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  Hatred of Israel

Support for Hamas and Hezbollah

Hezbollah and Hamas flags at IAWM march

Bringing Hezbollah to Ireland

Support for the Iraqi jihad

Hanging out with the Iraqi jihad in Cairo

Protesting with the RIRA against Tony Blair

Richard Boyd Barrett is quoted by Al Qaeda

People Before Profit

Irish "Anti-War" Movement / People Before Profit / Socialist Workers Party

The Irish "Anti-War" Movement (IAWM) and the linked groups People Before Profit (PBP) and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) are probably the main supporters of the global jihad in Ireland, more than any Islamic group.

Oddly, they are not Muslims. Rather, they are a group of Marxist leftists who think the global jihad somehow fits in with their absurd plans for communist revolution.


Polish war poster from the Polish-Soviet War 1919-21 portrays Trotsky as a butcher sitting on a mound of human skulls.
Why? Because in real life Trotsky was a warmongering butcher who killed millions.
And now we have an alleged "anti-war" movement run by followers of Trotsky!

Socialist Worker, no.212, 26 Nov 2003.
The front page describes the communist butchers of North Vietnam as a "heroic resistance".
Some "anti-war" people these are.


Hatred of Israel


Open support by the SWP for the jihad against the Jews in 2002.
SWP poster at an anti-Israel march in Dublin, Apr 2002, as the Intifada against the Jews rages.
From here.

The Irish "Anti-War" Movement marches beside the Hamas flag at an anti-Israel demo, Dublin, 31 May 2010.
From here.

Israeli flag burned by a mob in Dublin, Jan 2009.
Present are the Irish "Anti-War" Movement, the Sinn Fein - IRA terrorist group, and a mob of radical Muslims.
Prayers were led by a Muslim Brotherhood cleric.
From here.

Niamh McDonald of the SWP supports Hamas, 9 Jan 2011.
"Hamas are the only group that are fighting for freedom", she absurdly says, as if Hamas are fighting for any concept other than jihad and sharia.
She says "we look for a secular free state where all religions ethnicities and cultures can live together peacefully", while ignoring the fact that such a place already exists. It is called Israel. She is attacking the only secular free state in the region, and supporting religious fascists who believe in brutal sharia law.
Hamas would kill to stop a secular state.


Support for Hamas and Hezbollah

Socialist Worker no.262, 8 Aug 2006.
Open support by the SWP for the violent, anti-semitic, civilian-targeting, gay-hating, atheist-hating, Jew-hating, Islamic religious fundamentalist terrorist group Hizbollah (for there is no other "resistance" to Israel's 2006 attack on Hizbollah in Lebanon, the Lebanese government having wisely chosen to sit it out).

Inside the issue, Richard Boyd Barrett writes explicitly opposing the disarming of Hizbollah. "a key part of our task is to resist calls for a western force or Irish troops to be sent into Lebanon to disarm Hizbollah. ... the people of Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon have the right to resist colonial aggression and occupation", says this "anti-war" person.

Another article by some useful idiot says: "We support Hamas and Hizbollah in their courageous stand against imperialism". Hizbollah, of course, are an agent of Iranian imperialism, while Hamas want to cleanse Israel of all Jews. They are not fighting "against imperialism". They are fighting for jihad.

The SWP editorial openly supports Hezbollah. "we are happy to join the Arab masses in expressing our solidarity with the fighters of Hizbollah and our hope is that they succeed in defeating the Israeli assault on Lebanon."

Despite this disgraceful support for violent groups, the SWP are still welcome at "anti-war" marches.
At this "anti-war" march in Galway, Aug 2006, a woman actually holds up this issue supporting Hamas and Hizbollah.
That looks like the gay rights flag behind her, as she supports gay-murdering religious fascists.


Hezbollah and Hamas flags at IAWM march

An anti-Israel march in Dublin, 10 Jan 2009, featured both Hezbollah and Hamas flags.
The IAWM, SWP, PBP, IPSC, Socialist Party, Sinn Fein and SIPTU were on this march.

Hamas flag at the march.
From here in this album.
See other shot from here.

Hezbollah flag at the march.
From here.

Irish Israel-hater "K_M_C_90" is actually proud of this picture.
"Hezbollah flags always on show at our protests in Ireland".

Hamas flag at the march.
From here.
See another shot of Hezbollah flag on the march. From here.
Poor Edmund Burke having to watch this abomination go past his statue!


Bringing Hezbollah to Ireland

Hezbollah issues a fatwa for the assassination of Lebanese belly dancer Johanna Fakhry, July 2011.
Her "crime" was dancing with an Israeli here.
These are the kind of scum that the Irish "Anti-War" Movement supports.

The IAWM's heroes, the Shia fundamentalist militias of Iraq, stone 90 young people to death for having tight jeans and "Emo" haircuts, Feb-Mar 2012.
Do the IAWM know anything about the kind of people they associate with?

