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Modern leftists

The following are best described as opponents of the west. They are some of the leading opponents in the west of American and western power, and opponents of American and western victory against non-western enemies. They appear regularly on my local radio and TV, and in my local newspapers, so I thought I would gather in one place refutations of them. They have every right to speak of course, and it is one of the strengths of the USA, the UK and other democracies that their harshest critics - indeed practically their open enemies - are not only free to speak, but can make a good living by doing so, and even become immensely wealthy doing so (like Michael Moore).

The people below claim to be friends of oppressed people around the world, but in fact they are enemies of the non-western world as well, since they want to stop the spread of western ideas to it, and hence prevent its liberation.

They are baffling people. They talk about human rights, and yet ally with sexist, racist, violent, gay-murdering, human-rights-hating fascists. They come from a long tradition of western support for foreign tyranny. Their central belief seems only to be that America, and Israel, and the white man, must be wrong. All of their decisions are based on that false axiom. As a result, they are enemies of the free countries, friends of third-world tyrants, and enemies of the suffering people all over the world who are forced to live under tyrannies.

What passes for heroism on the left.
Photo of anti-war protest, San Francisco, 15 Mar 2003.

Noam Chomsky

Wrong again and again. His whole life.

Chomsky's sick reaction to 9/11, 12 Sept 2001.
Thousands of innocent people are killed in his own country by fascists, and this is his reaction.
By the second sentence he has changed the topic to how evil America is. He couldn't even get through one paragraph without changing the topic.
A fanatic of a man, consumed with hatred.

Chomsky's support for Hezbollah.

Iran promotes Chomsky.
From Iranian government propaganda site. Since vanished.

Chomsky and linguistics

Chomsky's reputation as a thinker rests on his work in linguistics. My field is Cognitive Science, and many in that field believe Chomsky's reputation will not survive long-term - that he is a figure like Freud.

The central problem is the incompatibility between his ideas and the origin of language (i.e. its gradual evolution from non-language in populations of hominids).

Edward Said

Edward Said's cover implicitly attacks western artists who took an interest in the Orient, such as Jean-Léon Gérôme, who painted The Snake Charmer here.
But it is Edward Said who comes across looking like a bigot, not them.
Ibn Warraq points out the delicious irony that these European "Orientalist" paintings are not despised but are much sought after by wealthy Arabs now. They pay high prices for them - since they are rare portrayals of a lost Middle East. Islam discouraged painting, so often these are the only portrayals of that era.

Michael Moore

Terrorists love Michael Moore

Cartoon from Cox and Forkum (see here).
See Cartoon Use Policy.

Michael Moore, 18 Jan 2015, pisses on the US military again, in the week when the movie American Sniper, about hero Chris Kyle, came out.
His uncle was Herbert Laurence Moore, paratrooper in WW2, killed by a Japanese sniper in the Philippines in 1945.
Michael Moore is pathetic. As if his uncle would agree with his nephew attacking a dead American military hero. More likely, his uncle would be disgusted to have such a nephew.
And "invaders"? His uncle was part of the US invasion of the Philippines to liberate it from Japan.

A mean shot, but he deserves it.
Can't imagine the nephew fighting for the USA under any circumstances!
Apologies to the uncle.

Michael Moore, 19 Jan 2015, yet again defends the enemy - the evil sadists of the Iraqi jihad.
Michael Moore is a truly disgusting human being.

Howard Zinn

John Pilger

Tariq Ali

George Monbiot

Is Monbiot in favour of poverty or against it?

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone spews the propaganda of the 7/7 bombers, Question Time, BBC, Nov 2015.
Livingstone says that the 7/7 bombings are Britain's fault: "they did those killings because of our invasion of Iraq. ... They gave their lives, they said what they believed. They took Londoners' lives in protest against the invasion of Iraq. ... If we hadn't invaded Iraq, those four men would not have gone out and killed 52 Londoners."
In protest against a war? Hundreds of thousands of Brits protested the Iraq War. But not by slaughtering innocent Brits! What kind of psycho protests a war by bombing the tube?
What a revolting man Ken Livingstone is.

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, held a conference in 2007, "A World Civilisation or a Clash of Civilisations?", at which he made the error of inviting his opponents.
So it featured this cracking speech by Douglas Murray.

