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The Irish left and Israel

In the conflict between the secular liberal democracy of Israel and its reactionary religious totalitarian enemies Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, the western left, for some reason, has sided with the religious totalitarians.

The Irish left follows the rest of the western left in this bizarre prejudice, which seems to be based on western self-loathing rather than on logic and standing with people like us.

Hezbollah flag openly displayed at IPSC march, Dublin, Apr 2008. From here.
Attending this demo which contained open support for Islamist terror were David Norris, Michael D. Higgins, Eamonn McCann and Mary Lou McDonald (of SF-IRA).
Do they not notice this kind of thing? Do they not know what the Hezbollah flag looks like?

Summary - Much of Ireland is anti-Israel

Much of Ireland is anti-Israel. Not just the left-wing fringe. But many mainstream politicians too.

  • Ireland is twice as anti-semitic as the UK or US.

  • ADL world survey shows some interesting things.
    • In the 2014 survey, see: "Subject - Attitudes Toward Israel and the Middle East".
    • Ireland 2014 survey
      • 41 percent of Irish have a favourable view of Israel. 28 percent unfavourable. (Wow. Not as bad as you would think.)
      • 49 percent of Irish have a favourable view of Palestine. 20 percent unfavourable.
    • USA 2014 survey
      • 73 percent of Americans have a favourable view of Israel. 13 percent unfavourable.
      • 45 percent of Americans have a favourable view of Palestine. 31 percent unfavourable.
    • Americans seem to be smarter than Irish on foreign policy.

Irish Foreign Minister Dick Spring visits the PLO terrorist group and its leader Yasser Arafat in East Jerusalem, June 1995, ignoring Israeli protests.
Revolting. But that's my country for you.

Palestine "solidarity"


The Derry "Anti-War" Coalition and Caoimhe Butterly hang out with the violent terrorist group the Palestine Liberation Front in Lebanon, August 2007.

The front page of the Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign in 2013 supports Islamic terrorist Samer Issawi.
Samer Issawi was convicted of firing a gun at a civilian vehicle, firing an AK47 assault rifle at civilian buses, and manufacturing pipe bombs used in attacks on Israeli civilians. "This included four shootings, between July 2001 and February 2002, in which Isawi and his partners fired on police cars and buses travelling between Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem. In one attack, a policeman was injured and required surgery. On October 30, 2001, Isawi, together with an accomplice, fired at two students walking from the Hebrew University campus to their car in a nearby parking lot. In another case, Isawi provided guns and explosive devices to a squad, who fired on a bus. Finally, in December 2001, Isawi ordered an attack on security personnel at Hebrew University, providing a squad with a pistol and a pipebomb."
And this jihadi is a hero to the Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign!
See full image.


A revolting defence of terrorism on the IPSC website.
From "Gaza Conflict: Israeli impunity must end" (A briefing paper prepared by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign).

Raymond Deane compares supporting Israel to supporting paedophilia.

Raymond Deane retweets Holocaust denier "Ruthanasia".

Hezbollah terrorist flag at IPSC march, Dublin, Apr 2002.
Speakers at this march included people from the IPSC, Green Party, Sinn Fein, SWP and the Socialist Party.
From here.

Open support for Hamas jihadi terror at IPSC march, Dublin, Jan 2009.
The paramilitary uniforms march in front of an IPSC banner.
From here. See here.
See also here.

IPSC, 10 Dec 2014, wishes "RIP" to a dead terrorist, Ziad Abu Ein of Fatah (extradited from the US in 1981 over the murder of two Israelis in Tiberias in 1979). The IPSC claims he was "beaten to death" by Israeli soldiers, which is total nonsense.

The IPSC with Jihad Jaara of the terrorist group the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Dec 2014.
Jihad Jaara was exiled to Ireland after the Siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002.
See full size.
From here.

The pro-terrorist IPSC with Jihad Jaara, Feb 2016.
See full size.
From here.

