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"Obama was not born in America"

"Obama is a Muslim"

Obama conspiracy theories

The theory that Obama was not born in America is false. He was born in Hawaii. But the real story is his refusal to produce his birth cert in the 2008 election, and the refusal of the pro-Obama media to pursue the issue.

The theory that Obama is a Muslim is also false. He is a dhimmi, not a Muslim. He spent years going to a disgusting anti-American church, not a disgusting anti-American mosque. But he was regarded as a Muslim once, when he was young. And this is a fact.

Michelle Obama describes Kenya as Barack Obama's "home country".

"Obama was not born in America"

The "birthers" are wrong. Obama was born in Hawaii, as he says. The newspaper birth notices are proof of that, as is the abstract of the original birth cert. Having said that, the birthers had a point. An original birth cert existed, but we were not allowed see it, only an abstract. If this was Bush, the media would have screamed for its release. But because it was Obama, the media ridiculed anyone who wanted to see it, and called them racists. (And here.)

Maybe the real story is not what is on the original birth cert but rather the arrogance of Obama, and the failure of the Obama-loving media to do their job.

WND "birther" billboard.
I am sure Obama was born in Hawaii.
But WND still has a point.

Obama releases his birth cert, Apr 2011

At last, after 3 long years, President Obama finally releases his birth cert, 27 Apr 2011.
And there's nothing interesting on it.
So why not release it in 2008? Why annoy people for 3 years, and insult them for asking? It's a mystery. It comes across as real arrogance.

Obama's birth cert.
See full size.
Why not release this in 2008?
Why such arrogance and contempt?

Front cover of the left-wing UK paper, The Independent, 28 Apr 2011, which agrees with Obama that we should not want to see the birth cert.
The biased, Obama-loving Rupert Cornwell asks: "Has there ever been a more absurdly surreal moment?"
Well I think it is "absurdly surreal" seeing the media working hard at hiding things from us, just because they like this politician. I thought it was the media's job to tell us things we didn't want to know, rather than hide from us things we do want to know.
Again, the real story is not the birth cert (it is not interesting at all). The real story is: (1) the arrogance of Obama in not releasing it, and: (2) the failure of the media to do their job.

Hilarious: 1991 promotional booklet by Obama's literary agent.
The agency reprinted "born in Kenya" constantly on their website until 2007. And here. Did Obama never notice?

Hilarious: Kenyan newspaper in 2004.
And more African sites casually calling him Africa-born.

"Obama is a Muslim"

Obama is a dhimmi, not a Muslim. But he was a Muslim (or at least regarded as such) once.

Obama was listed as a Muslim at school in Indonesia.
From AP images (Image ID 070125010606). This requires registration, and you will then see this.
Photo by Tatan Syuflana.
See translation. More here and here.
Photo used to be on And search.

Survey, Aug 2010, shows an increasing number of Americans who think Obama is a Muslim, or don't know what he is.
They are wrong to think he is a Muslim. They are right, however, to think he is some kind of dhimmi.

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."
- US President Barack Obama, speech to the UN, 25 Sept 2012.

The left sneers at the conspiracy theories

The rumours above do ultimately fail, but they raise interesting issues. Why did the media not want to see his birth cert? Why was he listed as Muslim at school?

The leftish, pro-Obama media that sneers at these stories (like the Irish Times) never really addresses these issues.

Now I (seriously) don't think we should take this as proof or anything, but this is very funny:
Madonna, Washington DC concert, 24 Sept 2012: "Y'all better vote for fucking Obama, OK? For better or for worse, alright, we have a black Muslim in the White House. Now that's the shit! That's some amazing shit. It means there is hope in this country."

Smart comment on Obama's criticism of America.

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