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"Gay Girl in Damascus"

In defence of Israel

Anti-Israel gays

Israel is the only country in the Middle East with gay rights. So you would think all western gays would support it, right?

Wrong. For whatever reasons, most gay public figures seem to be anti-Israel.

The reasons why are baffling, but I think they are all to do with western psychology. See why the left is anti-Israel and why the left is sympathetic to Islam. It's all about western psychology, not about the actual reality of these foreign countries.

Global Acceptance of Homosexuality survey, June 2013.
Percentage of population who say homosexuality "should be accepted by society" (for Israel and various Islamic countries): So left-wing western gays ... support the Palestinians!


Gay dhimmi Simon Hughes, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, gushes at the GPU conference 2008, organised by the Islamist Islam Channel.
He is gay, anti-American, and also a Christian religious nutcase. (Or at least talks like one here.) "Thanks be to Allah!" he shouts. He praises Islam again and again.
Instead of calling for them to learn to tolerate gays, he says: "we want you to participate fully in this country, but not just as voters, we want you to be the leaders. We want you like my .. Muslim friends to .. be standing for parliament .. to be Cabinet Ministers .. to be the Prime Minister ... because we need you. We need you to lead our politics".
He absurdly says that equality - rather than the end of Islamism - is the key to world peace. What an idiot.
Damian Thompson calls it "A sick-making display of Lib Dem opportunism".

Crispin Blunt, a gay Tory MP, defends Hamas' "right to resist", Nov 2021.
Shameful that such a man is in the Tory party. He should be expelled.

Gay, radical left, American Jew Rebecca Pierce ("aptly_engineerd") says that because of the 2015 terrorist attack, Israel is not a haven for gays.
Yes, all that matters is what the 2015 terrorist did. What the laws are, and what the state does, do not matter at all. All that matters is what the 2015 terrorist did.

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell in East London Pride 2011.
What can you say except "Good luck with that!"

Peter Tatchell in Sept 2019, reminding us he is an idiot.

Here's why I say Peter Tatchell is not all bad.
In Oct 2015, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) held a debate: "The Big Question: Is Islam The Cause Or Solution To Extremism?"
Here, Peter Tatchell challenges Anas Altikriti, Mohammed Amin, Fiyaz Mughal, Zara Huda Faris and Hamza Tzortzis to condemn sharia punishments such as death for apostasy.
He just gets evasion.


Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald, July 2011, defends Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki against the US efforts to kill him (later successful).
He says that al-Awlaki is someone "who the US government hates because he speaks effectively to the Muslim world about the violence that the U.S. commits in that part of the world, and the responsibility of Muslims and the need of Muslims to stand up to this violence. And the US hates him because this message is resonating."
Resonating with people like Greenwald, it seems.

Owen Jones

Gay British leftist Owen Jones has a range of awful opinions, including attacking Israel, the only Middle Eastern country with gay rights.

Owen Jones bashing Israel in Nov 2012.

Greg Gutfeld lays into an anti-American piece by Owen Jones, Aug 2012.
Jones openly admits he is a socialist.

Owen Jones was a total loony when young:
He declares on Marxism discussion group, 8 Aug 2000 (his 16th birthday) that he supports the IRA terrorist group: "I militarily support the IRA against the British State".

Owen Jones is still a total loony today:
He appears at the SF-IRA summer school in July 2015. His "anti-violence" and "anti-war" credentials are clearly bullshit.


Owen Jones, June 2020, promotes the lie that the dead in Iraq were killed by the Allies.
He claims that "hundreds of thousands" have died "at the hands of" the UK and US governments.
This is a lie. The insurgents killed them, not the Allies.

Owen Jones declares in April 2022 that he supports arming the racist terrorist group the PLO, who target and kill random Jews.

Sally Kohn

Gay and Jewish, Sally Kohn should be the last person on earth to criticise Israel, or defend Islam.

But what makes the West so fascinating - and what motivates much of my website - is that people like Sally Kohn exist.

Sally Kohn has a history of attacking Trump (who is pretty dumb himself) with tweets that are 10 times dumber.
Here she is on 24 Dec 2016 with a scorcher of an entry for the stupidest tweet of the year.
She thinks Jews building houses is the main thing preventing peace in Israel!
Imagine her surprise if she discovers the Gaza jihad continued after the Jews left.
Imagine her surprise if she discovers there was jihad against Israel before 1967.

Gay Jew defends Islamic sharia law, 16 Aug 2016. It's not The Onion. It's real life.
She says Muslims who believe in sharia are "progressive" and should be supported!
How can anyone in 2016 be so dumb? See commentary.
She carries on digging a hole rambling about sharia. She obviously has no clue what sharia is.

Judith Butler

Academic Judith Butler is gay and Jewish.
And yet she has a deranged hatred of Israel that leads her into apologetics for Islamic Jew-killers and rapists of Jews.
See profile at Canary Mission.

Judith Butler (gay and Jewish) in 2006 talking about Islamic terrorists who want to liquidate all gay and Jewish people.
"Understanding Hamas/Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the left, that are part of a global left, is extremely important."
Jump to 5:55 in this 2006 teach-in at UC Berkeley.
See more.

Judith Butler in 2024 says the 7 October 2023 rape and massacre of random Jews was "armed resistance" and was not a terrorist attack and not an antisemitic attack.
Feminist theory leads to apologetics for rape.
From here. From Canary Mission.

Anna Rajagopal


Anna Rajagopal is a gay Jew.
And she supports Islamic jihad against the Jews.
Tweets from July-Aug 2021.



"Queers for Palestine". Like Jews for Germany.


"Queers for Palestine" is like "Gays for Nazi Germany".
Some such cases did in fact exist.
Ernst Röhm was an early Nazi leader, and a homosexual.
Image from here.
The Nazis of course put homosexuals into death camps.
They started by killing Ernst Röhm in 1934.

"Gay Girl in Damascus"

A pro-gay, leftie westerner hates Israel, and can't stand the fact that gays are free in Israel.

American lesbians dance in hatred of Israel.
If you hate these people then please express your hatred by buying Sabra and Tribe hummus.

Israeli lesbians live in freedom in Israel.
From Tel Aviv Pride 2007.

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