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The Irish left and Israel - Politicians

Irish politicians of all parties have a sorry record when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians.

I have few heroes in Irish politics. My heroes tend to be non-Irish.

Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, Boaz Modai, faces an onslaught of 2 hours of drivel from ignorant Irish politicians, Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs, Sept 2014.

Yasser Arafat somehow convinced many mainstream Irish politicians that he was some kind of nationalist leader.
Whereas of course he was a violent religious maniac little different to Osama Bin Laden.

Irish politicians

This section is about more recent statements by Irish politicians on Israel. For the older history of Ireland and Israel see here.

The members of the Oireachtas Friends of Palestine group.
According to "Palestine in Irish Politics" by the anti-Israel group Sadaka.
List dates from before the various 2011 elections.

Labour MEP Emer Costello declares in a tweet of 28 Apr 2013 that she laid a wreath at the tomb of mass murderer Yasser Arafat.
It is shameful that an Irish politician would do this.
She also announces it on facebook.

Disappointing: Stephen Donnelly, TD had a business background and talked sense about the bank bailout, so I was happy to see him elected in 2011.
It is a shame therefore that he is now buying into Marxist bullshit about the Middle East.
Tweet from 10 Dec 2014.

Ireland has a lot of idiots, but this guy must be near the top:
Dermot Ahern (former FF Minister), Nov 2015, says the cause of the Islamic massacre in Paris, and indeed the cause of the Islamic jihad across the Middle East, is ... Israel!

Fine Gael TD Colm Burke says Israel is "like a terrorist state", 15 Feb 2024, during the Gaza war.
Why? Because Israel is raiding Nasser Hospital, Khan Younis, Gaza, which Hamas was using as a military base and a place to keep hostages.
The IDF ignored this weirdo European politician and raided the hospital, where they found Hamas terrorist members, weapons caches, vehicles looted on 7/10, and stolen medicine for the Israeli hostages.
Fine Gael are not meant to be the loony left!


Micheal Martin

I write about "the Irish left" and its hatred of Israel. But inevitably joining them is Fianna Fail, which is not meant to be a "left-wing" party. But on foreign policy, Fianna Fail, especially under Micheal Martin, lines up with Sinn Fein and the Marxists, at least on Israel and Islam and related issues. They even support boycotting Israel. There is little difference between Fianna Fail and the loony left on these issues.


Paul Murphy

Socialist Party MEP (and then TD) Paul Murphy supports intifada and jihad against Israel.

Paul Murphy calls for an intifada against Israel, July 2013.
In an interview (jump to 07:11) on Russian state TV he calls for an uprising, not against the Russian dictatorship but against the democracy of Israel: "You've seen significant protest, significant movements, the potential to redevelop a struggle along the lines of the first intifada. That's the kind of thing that is necessary. Such a movement could link up with the genuine Israeli left, with working people and young people, who don't benefit from the oppression of the Palestinians, overthrow the capitalist establishment of Israel."
What a sinister nutcase.

Mick Wallace


Mick Wallace openly supports the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah in a tweet of 22 July 2013.

As at May 2018, Mick Wallace's pinned tweet was a link to a fanatic Israel-hating and Jew-hating article by Laurent Guyénot.
Guyénot is a conspiracy theorist who says that Israel did 9/11 and Israel killed JFK and RFK and even that Israel caused the Vietnam War.
His Jew-hating article begins with a fake quote from Ariel Sharon, and then says Israel is "the most dangerous psychopath among nations" and Jews are "victims of a collective sociopathic mindset". He refers to "the collective psychopathy of Jews".
And Mick Wallace pins this hate speech to the top of his Twitter!

So many layers to this Mick Wallace tweet of 29 June 2021.
Iran and Hezbollah apologist sees hand of Israel behind Syrian war.
Shia jihad apologist complains about support for jihad.
Assad apologist complains about slaughter done by Assad.

The Irish Senate

The Irish Senate is particularly dominated by ignorant anti-Israel voices of all parties.

The real apartheid state:
Not Israel. Rather the PA.
"Jewish Access Forbidden!" Jews are not allowed into some areas of Hebron.
Israeli soldiers enforce this because they cannot guarantee the safety of any Jew that goes into this area.
And this is not to mention ancient Jewish homelands in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Africa and other places where Jews cannot now set foot.
Image from here.
Where are the signs in Israel saying "Muslim Access Forbidden"?

Averil Power

Senator Averil Power of FF has emerged as a leading anti-Israel activist in the Senate.

Her bad politics are inspired by the politicised charities Christian Aid and Trocaire.

Averil Power poses, Nov 2014, with deranged religious nutcase Rabbi Weiss of the foul Neturei Karta.
This is like posing with the Westboro Baptist church.
And Averil Power is proud of it and posts it to her Facebook! Disgusting.
She also posted it to her Twitter.

Annie Hoey

Labour Senator Annie Hoey built a career out of opposing Catholic laws.
But she seems to have different rules for Islam.

Oddly, she seems better when young.
Here in 2011, Annie Hoey says religion sucks and Islam tortures women.
Yes, pretty much.

By 2020, Annie Hoey's Twitter profile has a Palestinian flag.
That is, support for another Islamic state to oppress women.
The earlier Hoey understood it better.

Gerard Craughwell

Senator Gerard Craughwell served with the British Army in the 1970s.
Now he has a soft spot for the Iranian regime that helped kill British troops in Iraq.


