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  Barbarism from hell



Re'im music festival massacre

The evil of the left

The final war against Hamas

Hamas massacre of Israelis, 2023

Hamas massacre of Israelis, 7 Oct 2023. An unbelievable security failure. An incredible 2,500 Hamas and other terrorists get across the Gaza border into Israel. They completely overwhelm any local army and police. For up to two days they are in control of Jewish communities, raping and killing. They slaughter at random Jewish men, women and children in the streets and in their homes. They take others as captives into Gaza. An unbelievable disaster. Israel's 9/11.




"If you tolerate this, your children will be next."
Brutal animation depicting the massacre.
From here.

From here.


Barbarism from hell

They machine-gunned families. They raped women and girls. They burned babies and children alive. They beheaded babies.




Children and babies




The raw footage

Israel showed journalists at private viewings some of the killers' raw footage, that is not being released to the public.

Israelis killed on the streets and in their homes.
See confirmation that this photo is from Sderot.
More details: It was a group of pensioners on an organised trip to the Dead Sea.

Nightmare: Israeli woman and her children taken as captives into Gaza, 7 Oct 2023.
This is Shiri Bibas and her children from Nir Oz.
Images from here. See identification here.
See earlier photo. From here.
In late November, there were reports that they were all killed in Gaza.

Noya Dan, a 12 year old girl, a Harry Potter fan.
It was thought she was kidnapped into unimaginable hell by Hamas. J.K. Rowling made a plea for her and the other hostages. How Noya would have been amazed that J.K. Rowling was pleading for her. But sadly all that time she was dead, killed by Hamas, and it took nearly 2 weeks to find and identify her body.

From here. "Itai and Antar, loving parents. ... While her husband fought to keep the terrorists out of the house, Antar hid her twin babies in a press in the shelter. Itai and Antar were murdered, but the babies were found by the Israeli soldiers after 14 hours." See rescuer account.

They machine-gunned babies and toddlers in their cots and in their beds.

From here.
"The terrorists who infiltrated the settlement of Bari entered the babies' rooms, a baby that cried - was shot on the spot. They dragged the children with their parents into the living room there, shot the babies in front of their parents and then murdered the parents one by one."

Two small Israeli children tried to hide in this closet in their home. They were found by Hamas and shot on the spot.
From here.

From here.

From here.

Every single one of these toddlers was executed by Hamas fighters during the massacre. Unbelievable.
From here.
See the floor covered in blood.

"Which side are you on?"
Posted here.




Interviews with rapists


Newspaper investigations




Eyewitness Accounts of Sexual Violence Against Israeli Women on October 7th.
From Kan News.

"Rape is not resistance".




Screams Before Silence documentary (2024).
See clip of one of the rescue workers who found the bodies of girls tied to trees and raped and killed.

IDF compilation of the atrocities.

Israeli girl Naama Levy pictured during the middle of her abuse by Hamas fighters.

Videos of the massacre.

Video: Hamas terrorists executing people in a bomb shelter and shooting people who tried to run away.

"What If It Were You?"


Re'im music festival massacre

The Re'im music festival massacre. Attack on the "Supernova Sukkot" music festival near kibbutz Re'im.

The music festival massacre.
The girl in the thumbnail, Ortal Ben Ayun, was murdered.

The rescuers arrive, and everyone is dead.
He keeps shouting "Is anyone alive?" but gets no answer.
From here.


The evil of the left

The Western left has been an apologist for evil for many decades. But after the Hamas massacre, the left really descended into the depths of hell.

I always wondered how the West would react in a new Holocaust. Now I know. Western leftists would ignore it, make excuses for it, or even cheer it on. Stand up against it? Absolutely not. The left is all about "punching Nazis" until we have actual genocidal Nazis killing Jewish families. Then the left does not give a shit.


How at this point can anyone be interested in the "grievances" of these sadistic killers?
It's like being interested in Hitler's "grievances".

The western left's final disgrace, in 2023.
From here.

The Palestinian way of war.
From here.



The final war against Hamas



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