Tony Benn

Tony Benn had these 5 questions for the powerful.
As Oliver Kamm points out, when Benn met the genocidal dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003, here is the kind of thing he actually asked him: "I have 10 grandchildren ... and for me politics is about their future, their survival. And I wonder whether you could say something yourself directly through this interview to the peace movement of the world that might help to advance the cause they have in mind?"
Saddam the war-mongering butcher was happy to oblige the foolish old man with his puffball questions. Saddam replied: "First of all we admire the development of the peace movement around the world in the last few years. We pray to God to empower all those working against war and for the cause of peace".
As Kamm says: "The five questions didn't come up."

The statist government minister (Tony Benn) shutting down pirate radio in The Boat That Rocked.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Other modern leftists

Hollywood celebrities

I tend not to list actors and musicians on this page, or on my page on the left's long history of praise for tyrants and hostility to democracies. Certainly, one could make a long list of stupid things said by actors and musicians from the 1960s to today. But what is the point? Probably most people think actors and musicians are fairly lightweight thinkers anyway, not to be taken seriously.

Anyway, here's a few bits and pieces, but no exhaustive list.

Sean Penn's character in Team America: World Police (jump to 0:42 here) captures the world of the leftist, "anti-war" celebrity: "Last year, I went to Iraq. Before Team America showed up, it was a happy place. They had flowery meadows and rainbow skies and, and rivers made of chocolate where the children danced and laughed and played with gumdrop smiles."

Artists performing for dictators

Jan 2010: Jennifer Lopez slags off Fox News and Sarah Palin.

June 2013: Jennifer Lopez sings Happy Birthday to the brutal dictator of Turkmenistan for a fee of $1.4 m.

Much-loved Hollywood actors

People like Matt Damon, George Clooney, John Cusack, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone are well known for radical leftism. You know what you're getting with them.

But then there are much-loved actors like Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman. For years they seemed perfectly reasonable. And then they come out with some stuff that makes you realise what is going on inside their heads.

Morgan Freeman, Sept 2011, is shocked that Republicans want a Democrat President to only serve one term. He says it must be racist!
What the hell does he expect? That the Republicans will support a Democrat to be re-elected?
Saying the Tea Party is "racist" is pathetic and boring. 23 percent of tea partiers are something other than white Anglos. (Whereas 25 percent of Americans are something other than white Anglos.)
When asked to explain exactly what is wrong with the Tea Party, he is completely incoherent: "It just shows the weak, dark, underside of America. We're supposed to be better than that. We really are. That's why all those people were in tears when Obama was elected president." What is he on about? Is he drunk?
It turns out that the wise and noble Morgan Freeman - the voice of Mandela and the American President and the noble prisoner and God and God - is a political idiot.
See transcript.

In contrast to useful idiots like Sean Penn, Jude Law understands what this struggle is all about. He visits Afghanistan and complains about the media's reporting: "It stuns me and appalls me that the media in the west only report bloodshed, murder, the violence. Because I met people over there, reconstructing, with incredible pride and hope. And little girls who had been shot at by Taliban going to school the next day because they wanted to, to be teachers and doctors. That's really, really moving stuff and real stuff and that should be reported." Good for him. How unusual in Hollywood.

Gary Sinise also understands the war. He co-founded Operation Iraqi Children, which helps the U.S. military distribute school supplies in Iraq. He formed a band, the "Lt. Dan Band", to entertain the troops in Iraq. He visits them, speaks to them, and tells them he supports their mission.
On a typical encounter in Iraq: "It was hot, Iraq hot when we stopped at a check point ... Gary began speaking with a soldier through the window and soon we were all standing outside so he could have his picture taken with him and a few of his buddies. Soon there were at least fifty guys around him and he greets each one as he always does. ... As we are about to get into the vehicle we hear the guys yelling and in the distance is one more soldier. He is dressed in full battle-rattle humping as fast as he can in this unbearable heat to get to Gary before he leaves. ... Gary without hesitation stopped and waited and he greeted this young man as if he was the first man in line, full of enthusiasm and appreciation. When we did finally get into the vehicle I mentioned to Gary how I observe how he makes each and every man or woman feel special and appreciated, he paused in thought before answering, as he often does, and then says with a heavy heart, 'It's because we don't know what the next hour holds for them. As tired as I might get sometimes, and I do, it is nothing compared to what they go through day-after-day with the price they are so readily willing to pay.'"

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