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The Irish left and Israel - Ireland's tax against Israel


Irish Aid

Anti-Israel NGOs funded by the Irish taxpayer:

Tax-funded anti-Israel art

Trade union activism

Ireland's tax against Israel

As an Irish taxpayer, I am forced by the state to donate money to anti-Israel "charities", anti-Israel NGOs and anti-Israel artworks. I am even forced to donate money to the terrorist Palestinian Authority.

I am ashamed of what my country does with my tax money.

Brian Cowen, sending my tax money to terrorists.
Photo from 2003.
Brian Cowen, 25 June 2003, said that the terrorist Arafat was "the symbol of the hope of self-determination for the Palestinian people".

Leon Klinghoffer, the disabled Jew murdered by Arafat in an attack on a cruise ship in 1985.
Arafat's men, like the Nazis they are, singled out Klinghoffer as a Jew, and shot him in the forehead and chest as he sat helpless in his wheelchair. They threw his body and wheelchair overboard.
When that bastard Arafat died in 2004, Michael D. Higgins led a candlelit tribute to him.
But Klinghoffer's daughters said: "Leon Klinghoffer, our father, was one innocent civilian among thousands who were murdered under the rule of Yasir Arafat and the P.L.O. As a family who has unfortunately been touched by Mr. Arafat's terrorism, we find that our only solace in his death is that he cannot kill anyone ever again."

Irish Aid - Using my taxes to campaign against Israel

I am forced to pay through my taxes for Irish aid to the Palestinians.
Above is the section on "Palestine" from the 2011 annual report of Irish Aid.

How the West (including my country) feeds terrorism and encourages conflict, in one amazing chart.
From here.

Ireland funds the anti-Israel NGO Miftah

Irish Aid uses my tax money to fund the anti-Israel NGO Miftah.
2011 funding summary from here.

Miftah praises the terrorist butcher Dalal Mughrabi.
Google translation.

Ireland funds anti-Israel art

Irish trade unions

Similar to the state abusing the taxpayers by using taxes for anti-Israel purposes, trade unions invariably abuse their position by using members' fees to fund anti-Israel activism.

Ireland's largest trade union, SIPTU, abuses its position by using the fees of its members to pay for anti-Israel agitation and partnership with the oppressive and terrorist Palestinian Authority.
This is an event called "Palestine: A Celebration" hosted by SIPTU and the Palestinian Authority, 17 Sept 2011.

Irish "feminists" ignore sharia on International Women's Day, 8 Mar 2011.
Mags O'Brien (Trade Union Friends of Palestine) and Freda Hughes (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign) express solidarity with Palestinian women. Not against the Islamist oppressors of Hamas (don't be silly). Rather, against the sexually free state of Israel.
These "feminists" have nothing to say about the brutal oppression of women by sharia in Gaza. Or honour killings in Gaza and the West Bank.
Their poster also glorifies terrorism.

Mags O'Brien (Irish trade unionist) expresses the left's delusion that in supporting the Palestinians they are somehow "non-violently" standing for "civil liberties", like the "freedom riders" in 1960s America. This rather ignores the fact that: (a) the Palestinians believe in the most appalling sadistic violence, and: (b) the Palestinians do not believe in civil liberties.
From SIPTU magazine, June 2011.
Martin Luther King would have been unimpressed by this. He was pro-Israel.

SIPTU abuses its position yet again by forcing its members to donate to the anti-Israel Michael D. Higgins' campaign for President in 2011.
From Standards in Public Office Commission report, Feb 2012.

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