April 2020: Gerard Craughwell attacks sanctions against Iran. He asks people to recognise the "inhumanity" in sanctions.
July 2018: Gerard Craughwell votes to boycott the democracy of Israel.

"Moderate" Irish politicians promote a Judenrein West Bank

The default position in Ireland is to be in favour of ethnic cleansing.

It is standard in Ireland to support the 1967 borders. (As in the Palestinian bid for statehood.) No one seems to care what happens to the 550,000 Jews in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Either there are absurd, naive claims that they should live under Fatah rule. Or it is assumed they should just "go back" to Israel. Either way, their wishes and desires are of no concern.

The ethnic cleansing of the Jews in the West Bank is the only ethnic cleansing that it is popular (indeed fashionable) to support in Ireland.

"How can I be happy while Jews are building houses?" - The entire Irish government and Department of Foreign Affairs.
Image from here.

Jewish population by country. From here.
The cleansing of Jews has been continuing all across the Arab Middle East since 1948, and the entire region is now nearly Judenrein.
It continues today. 9,000 Jews were cleansed from Gaza in 2005 and it is now Judenrein. (It is now a hellhole sharia state.)
But this is still not enough for the international community. Now they want to clear out the 550,000 Jews in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and make that area Judenrein too. For this is what a Palestinian state with the 1967 border means.

400 Jews living in Hebron (on the West Bank) in 1868.
Not called the West Bank then, of course.
From p.67 of A Handbook for Travellers in Syria and Palestine (1868).
Jews were expelled from Hebron in 1929-1936.
Jews returned to Hebron after 1967.
"Liberals" in the West want them all expelled again. Hebron must be cleansed of Jews, say the liberals.

A Nazi-era sign declaring that Sankt Veit an der Glan district in Austria is "Judenrein" (cleansed of all Jews).
This is what most Irish people want for the West Bank. Many of them even want it for Israel.

Chap called Gary Gallagher attacks ethnic cleansing, and then immediately proposes ethnic cleansing of 0.5 million Jews!
And many, if not most, Irish politicians would agree.
It is for sure the "trendy" ethnic cleansing to support.
Later the same guy says that the forcible eviction of 0.5 million people is not ethnic cleansing.

Dara de Brun is relaxed about the proposed ethnic cleansing of 0.5 million people.
He himself is not being ethnically cleansed, so it's alright.
He suggests they can all go back to their "real" homes.

Even if we agreed (and I certainly don't) that every settlement is illegal, my point is: Now what do you do?
To blithely propose the forcible eviction of 0.5 million people is outrageous, and shame on anyone who proposes that as a solution.

I sum up the modern left.

Irish leftists and Irish politicians, and western leftists and western politicians, are both against ethnic cleansing, and in favour of ethnic cleansing.
From Elder of Ziyon.

"As President Obama was making his now forgotten prostrations in Cairo, his Secretary of State was hectoring the Zionist Entity, regarding the West Bank, that there has to be "a stop to settlements - not some settlements, not outposts, not natural-growth exceptions." No "natural growth"? You mean, if you and the missus have a kid, you've got to talk gran'ma into moving out? To Tel Aviv, or Brooklyn, or wherever? Consciously or not, Mrs. Clinton had endorsed the Muslim world's position on infidels who happen to find themselves within what it regards as lands belonging to Islam: the Jewish and Christian communities are free to stand still or shrink, but not to grow. Would Obama have been comfortable mandating "no natural growth" to Israel's million-and-a-half Muslims? No. Yet the administration had no difficulty embracing the Muslim world's confident belief in one-way multiculturalism, under which Islam expands in the West but Christianity and Judaism shrivel inexorably in the Middle East, Pakistan, and elsewhere."
- Mark Steyn in After America (2011) points out that people lecture Israel and make demands of it (no natural growth, ethnic cleansing) that they would never dream of making for their own country, or for other groups.

Local councils


Chris Andrews

Former FF TD Chris Andrews has been one of the worst anti-Israel politicians in the larger parties.

Chris Andrews issues a rather dodgy tweet, June 2011, about the only Jew in the Irish government, Alan Shatter.
I was pleased to see Chris Andrews lose his seat in the Feb 2011 election.

Chris Andrews with Syrian terror-state leader Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Sunday, March 15, 2009.
From a 2009 Chris Andrews constituency leaflet. (He actually chose to display this photo of himself to the voters!)
Credit to Monique Walsh for finding this.
See larger and full page.
The stupidity of thinking that a dictator and state sponsor of terror is just the man needed to solve the Israel conflict.

It is interesting to see that Todd Andrews (grandfather of Chris Andrews and Ryan Tubridy) was friendly with the Nazis.
He socialised at the Nazi embassy in Dublin during the war.
This is an extract from his memoir, Man of no Property (and here), 1982.
He was not a Nazi himself, but he expressed a common Irish unwillingness to support the democracies against their enemies, or even make distinctions between the two - a tradition that his grandson Chris Andrews continues today.

It is also interesting to consider, given Chris Andrews posing with Assad above, that Assad is from the pro-Nazi Ba'ath Party.
Assad senior (and possibly Assad junior too) sheltered the top Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner for decades.
Above are French protesters against the 1998 visit to France by Assad senior.
The placard remembers the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup of Jews in Paris in 1942.
Photo from here.

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