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Syria under Assad is one of the leading terrorist states in the world. All free people must desire Assad's destruction.

But there is little hope that anything better will replace him.

The ancient Christian churches of Damascus were destroyed by Muslim fanatics in 1860.
From here.

Hafez al-Assad

The Hama massacre in 1982.

Bashar al-Assad

Inside Assad's Torture Chamber (2011).

Asma Assad

Asma Assad is interesting not because of who she is (just another dictator's wife) but because of the reactions she evokes among some westerners.

Vogue article on Asma Assad

Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert, a puff piece in Vogue magazine, March 2011 issue, about the wife of the dictator of a terrorist state.
In fact, it is also a puff piece about the dictator himself.

Vogue is shamed into disowning it:

The Walter Duranty Prize is awarded to Vogue:

The cover of the March 2011 issue of Vogue.
Walter Duranty Prize winner Anna Wintour is a major supporter of Obama.

Parody from Free Syria Media Hub.

Western pandering to Assad

Why do they do it? Why do western politicians pander to known dictators and supporters of terror, and imagine they are somehow "friends" and "reformers"?

By all means have formal and cold talks with your enemies, if it will help. But do not ever treat dictators as if they are legitimate. It always ends in shame.

John Kerry and his wife having dinner with the Assads in 2009.
This is after Assad helped kill thousands of American soldiers in Iraq, with no consequences.
From here.

Tony Blair forced the poor Queen to greet Assad during an ill-advised detente in 2002.
Blair even considered asking the Queen to bestow an honorary knighthood on Assad during his state visit to the UK.
From here.

Irish useful idiot, the anti-Israel Chris Andrews (FF TD) with Syrian terror-state leader Assad in 2009.
From a 2009 Chris Andrews constituency leaflet. (He actually chose to display this photo of himself to the voters!)

The right understands the world. The left doesn't.
In 2007, Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi made a trip to Assad's Syria, undermining President Bush who saw Syria as a terrorist state.
Cox and Forkum understood what Syria was in 2007, as did President Bush. Pelosi and Obama did not.

Syria's nuclear weapons program

CIA image of covert nuclear reactor, Syria (before Israel destroyed it).
From here.

Suspected Syrian nuclear weapons program site, NE of Masyaf, Syria. See article.
Click to zoom and move.
From Google Maps.

Syrian civil war

"we went to Syria to meet the President ... The President lived for a long time in the UK. He is a charming and open man who, for a long time, was not going to be President and therefore took on the style of an ordinary western citizen. He is very popular in his country because he does not have a grandiose or fine-living style. He is keen to deliver significant reform in Syria, to open up the country and to improve the economic opportunities of the people, but he made it clear that the situation in the region made that difficult. Shortly after he took over, there was what has been called a "Damascus spring" - a sort of opening up. It is difficult to continue such reforms when there is such bitter division all around and organised extreme Islamist groups in the region. The President stressed that the Syrian regime is secular and takes a tough line against Islamist insurgents, but that it was keen to work with others to help to stabilise the situation in Iraq. He deeply regretted the fact that the UK did not have, as he put it, an independent foreign policy. ... his view was that the UK could play a much more useful role if it had an independent policy, but sadly it did not and it continued to be a complete echo of US foreign policy."
- British useful idiot, the anti-American, anti-Israel Clare Short (Labour MP) visits Syria in Jan 2007, and understands nothing.
She is speaking on 27 February 2007 about the Syrian dictator Assad, who then (and before, and since) was helping to kill British soldiers in Iraq, and was assisting "extreme Islamist groups" and "Islamist insurgents" more or less everywhere in the region.

"He was only in Britain for 18 months, and he didn't mix with British people. He's supposed to be reformist, open to Western ideas, democratic, but this is a bluff. He thinks in an Oriental way, not in a Western way."
- Syrian dissident Ayman Abdel Nour gives a more realistic view of Assad, Apr 2011.
Abdel Nour, like other dissidents, lives in exile and in fear of assassination by the Assad regime.

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