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The Iraq war after 2003 - The Iraqi "resistance"

  The nature of the "resistance"

Letter from al Zarqawi, 2004

The left's support for the Iraqi resistance

What is the Iraqi resistance?


Iran and Syria's support for the Iraqi resistance

The left's support for Islamic Fascism

The Islamist way of war

The Iraqi "resistance"

Saddam's 30 year tyranny fell in 3 weeks when it came up against the U.S. military and its allies in 2003. Saddam has been captured and executed and his sons have been killed.

Given this stunning record, no "resistance" has the slightest chance of defeating the U.S. military, ending democracy, and restoring tyranny. The resistance can't win an open military fight. They can't win an election (because nobody supports them). So why do they exist?

They exist because of fantasy Islamism. Fantasy jihadi Islamism is a suicidal, messianic belief system that will fight the free countries forever (or at least until Islamism's destruction), because it is in its nature. The chances of success do not seem to matter. They do not seem to care that the vast majority of Iraqis hate the resistance and support the elections. They do not care that 90 percent of Iraqis support U.S. military attacks on the resistance. They do not care that nobody in Iraq wants the totalitarian Islamist state that they are fighting for.

The jihadis are coming to Iraq because this is where the front is in the war on the infidels. It is depressing that these people exist, but maybe this was inevitable. The war had to take place somewhere, and better here than in the streets of America. Islamism will always want to kill the infidels. It is its very nature. If not here, then somewhere else. It will never end, until Islamism is destroyed.

Showing it is everything to do with Islam, and nothing to do with "occupation" or American "crimes", the Iraqi jihad continues long after the Americans have left Iraq.
Suicide bomber blows up truck in primary school playground, Iraq, Oct 2013.

The Iraqi "resistance"

This claims to be a map of every car bomb in Baghdad 2003-2014.
From here. The source is unclear (see discussion at the above link).
But the barbarism of the Iraqi resistance is clear.


The nature of the "resistance"

The killing of Nick Berg

The killing of Nick Berg in 2004 shows the face of the Iraqi "resistance".
Perhaps the defining image of the Iraq War.
This is a war between good and evil, and the left is on the side of evil.
Graphic images here and here and here and here and here.

The killer of Nick Berg was the religious psychopath Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. Justice came calling for him in June 2006.

Letter from al Zarqawi, Jan 2004

The real way to prevent post-war resistance

The left's support for the Iraqi fascist "resistance"

After 9/11, few leftists came out openly in support of the Islamist attacks. As the War on Islamism progressed however, they became bolder. The post-war "resistance" in Iraq by Baathists and Islamists marked the real emergence of the left as open supporters of the Islamist killing.

What is the Iraqi "resistance"?

The leftists above seem confused about what the Iraqi "resistance" actually is. So let us re-cap.

This is the "resistance" that suicide bombs men, women and children in the street, at mosques and at religious processions. It has bombed Shiite Muslim mosques and Christian churches (and here). It randomly kills Shiite Muslims, bombing Muslim mosques, weddings and funerals. It regards Shiite Muslims as infidels to be exterminated. It bombed the famous Shiite Golden Mosque of Samarra and destroyed it. It bombs Muslim pilgrims and shoots Muslim pilgrims coming home from Mecca. It regards Yazidis as infidels to be exterminated.

It kidnaps, tortures and beheads innocent civilians - including journalists and aid workers. It kidnapped and executed the innocent Ken Bigley. It kidnapped and executed the anti-war, lifelong charity worker Margaret Hassan. It targeted (as a westerner) and killed the anti-war activist Marla Ruzicka. It burns people alive while children dance in the streets. It rigged a children's school with explosives.

