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The Israeli wall - Roger Waters


Roger Waters

Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters has a long history of anti-Israel hatred, up to and including support for terrorist "resistance".

Roger Waters on RT in 2021, openly supporting terrorist "resistance" against Israel.
During the 2021 Gaza war, he says: "Some of the inmates of the open prison [Gaza] are trying to fight back in whatever way they can, and occasionally they have resorted to sending homemade rockets across the walls of the prison that contains them. And you can't blame them for that. In fact, they have a moral obligation to resist the occupation by a foreign power of their land."
Jump to 5:00 in this video.
Also here and here.

Pink Floyd are famous for the album The Wall (1979), the song Another Brick in the Wall (1979) and the movie Pink Floyd - The Wall (1982).
Of course, Roger Waters, in his hatred of Israel, has drawn a parallel with the life-saving Israeli wall, which has caused a massive drop in terrorist attacks.
Here in June 2006, Roger Waters spray paints a line from Another Brick in the Wall on the Israeli wall.
"WE DON'T NEED NO THOUGHT CONTROL", he writes, as if that has the slightest relevance to what the Israeli wall is about.

Roger Waters appears at the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in Nov 2012.
He shares the stage with various terrorists and representatives of dictators, including:

  1. The terrorist group Fatah.
  2. The terrorist state of Iran, whose representative reads out a message from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
  3. The tyranny of Djibouti.
  4. The OIC.
  5. The African Union.
  6. The Arab League.
Of course he does not criticise any of these. Instead he criticises the democracy of Israel.

In his fanatic submission to the UN meeting above, Waters compares Israel to Nazi Germany.

Waters supports Palestinian "resistance" against Israel.
He says he does not support rocket launches, since they hit random civilians.
But he supports some imaginary Palestinian jihad which aims at military targets. Of course, such a jihad has never existed, and will never exist.

Roger Waters playing in the oppressive, human-rights-abusing, Islamic state of Dubai in 2007.
No elections. No freedom. But he doesn't care.
He boycotts the liberal democracy of Israel, but look at where he does play:

Typical anti-Israel hypocrite.

From "Roger Waters, Dark Side of The Moron".


The anti-Israel activists Sadaka teamed up with Roger Waters to launch an anti-Israel propaganda pack for Irish schools.

Roger Waters launches an anti-Israel course for Irish school children, Sept 2013.

I asked Sadaka to show me where they condemn Fatah and Hamas violence against Israel.
I kept asking, but all I got was a condemnation of "terrorism" (which could mean anything, for example Israeli action) and attempts to change the subject.
If Sadaka has ever condemned Fatah and Hamas violence, I would be interested. Tell me here.

Holocaust denier "Ruthanasia" says people should follow Sadaka.
From here.

I made this here.
In response to this Sadaka tweet, 16 June 2022.


Sadaka bus ad


A disgusting ad from Sadaka on the side of Dublin buses, May 2019.
It alleges that Israel tortures children.
Shameful that this is allowed.
See full size.


The image used on the bus is from the arrest of teens/children in Hebron on 13 October 2017.
Jump to 2:45.

The teens/children were arrested because they were throwing stones at soldiers.
Why? Because their parents and teachers tell them to throw stones at soldiers.

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