Hezbollah jihad flag at Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign protest in Derry, May 2018. (During the Hamas-organised Gaza border riots.)
See full size. From here.
See other shot. From here.
See poster. From here.

The leader of the SDLP spoke at the rally above in Derry with the Hezbollah flag, May 2018.

Freda Hughes of the IPSC defends Hamas rocket fire, July 2014. (Go to 0:56.)
The IPSC is a pro-terrorist organisation.
IRA bomber Rose Dugdale also pops up to tell us that Israel is bad.

The IPSC blocks me because they cannot debate.


David Cronin


David Cronin describes terrorist rocket attacks on civilians as "resistance".
See his many other tweets about "resistance".


Mike Murphy

Veteran Irish broadcaster Mike Murphy has taken against Israel, and has started associating with the IPSC people.

In 2017, Mike Murphy went on a trip to the West Bank organised by Elaine Daly.
He expressed shock (article, Sept 23, 2017) that the group was thoroughly questioned by Israeli border security, and four members of the group, including Elaine Daly, were deported.

Mike Murphy bashing Israel with the most offensive language, Oct 2018.
At 1:33 he compares Israel to Nazi Germany, the country that exterminated most of the Jews of Europe.
Utterly disgusting.


Desmond Fennell


Irish intellectual Desmond Fennell proposes sending heavy weapons to the Islamic terrorist jihad against Israel, Feb 2009.

Jonathan Sugarman

Sugarman describes Israel's actions during the Gaza border riots as a "massacre", June 2018.
I replied, asking what I thought was a reasonable question.
Sugarman never debated me. He just blocked me.


John Gibbons

John Gibbons is a climate change activist with a sideline in anti-Israel activism.

Climate change activist John Gibbons proposes sending heavy weapons to the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, Aug 2014.
Gibbons responded to me by blocking me.


Maia Dunphy

TV celebrity Maia Dunphy posts about Israel, but, like so many, has not the slightest interest in hearing the Israeli view.

Maia Dunphy on 3 Dec 2023 is frustrated that Israel will not listen to the criticism of its war against Hamas, after the genocidal Hamas massacre of Jews.

I tell her why Israel won't listen.
She responded by blocking me.


The Irish Peace Society

Jews Turn into Apes and Pigs in an Clay-mation Film for Children on Hizbullah TV.
Al-Manar TV (Hezbollah TV). Dec 7, 2005.
This portrays the story in the Koran where Jews are turned into apes and pigs.


Pop singers Jedward call for a boycott of Israel, 13 May 2021.

"Israelity" (2009), a nasty, menacing, anti-Israel song from Irish singer Mickey Joe Harte.
He is angry with Israel for responding to years of Hamas rocket fire.
The song is quite menacing, saying to Israel: "you come and stir the hate in me" and "you give them reasons now to fight" and "this is war" and "this is not the end .. this is only just beginning".

Irish rapper Aodhan Chezney Conlon poses with a mural of the terrorist PFLP, the butchers of the Jewish children of Itamar.
This features in the video of his anti-Israel song "Palestinian Child" (2015).
So violence is the answer to Gaza's problems is it? Great contribution.
The message of this song, like so many other left-wing statements, is to say to Hamas: "Carry on doing what you are doing."

A threatening, passive-aggressive mural in Cork.
Words: "Free Palestine. Make Hummus not War!"
Picture: Scarf over face. Symbol of intifada, i.e. a barbaric and unnecessary war.
From Izz Cafe, Cork, Aug 2021.
An actual "anti war" mural would condemn the intifada. That would be so cool.

Top: Irish Unity, a pro-SFIRA account, says: "no human is illegal".
Bottom: Irish Unity says that Jews living in Judea and Samaria are illegal.

Note: The bottom tweet is complaining about the Duma arson attack, which had only happened that day. Far from "not caring", a huge investigation began. Israel eventually caught the culprit and he was sentenced to three life terms for murder.

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