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Afghanistan gets worse under Obama

Obama on Israel

Obama's dreadful speech in Cairo

Obama and the Christians of Egypt

Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama platitudes on Islam

The Fort Hood attack

Obama fails to support Iranian rebels

Obama fails to support Syrian rebels

Obama loses the Iraq War

Ramadan - Obama praises Islam. Islam slaughters and bombs.

The Boston Marathon attack

Obama and the War on Islamism

It was never clear that President Obama (Jan 2009 - Jan 2017) even recognised there was a War on Islamism. His hesitant and half-hearted prosecution of the war led (as was predicted by all his critics since 2007) to a massive increase, not decrease, in Islamic terror.

Islamism is at war with all free people, and always will be, until it is destroyed. The West electing people like Barack Obama just makes the war longer and worse, not shorter.

Muslim-American terror plots by year.
The jihad escalates after Obama is elected in Nov 2008.
From "Muslim-American Terrorism in the decade since 9/11", report, Feb 2012, from Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security.

World freedom declines on Obama's watch.
Freedom House 2014 report shows countries improving and declining in their freedom ratings each year.
Every year of Obama, the world gets worse.
He's like the anti-Reagan.

Al Qaeda is on the march.
It got a huge boost with the election of Obama in 2008.
Chart from RAND report, June 2014.

Chart from The Economist, 18 Nov 2015, shows how Obama has completely ruined the war on terrorism.
As predicted by everyone on my side in 2007.
Indeed, as predicted by the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, in Feb 2007.

Study of Islamic terror attacks on the West, Jan 2012 to June 2016.
I count 74 jihad attacks on the West in this period. This study counts 47 attacks. But both of us notice the uptick.
Obama's policies of surrender, and the rise of the Islamic State, give heart to jihadis around the world to keep fighting.

Afghanistan gets much worse under Obama

The jihad in Afghanistan gets new spirit under Obama.

Coalition military casualties by month in Afghanistan.
The jihad escalates after Obama is elected in Nov 2008.
From here as at Nov 2012.

U.S. Combat Deaths in Afghanistan.
From here.
Why did Afghanistan get so much worse under Obama?

Obama on Israel

When Obama came to office, America had loyal allies around the world. Britain, Eastern Europe, and Israel (America's only real ally in the Middle East).

And Obama has shown little interest in them all. Obama seems to want America to have no allies. He comes from a tradition that distrusts any country that is fool enough to support America. Obama dislikes traditional allies of America because they supported America even under Republican presidents.

Disgusting: Obama speaks, 21 Mar 2013, in Ramallah in front of a giant picture of Islamic terrorist Yasser Arafat.
Arafat was the founder of modern international Islamic terrorism, a mass murderer of Jews and a killer of Americans. Arafat killed the disabled American Leon Klinghoffer in 1985. He killed the US Ambassador to Sudan in 1973. And Obama stands in front of his picture.
Image from here.

A genocidal Israel-hater, "Kali4niadazed", loves Obama.
Says it all about Obama that that is even possible.

Michael Moore, a guy who hates the US and defends America's enemies, also loves Obama.
Says it all about Obama that that is possible.

Obama's dreadful speech in Cairo, June 2009

Idiotic President Obama opened his June 2009 speech by praising Al-Azhar University: "I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning ..."
Here in Jan 2007, Al-Azhar cleric Farahat Said Al-Munji says homosexuals must be killed and burned. See transcript.

Spotted by Elder of Ziyon, January 4, 2011.

Obama and the Christians of Egypt

Obama seems to care nothing for the human rights of the Christians of Egypt. He did not mention them in his appalling speech in Cairo.

Good luck with that.
From Coptic demo against Muslim persecution, Oct 2010.

Obama Failing Persecuted Christians Worldwide, says Pakistani ex-Muslim Sabatina James, 3 May 2010.
She is author of My Fight for Faith and Freedom.
On Obama's awful Cairo speech, she says: "You [Obama] are saying these things about the prophet [Muhammad] but why don't you protect [Christians]? You're a Christian and have such influence. ... A man of such an influence should definitely speak differently. He should have said that he feels for the people who are living in prison and who may somehow be listening to the speech. Even if he said something like that it would be good. But he did not even mention it. ... And that is what I hate about politics. They don't care about the real things that are going on with human rights."
Sabatina James lives under a death threat for converting from Islam to Christianity.

Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood tyranny of Egypt

For no reason that makes any sense, Obama has jumped in to congratulate and support the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt in 2012.

There is no possible idealistic reason - and no possible realpolitik reason - to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is the enemy of America, and always will be. American policy should be to undermine it, and support its opponents. America should want to see the Muslim Brotherhood destroyed. America gets nothing out of supporting it. History will show that the US supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is far more shameful than the US supporting Mubarak.

A sad Egyptian tweets on 5 Dec 2012 about the apparent support of Obama and Clinton for the oppression of secular Egyptians.

Amusing video by Egyptian performer Sama Elmasry, July 2013, attacking Obama for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.
Good fun, but spoilt (you knew this was coming) by a swipe at Israel.

"Obama, Your Bitch is Our Dictator"
An Egyptian protests Obama's support for the Muslim Brotherhood tyranny of Egypt, Dec 2012.
From here.
Similar banner here.

"Wake up America - Obama backs up a fascist regime in Egypt".
Egyptian liberals, June 2013, protest that Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood.
From here. See similar banners here and here.
See also 15 Anti-Obama Photos From Tahrir Square Protests That You Probably Haven't Seen, 3 July 2013.

Egyptians protest against Obama's disgusting support for the Muslim Brotherhood.
Egyptian lawyers are charging Obama with crimes against humanity, report, Nov 2013.
The complaint charges Obama of being an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood is like supporting the Polish communist regime against Solidarity.
Obama is like the anti-Reagan.

"Perhaps most importantly, the president of the United States should speak up because we live in a day and age where the reality of religious persecution under Islam is so well documented - unlike in the days of former U.S. presidents who may be excused - that to continue ignoring it is tantamount to abetting it. Just as history has recorded the great sufferings of non-Muslims under Islam, so too will it record the complacency or complicity of those who are in a great position to end the persecution, but refuse to do so."
- Raymond Ibrahim, January 23, 2012, says Obama should speak up about religious persecution under Islam.

More Obama platitudes on Islam

Despite Obama's dhimmitude, a crazed Islamic mob in Afghanistan in Apr 2011 is unimpressed.
These ones are angry because a pastor in America burnt a Koran.
Obama obviously needs to try harder if he wants to avoid offending these people.

Another crazed Islamic mob angry with Obama.
These ones are angry because in Feb 2012, a US base in Afghanistan accidentally burnt Korans in the waste disposal.
The lunatic locals rioted and killed Americans.
Instead of telling Afghans to grow up, and demanding an apology from Afghanistan, Obama issued a ludicrous grovelling apology to Afghanistan.
And yet somehow angry mobs in Afghanistan and Pakistan still lynched him and burnt him in effigy!
Obama's apologies to Islam are useless. All they do is signal weakness and invite aggression.
Crazed Islamic mobs burnt Obama in effigy during the Innocence of Muslims riots in Sept 2012.

Fort Hood massacre, Nov 2009

The worst Islamist terror homeland attack since 2002 happens months into Obama's watch.

Gates of Vienna extracts a "word cloud" from the text of Fort Hood news stories in the media.
Note the prominence of "backlash", "snapped" and "speculation", indicating the spin the media are putting on this.
More relevant terms like "jihad" and "terrorism" seem to be absent.

Will getting published in an Al Qaeda magazine make people finally think this was jihad?
Al Qaeda's magazine, Inspire, Oct 2010, has a photo of the Fort Hood attacker in their "DIY jihad" article.

March 2009: President Obama dismisses Dick Cheney's record in stopping any homeland attack for 7 long years. (60 minutes, 22 Mar 2009.)
As Victor Davis Hanson, May 13, 2009, says, Obama seems not to recognise the achievement of Bush and Cheney: "We seem to think that not being attacked since 9/11 was some sort of natural occurrence".
Nov 2009: Fort Hood. The worst Islamist terror homeland attack in 7 years happens months into Obama's watch.

"We've got to get the job done there [in Afghanistan] and that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there."
- Candidate Obama's slur on both Bush and the US military in 2007.
Of course, as President, Obama did a whole lot of "air-raiding villages and killing civilians" himself.

Obama and the Iraq War

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