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Logo from Soviet Archives (also here) by the brave Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky. Used with permission.

  The lesson of the 20th century

Summary of killings

The right to travel

Freedom of religion

Laughing at democide

The Soviet Union

Communism in Asia


North Korea

Communism in the Americas


Other communist tyrannies


The evil philosophies of fascism and communism were the two great 20th century mass killers. Of these, communism was the greatest killer. 100 million men, women and children have been murdered by socialism so far, and the killing continues today, notably in North Korea. In terms of body count, socialism is by far the most evil religion, the most evil ideology of any sort, of all time.

Behind the Iron Curtain, communists stamped out freethought as efficiently as in any authoritarian religious state. Communists are not sceptics, and are atheists only superficially. Marx and Lenin founded an irrational religion every bit as dogmatic, credulous, and opposed to freethought as any of the older religions they criticised.

The face of evil.
Stalin's tomb, Kremlin Wall Necropolis, Red Square, Moscow, Russia.
From here.

The lesson of the 20th century - Revolution may enslave the people

Perhaps the central lesson of the 20th century is this: It is not enough to complain about the existing order. Your solution must be better, not worse.

  1. It is not enough to have a revolution against the Tsar. Your revolution must create a society that is more free than society under the Tsar, not less free.
    • Clearly, though the Tsar was a dictator, Lenin made Russia less free, not more.

  2. It is not enough to attack the Weimar Republic. The solution must be better, not worse.
    • Disillusioned with Weimar, the Germans turned to Hitler, who delivered total war, humiliating defeat, mass destruction, 7 million German dead, partition and occupation of half the country by Russia for decades, the permanent loss of territory, ethnic cleansing of millions of Germans, the rape of millions more, and a genocidal shame that will hang over Germany for a thousand years.

  3. It is not enough to throw off western imperialism in Africa. Your independence must lead to a society that is more free and prosperous, not less, than society under imperialism.
    • Clearly, though imperialism could be brutally exploitative and racist, much of Africa is worse off since independence, not better.

Edmund Burke was the prophetic voice on this issue back in the 18th century, supporting the American revolution (the one that worked, that led to a better society), and opposing the French revolution (which led to bloodbath and dictatorship). If only every revolutionary considered Burke's point, even for 5 minutes. Because today the world is still full of revolutions that, if they succeed, will enslave people, not free them. From western anarchists trying to destroy middle-class life, to the Palestinian resistance fighting to enslave the Palestinian people under theocracy and dictatorship, all will cause more oppression and poverty, not less.

Marxist and communist "thought"

Real thought

J. Bradford DeLong notes that "as close to a perfect natural experiment as anyone could wish" was carried out in effect by the adoption of communism by a large number of countries in the 20th century. And these are the results.
The table shows GDP per capita for paired Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc countries in 1991.
The conclusion: "Eschewing markets robs you of between 80% and 90% of your potential economic productivity."

Since Marx, Marxists have predicted a "Crisis of Capitalism".
It reminds me of a religious cult predicting the end of the world.

The great contribution of Karl Marx to the world.
Posted here.

Summary of killings for Communism

Bryan Caplan

Some points made by the Museum of Communism FAQ:

  1. Stalin and Mao are the two greatest killers of all time. Hitler is a distant third. If we rank by number of murders, Stalin and Mao are the two most evil people that have ever existed. As far as we know, Stalin and Mao are the two most evil beings that have ever existed in the universe.
  2. Some people let Lenin off the hook. Lenin was a mass murderer.
  3. Some people let Trotsky off the hook. As leader of the Red Army in Lenin's war on the peasants, Trotsky was a mass murderer.
  4. Some people think Marxism is "a good idea in theory", and the fact that every communist regime that ever existed has been murderously totalitarian is "a coincidence". In reality, totalitarianism is inherent in Marxism.

The right to travel

Heroes (1977) by David Bowie is set at the Berlin Wall.
His song became an anthem of Berlin in the 1980s.
When he died in 2016, the German Foreign Office said he deserved some credit for helping bring down the wall.

People killed trying to cross the Berlin Wall.
People killed fleeing from socialism to capitalism v. People killed fleeing from capitalism to socialism.
From here.

Whatever Marxist crap they spout, people vote with their feet.
And their feet make them flee towards capitalist countries and away from socialist countries. Always.

Freedom of religion

A Christian attack on atheism.
Christians regard communism as organized atheism.
Atheists like me regard communism as a bloodthirsty religion.

