke.
From here.

As for the Arabic, to see that the shirt says "Death to Israel" in Arabic, see this Iranian parade in 2007.
Robert Spencer notes that the slogan here says "Death to Israel", not "Down with Israel", which is just taqiyya for a western audience.

"Death to Israel" at Dublin demo, 3 June 2010

The man above with the "Death to Israel" shirt is also at the demo on 3 June 2010, with a sign that says "FILTHY ZIONISTS".
From here.

Another shot at the same demo.
From here.

Another shot at the same demo.
Still from this video.

Another shot from above video.
The infidel idiots have no idea what his t-shirt says.

Hezbollah flag at Dublin demo, 3 June 2010

Protester waves the Hezbollah flag at anti-Israel demo, Dublin, 3 June 2010.
Again, does no one notice? Does no one care?
From video: See larger and other shot.

The Hezbollah flag at the above demo.
From here.

The Hezbollah flag at the above demo.
From here.

July 2012: Hezbollah suicide bombs Jewish tourists on a bus in Bulgaria.
From here.

Palestinian activist Claudia Saba, speaking at the above demo, wears a t-shirt calling for the destruction of Israel.
From video:
Doesn't she care that Israel is a free society for women, gays and atheists, while Gaza is an Islamic sharia hellhole?
Shouldn't she be marching to free Gaza from Hamas?

Hezbollah flag at Dublin demo, 5 June 2010

Hezbollah flag at anti-Israel demo, Dublin, 5 June 2010.
From here.

"Why Are You Protesting Against Israel?"
Nice video of the kind of idiots who protest above.

An experiment waving an ISIS flag and an Israeli flag at UC Berkeley, Nov 2014.
The students get angry at the Israeli flag but not at the ISIS flag.
Just like no one even notices the flags of Islamic terror at demos in Dublin.

Irish ship in Freedom Flotilla II, June 2011

A new Irish ship, "MV Saoirse", tried to sail to Gaza in June 2011, carrying various useful idiots and even jihad supporters.

"MV Saoirse", Nov 2011

A good demo - A rare sight in Ireland

A rare sight in Ireland - A demo of good people against a wicked state.
Iranian dissidents protest the visit of Iran's Foreign Minister to Dublin, 9 June 2010.
More video from Ted Leddy here and here and here.
Iran, of course, sponsors Hamas and Hezbollah whose flags we see in the moron anti-Israel protests above.

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