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"Free" states

Islamic states

And states with Islamic regions, Islamic rebellions, etc.

I divide them into groups of "Not Free", "Partly Free" and "Free", as classified by Freedom House.

The Arab Spring / Islamist Spring


"Not Free" states




  • The War in Darfur 2003 to date.
  • The Darfur genocide 2003 to date.

  • After Iraq, there was no appetite in the West for action on Darfur.
  • The West could stop almost every genocide in the world if it wanted to. But it does not want to. Both the anti-Western left and the isolationist right are opposed to such an idea.

  • Mark Steyn on the Sudan genocide, July 26, 2004. "I see the next decade's "Never again" story is here. Just as we all agreed the 1994 Rwandan genocide should never be allowed to happen again, so - in a year or two - we'll all be agreed that another 2004 Sudanese genocide should never be allowed to happen again."
  • They're Back?, Victor Davis Hanson, November 13, 2006, criticises leftists who opposed the Iraq effort but want a new intervention in Darfur: "Ditto those who now cry for action in Darfur. They were some of the harshest critics of trying to help Iraq, and apparently think we could intervene in the Sudan without the sort of mess that is intrinsic anywhere Westerners must fight jihadists and Islamicists on the ground. Saddam killed just as many innocents as the Muslims did in Darfur, and it would be just as messy in righting that wrong there as it was in Iraq."

  • What we need - The Genocide Prevention Corps

Islamism kills. Democracy feeds:
Starving girl trying to get to feeding centre, Sudan famine, 1993.
Photo by Kevin Carter, who committed suicide not long after.
No one knows if the girl lived. See more.
This famine was caused by the Islamist butcher Omar al-Bashir, and his tyrannical Islamist regime.
Picture credit Kevin Carter / Corbis Sygma.



Other "Not Free" states



"Partly Free" states

The Maldives

The Maldives holds an underwater Cabinet meeting, Oct 2009, to highlight the alleged threat of global warming and rising sea levels to the low-lying island nation.
Left unanswered is the question of whether we should care if this Islamic tyranny disappears.

The Maldives:
A tropical paradise, settled by humans since around 300 BC.
Sadly, in the 12th century AD, an Arab desert religion arrives to oppress them.
In the modern era, they tolerate undressed infidel tourists for their money. But they continue to oppress their own people.
Shame they cannot learn from the tourists. Shame they cannot learn why the infidels are rich and free.


  • Mali
  • Human rights in Mali
  • Mali is 90 percent Muslim.

  • Mali is ruined, 2012:
    • In 2012, Freedom House ranked Mali as "Free".
    • Unfortunately, an appalling Islamist rebellion in 2012 destroyed this. The rebellion set up a brutal, disgusting Islamist state in northern Mali.
    • In 2013, Freedom House's ranking dropped from "Free" to "Not Free" in one year.

  • The Mali jihad, 2012 on.

  • A Trip Through Hell: Daily Life in Islamist Northern Mali, report 29 Oct 2012.
    • "Gao, a city of 100,000 people, has become a lifeless place since the Islamists took over. It was once a stopping point for tourists traveling to Timbuktu, but now the roadside stands have disappeared, bars and restaurants are boarded up and music is banned. ... garbage collection has been suspended, leaving waste to rot in the streets at temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius ... Around 400,000 people have already fled the Islamists. Most who have left represent the better-educated parts of the work force, like the engineers who kept the power plant and waterworks in operation. ... "Gao is a dead city," says Allassane Amadou Touré, a mechanic, as he drinks tea in the shade. He is unemployed, like many in the city, and says that Gao's economic output has "declined by 85 percent" since the spring."
    • As I have said many times: Jihad causes poverty and famine. Sharia causes poverty and famine.

  • Islamofascists destroy Mali's ancient heritage, 2012

  • The forces of good fight back against jihadist evil:
    • France bombs the jihadists in northern Mali, Jan 2013.
    • I am impressed. Bravo for the socialist Hollande.
    • The French bombing brings hope at last to Mali, article, 19 Jan 2013. Timbuktu's former mayor said: "The French military intervention has finally brought us some hope." On the jihadist scum destroying his city's ancient heritage: "The day they leave, we can rebuild". The former mayor of the northern city of Gao said: "When the French attacked last week, I felt alive for the first time since last year."
    • Timbuktu is liberated by France, Jan 2013, but the departing jihadi scum burn Timbuktu's libraries before they flee. Sickening. Islamism is pure evil.

French troops liberate Mali from the jihadist scum, Jan 2013. Vive la France!
France ignored the UN, invaded, and were welcomed as liberators.
See also Sky News.