What Hamas and Hezbollah say about the Jews.
From here.


Support for the Iraqi jihad


"Freedom for Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan. End the Occupation. Victory to resistance".
Councillor Brid Smith (later TD) of "People Before Profit" carries an SWP placard openly supporting the jihad resistance in Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan.
Demo against Tony Blair, 4 Sept 2010.
Screenshot from this video (see here).
See blocks me on Twitter.


Hanging out with the Iraqi jihad in Cairo


The Cairo jihad conference, 2005 - promoting bloodthirsty violence as the solution to the problems of the Middle East.

Protesting with the RIRA against Tony Blair

The jihad-loving IAWM and the Brit-hating RIRA protest Tony Blair's launch of his memoirs, Dublin, 4 Sept 2010.

Irish useful idiots, commies and Islamist-lovers blame counterjihad leader Tony Blair for the deaths caused by the jihad!
Why are they not protesting (every day) outside the Iranian and Saudi and Pakistani embassies? You know, the governments that actually support violence in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Open jihad supporter Richard Boyd Barrett appears in the above video, to blame Blair for the deaths caused by the jihad!
Video was here.

"Freedom for Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan. End the Occupation. Victory to resistance".
Placard in open support of the jihad resistance in Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan, carried by Richard Boyd Barrett's own party, as they blame Blair for the tens of thousands killed by the jihadis. Nauseating hypocrisy.
Screenshot from this video. See another screenshot.
See another shot from here.
See another shot from here.

"Victory" to the "resistance" that is causing the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And lock up anyone who is trying to stop it.
Even better, lock them up for the crimes of the "resistance".
From here.

And of course, no one even notices or cares that these alleged "anti-war" people are hanging out with the people that bombed Omagh and more recently have tried to start the Ulster war again.
Photo from here.
Such hypocrites these "anti-war" types are.

Richard Boyd Barrett is quoted by Al Qaeda

Richard Boyd Barrett, Ireland's no.1 supporter of global Islamism, has really arrived now. He is quoted by Al Qaeda, Oct 2010.

Richard Boyd Barrett is quoted by Al Qaeda in their glossy magazine, Inspire, Oct 2010 ("Fall 1431").
The other people quoted by Al Qaeda here are Sabah al Mukhtar, Faisal Shahzad and Abd al-Bari Atwan.

An editorial by Bin Laden in the same issue.
He will be killed by SEAL Team Six within months.

Another article in the same issue tells jihadis how to carry out random attacks on civilians in western cities.
The article claims that if you slaughter innocents, a being called "Allah" will welcome you into a place called "paradise". No evidence for these ludicrous claims is ever presented.

I broke the story here in Oct 2010.
The Irish Times (and here) prints it in May 2011.
Hey, where's my acknowledgement!

Irish politician Richard Humphreys carries out a forensic demolition of Richard Boyd Barrett and his jihad loving groups.
Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council meeting, 11 Oct 2010.
Boyd Barrett is challenged to condemn Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iraqi insurgents and the Taliban. He declines to condemn them.


People Before Profit

"The self-styled Irish Anti-War Movement ... is not a peace organisation. ... It is not so much an anti-war movement as a strident anti-American one. Rather than an organisation which wishes to see the peaceful resolution of conflicts around the world through discussion and compromise, it is a collection of misty-eyed old Soviet Union sympathisers who have now befriended Islamic fundamentalists."
- Alan Shatter in the Dail, 4 October 2007.

"This position of the far-left to defend Islamic extremists demonstrates a cognitive dissonance of an unbridled magnitude. As a secular Muslim Arab who has lived my entire life in the Middle East and North Africa, I find the level of convergence of the far-left in the West and the Islamists (who represent a far-right ideology) both perplexing and alarming. ... Do the extreme left have any idea what the goals of the Islamists are? As someone who stands for liberal views and stands against Islamists and their extremist ideology, I was very surprised to learn that the Islamists' biggest defenders weren't the Arab and Muslim world, but are, in fact, the far-left Westerners and Israelis who claim to be liberal. In the course of publishing my personal blog, I have been viciously attacked on numerous occasions by far-leftists in the United States, Europe and even Israel ... My position as an Arab who lives in the Arab world and deals with the issues I write about on a daily basis was not enough to convince these attackers that I was in a better position in truly knowing what is happening in the Arab world, despite the fact that most of them live thousands of miles away from the Arab world and do not speak Arabic. Most of them seem to be under the impression that Islamist acts of terror against the West and Israel only occur because of Western imperialism or support for Israel, when in fact the Islamists have been committing terrorist acts against the Arab world for centuries. ... it has nothing to do with Western imperialism, but, in fact, has to do with Islamist imperialism."
- Algerian secular Muslim Omar Dakhane, 7 Mar 2012, is baffled by Islamism-supporting left-wing extremists like Richard Boyd Barrett and the IAWM.

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