It is a fascist religious movement which murders innocent Iraqi barbers for cutting men's hair. It executes clowns. It sadistically tortures homosexuals. It bombs football fans. It bombs crowds of children (and here). It cuts the heads off children (and here). It shoots teachers and cuts off their heads in front of terrified primary school children. It pulls Shia school children off buses and executes them. It tortures children with electric drills for having the "wrong" kind of Islam (also here). It cuts the heads off children for the crime of being Christian. It kills, rapes and tortures Mandaeans, including children, for the crime of not being Muslim. It drowns children after killing their fathers. It sets off car bombs with children in the back seat. It beheads and cooks Christian toddlers (and here). It shoots 6 year olds for having the "wrong" kind of Islam. It cuts the heads off the children of villagers. It grabs small children and uses them as cover in suicide bomb attacks. It has a retarded 13-year-old suicide bomber hold the hand of a 3-year-old girl in a suicide bomb attack. It set a 5 year old boy on fire (and here). It tried to set a 4 year old boy on fire in front of his family. It suicide bombs children's playgrounds. It straps bombs to Down's Syndrome women and blows them up in crowds of innocents. It even straps bombs to a Down's Syndrome child and blows them up. It shoots and beheads an entire family of 6 children under 12. It tortures a 6 year old, pulling out his fingernails and teeth.

It has bombed the Red Cross and the United Nations. It kidnapped Red Crescent workers. It has bombed Abu Ghraib prison, killing large numbers of prisoners. It even bombed the anti-war, anti-American Al Arabiya TV. And again. It executed their reporter Atwar Bahjat. It even attacked her funeral.

It breaks all the rules of war. It has contempt for any sense of honour and decency. It wears civilian clothes. It uses civilian vehicles for suicide attacks. It fights from mosques. It hides behind civilians. It uses children in fighting. It fakes surrenders. It tortures and executes POWs. It uses chemical weapons against civilians.

Like all Islamist armies through history, it is sexually perverted and predatory. Its young male soldiers get to have no girlfriends, and no healthy sexual outlets, but believe that the rape of infidel women and girls is part of the spoils of war. It abducts and gang-rapes Iraqi Christian girls for pleasure. It rapes innocent Iraqi women in order to force them into becoming suicide bombers.

It kidnapped the anti-war, anti-American journalist Giuliana Sgrena. It kidnapped the negative, left-wing, anti-war journalist Rory Carroll. It executes Russian diplomats. It kidnapped the anti-war, anti-American, anti-Israel Christian Peacemaker Teams. It not only murdered but actually tortured the anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian leftie activist Tom Fox. In short, leftie peacenik westerners, it hates you and everything you stand for.

It hates Iraqi freedom and wants to stop it. It has killed election workers (also here), attacked polling stations, and suicide bombed lines of voters. It is a sworn enemy of the Iraqi people. It wants to start a civil war in Iraq and wants to destroy its economy and stop its reconstruction.

It seeks to establish an Islamofascist state with no free speech, no freedom of religion, no human rights and no elections. It has no mandate and no popular support. Most Iraqis hate the "resistance" and want to see it destroyed.

This is what these people support. And no one should take anything they say seriously ever again.

A defining image of the Iraq War.
U.S. soldier, Major Mark Bieger, tries to save a little girl killed by the Iraqi resistance, Mosul, May 2005.
Photo by Michael Yon.
See also here and here.


"60 guys from Al Qaeda kidnapped an interpreter's sister. She had a baby boy, 6 months old. They raped her, all 60 guys. Then they cut her to pieces and threw her in the river. They left the 6 month baby boy to sleep in her blood. We found him on a big farm south of Baghdad. All that was left was his legs and his shoes. The dogs ate him. ... These people are like animals who came from another planet."
- Iraqi Interpreter interviewed by Michael J. Totten, August 07, 2007.

"Marines from Golf Company said they recently fished two bodies out of the local river: a man had been decapitated, and his 4-year old tied to his leg before both were thrown into the river and the little boy drowned. The killings were a product of Al Qaeda terror."
- Andrew Lubin, Feb 2007, sums up this war of good versus evil in Iraq.

"a toddler was kidnapped in Baghdad in October 2006. The mother could not afford to pay the ransom, and so the kidnappers killed the child. They returned the body to the mother. The little child had been beheaded, roasted and was served on a mound of rice."
- What the brave mujahideen warriors of the Iraqi resistance do to Iraqi Christians. Report from the Barnabas Fund.

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