Islamist politician Tifatul Sembiring, Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information, quotes Hitler approvingly on Twitter, 8 Apr 2010.
He's not quoting him saying kill the Jews. He is just casually and approvingly quoting him about something harmless, which is almost worse.
From here.
See also Patrialis Akbar, the Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, saying in June 2010 that jihad attacks are wrong in Indonesia, but fine in Israel.

East Timor genocide, 1975-1999

  • The East Timor genocide 1975-1999.
  • John Pilger and Noam Chomsky bizarrely took a stand against Islamic killing when they defended East Timor.
  • Why did they do this? Because Indonesia was a western ally. If Indonesia had been an enemy of the west, they would not have been interested.

  • Islamofascist revenge for East Timor:

  • Pilger and Chomsky are appalled at the idea that Islamofascist killings may be revenge for the liberation of East Timor that they supported.
  • Oliver Kamm, The Times, September 20, 2006: "Osama bin Laden declares the now independent Timor "part of the Islamic world" and rightly Indonesia's. By his own perverse logic, Pilger - who indecently asserted that "the bombs of July 7 were Blair's bombs", on account of the Iraq war - ought to admit responsibility for provoking Islamist terror."

  • Jose Ramos Horta breaks with Pilger and Chomsky to support the US war on Islamism under Bush. As I say, people who have experienced tyranny support the US. They understand.
    • War for Peace? It Worked in My Country, José Ramos-Horta, February 25, 2003 (and here)
    • Sometimes, a War Saves People, by Jose Ramos-Horta, May 13, 2004. He supported the military toppling, without UN approval, of Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Bokassa and Milosevic. "It is always easier to say no to war, even at the price of appeasement. But being politically correct means leaving the innocent to suffer the world over, from Phnom Penh to Baghdad. And that is what those who would cut and run from Iraq risk doing."

Bali bombing, 2002

  • Bali bombing, Oct 2002 - 200 innocents (including 90 Australians) butchered by the evil of Islamism.
  • Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, the smiling face of evil, the killer of 200 innocents in Bali. Evil exists in this world, but it is not as people like bin Nurhasyim think. He thinks he is good and his victims are evil.

  • 2005 Bali bombings
    • Islamist way or no way - Mark Steyn on the 2005 Bali bombing. He mocks peaceniks with signs saying "coexist" - as if the Islamists don't want to kill them too. They are all infidels. "You don't have to have a team or even be aware that you belong to any side. You can be a hippie-dippy hey-man-I-love-everybody-whatever-your-bag-is-cool backpacking Dutch stoner, and they'll blow you up with as much enthusiasm as if you were Dick Cheney."
    • Protesters try to storm Bali jail after the second Bali bombings. "In sharp contrast to the aftermath of the 2002 attacks, the predominantly Hindu population of Bali has been spurred into action by this latest bombing." They are demanding the execution of the 2002 bombers: "Kill Amrozi, kill Amrozi!"
    • Amrozi was executed in 2008.



Other "Partly Free" states


"Free" states



A scene in the movie Persepolis where the girl talks to a kindly Allah. Also here.
A TV station in post-revolution Tunisia showed this film in Oct 2011.
A Tunisian Islamist mob tried to set fire to the TV station because they were angry at the fictional being Allah being depicted.
The Islamists fire-bombed the house of the TV station chief. His wife and children had to flee for their lives from the evil mob.
Tunisia responded to this Islamist attack on freedom by ... prosecuting the TV station!
The head of the TV station was tried for insulting Islam, convicted and fined.

Freedom versus fascism:

(Left) Woman in the free world.
(Right) Women in the unfree world.
The Islamists want to turn all scenes like those on the left into scenes like those on the right.
Frankly, a man would have to be a sexual pervert to want to do that. To want to cover up the beauty of women. What is wrong with a man who wants to do that?
There are millions of such male sexual perverts in the Middle East, and they run entire countries, such as Saudi Arabia. They may claim it is their "culture". To which the answer is simple: Get a new culture. After all, your "culture" hasn't been around forever. Like everything else human, it was just invented at some stage by your ancestors. If Europe hadn't changed its culture since medieval times where would we be? So abandon the culture of your ancestors, as we have, and embrace freedom instead.

Picture credits:
(Left) Photo by Alejandro Páez, Mexico. From here. From this set. For re-use policy see Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.
(Right) Photo by Steve Evans, Atlanta, USA. From here. From this set. For re-use policy see Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

As I say, I'm a libertarian, not a conservative. I'm in favour of the sexual revolution, provided people take responsibility for their own actions.

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