Laughing at democide

The Nazi holocaust is taken seriously and remembered. But the communist holocausts and democides are barely taught in school, ignored by Hollywood, and generally forgotten and trivialised in the popular culture. In the worst case, people in the West still admire or jokingly name things after Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and other communist butchers.

The jokingly named Cafe Mao in Ireland is one of the worst examples of this modern leftist blindness. Somehow this genocidal killer is amusing to these people.
What could be more tasteless than naming a restaurant after the man who presided over the greatest famine in the history of the world (1958-61).
See larger. Image from here. See terms of use.
See Tony Allwright's campaign against Cafe Mao.
There is also a Mao's Kitchen in California.

The song No More Heroes (1977), by The Stranglers, describes Trotsky as a hero.
Apparently this is not a joke.
Note the song does not refer to Lenin (this is a mis-heard reference to Lenny Bruce).

"Leninade" lemonade, by Real Soda In Real Bottles.
They are just having a laugh. They are not really promoting Lenin. Their taglines include: "A Taste Worth Standing in Line For" and "Drink Comrade! Drink! It's This or the Gulag!"
However, is it not disturbing that it is acceptable to have a laugh about this democide?
Image from here.

A similar idea to Cafe Mao:
The Hitler cafe near Mumbai in India opened in 2006.
After an outcry, it changed its name in 2006.
Of course Jews were raped and slaughtered in Mumbai by Islamic versions of Nazis in 2008.
There is a Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia.

Where communism always leads.

Soviet Union (separate page)


Communism in Asia (separate page)


China (separate page)

North Korea (separate page)

Communism in the Americas (separate page)

Cuba (separate page)

Other communist tyrannies

Everywhere it went around the world, communism brought tyranny, death, war, poverty and starvation.




Communism summed up in one image:
"The Killing Tree" at Choeung Ek, Cambodia, where the Khmer Rouge communists used to beat small children and babies to death.
The Buddhist bracelets are in memory of the children.
Photo 2012. From here. See more photos.

"I think our enemies are committing a monumental strategic error. In fact the present moment favors us far more than it does them. We are almost 99 percent sure that we can strike a mortal blow against them and consolidate the central position that we are going to need to occupy for several decades to come. With the help of all those starving people who are starting to eat each other, who are dying by the millions, and whose bodies litter the roadside all over the country, it is now and only now that we can - and therefore must - confiscate all church property with all the ruthless energy we can still muster. This is precisely the moment the masses will support us most fervently, and rise up against the reactionary machinations of the petit-bourgeois and Black Hundred religious conspirators. ... All evidence suggests that we could not do this at any other moment, because our only hope is the despair engendered in the masses by the famine"
- Lenin knows about the famine of 1921-22, and laughs about it. He himself is not starving by the side of the road, so he doesn't give a shit. Lenin sums up the world of communism. He is utterly indifferent to the millions dying in agony because of his own government. He has no interest whatsoever in helping them. All he sees is an opportunity to attack enemies (in this case the church).

See other similar quotes from the communist butchers, including Lenin, Trotsky and Mao.

"Among religions, Bolshevism is to be reckoned with Muhammadanism rather than with Christianity and Buddhism. Christianity and Buddhism are primarily personal religions, with mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation. Muhammadanism and Bolshevism are practical, social, unspiritual, concerned to win the empire of this world."
"There has been a rumour in recent years to the effect that I have become less opposed to religious orthodoxy than I formerly was. This rumour is totally without foundation. I think all the great religions of the world - Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Communism - both untrue and harmful."
- Bertrand Russell on communism as religion.

"in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic."
- Economic illiterate Karl Marx shows he has no idea what has made humans more prosperous since the Stone Age. If we all grew our own food, we would all live in grinding poverty and famine. (As communist states in fact proved.) And the hypocrisy is nauseating. Did Marx actually hunt, fish and farm? Of course not. All he did was write and criticise, and live a middle-class life sponging off other people's money. (Marx never worked a day in his life.) Only a sponger who has never worked could possibly be impressed by the above paragraph.

"Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at."
- The leftist terrorist Bill Ayers sums up in 1969 (also here and here) what communist revolution is: The mindless destruction - often by the children of wealth and privilege - of everything that generations of tolerant and hard-working people have painstakingly built up.

Bureaucrash on modern communists like ANSWER.

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