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People Before Profit

People Before Profit (PBP) and the linked groups the Irish "Anti-War" Movement (IAWM) and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) are probably the main supporters of the global jihad in Ireland, more than any Islamic group.

Like many Marxists, they think jihadists are part of the "resistance" to the Western order, and so jihad will somehow help "liberate" the world.


Richard Boyd Barrett (PBP) and an anti-Israel mob chant outside the Israeli Embassy, Dublin, 8 June 2010.
How pathetic to support totalitarians against a democracy.

Myself and Carlow "People Before Profit" exchange, ahem, different views about the merits of Richard Boyd Barrett.

Richard Boyd Barrett (PBP) reads out Iranian fake quote in the Dail, 9 June 2015.
Boyd Barrett says: "This is the Defence Minister, Moshe Ya'alon, talking just a couple of weeks ago: "Israel is going to hurt Lebanese civilians to include kids of the family. We went through a very long discussion. We did it then. We did it in the Gaza Strip. We are going to do it in any round of hostilities in the future.""
In reality, this is an Iranian fake quote.

Support for jihad against Israel:
Gino Kenny, People Before Profit TD, says in May 2021: "Palestinians have every right to resist the occupation. This is nothing new. ... Palestinian resistance is very legitimate."


John Lyons

Councillor John Lyons of PBP is an appalling extremist.
He praises the democidal Soviet Union. And he claims the democracy of Israel is a "genocidal state".


John Lyons, 10 Oct 2015, openly supports Palestinian terror attacks against Israel: "Socialists fully support the right of the oppressed to defend themselves and to fight back."

John Lyons claims that Israel is a "genocidal state".

The world's slowest genocide.
From here.

John Lyons, 6 Feb 2017, praises the democidal Soviet Union, which killed 4 million people in 1917-24.

A comical tweet by John Lyons, 21 June 2018.
In the Gaza border riots, jihadis are sending bombs by balloon into Israel. They have messages like "I love you" to appeal to children, in the hope that children pick them up and get killed. And this idiot thinks they are really messages of love!
He was so embarrassed by the feedback that he deleted the tweet. But he will carry on attacking Israel from his position of ignorance.
See full size. Captured here.


Hugh Lewis

Councillor Hugh Lewis (PBP) commends Hamas for "resisting imperialism".
From Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council meeting, 11 Oct 2010.

Hugh Lewis was on the Irish ship of useful idiots and jihad supporters in the Gaza Flotilla II in June-July 2011.

Conor Reddy


Conor Reddy of PBP promoting jihad terrorism, Sept 2021.
He posted this celebration after 6 Palestinian prisoners escaped from an Israeli jail.
5 of the 6 are Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
The other is an Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades leader responsible for suicide bombings of Jews.
This is what PBP stands for.
Conor Reddy blocked me as soon as I posted this.

Conor Reddy is open about his support for jihad terrorism.
With reference to actual jihad terrorists, he says: "Those who resist are right to, more power to them."
This is a follow-on to the above post. He is actually talking about Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.

  1. He claims to be "anti-racist".
  2. He applauds racist terrorists that target random Jews.


Sami El-Sayed

Sami El-Sayed is a young PBP activist.
He says he is "an atheist of a Muslim background".
He has found a home in PBP, the most pro-Islamist and pro-jihadist group in Ireland.
Can you explain how that works? I cannot.


Sami El-Sayed says Israel has no right to exist, Oct 2018.
From here.

His hatred of Israel was noticed in this article.
He responds, Feb 2019, and says yes, he thinks Israel has no right to exist.

Sami El-Sayed calls me "scummy human garbage", May 2018.
He is angry because I said that: "Gazans should abandon 'the struggle' and pursue money, family and life."
What is wrong with the Marxist brain that saying that makes them call you "scummy human garbage"?

Sami El-Sayed calls me a "proven liar", Oct 2017.
"Proven" inside his addled Marxist brain.
I blocked him because of this kind of behaviour.
"cllrmobrien" is now former Councillor Michael O'Brien.


UCD student article


Sami El-Sayed with some bizarre distortions of my views in an article in the UCD student paper, 22 Oct 2021.


Hamas massacre of Israelis, Oct 2023

In response to the barbaric Hamas massacre of Israelis in Oct 2023, when terrorists killed Jewish men, women and children in the streets and in their homes, People Before Profit expressed solidarity with the killers.
On the topic of the rights of Jews to live, People Before Profit is Ireland's Nazi party.

Open support for the mass killing of Jews from Gerry Carroll of People Before Profit.

Open support for the mass killing of Jews from Conor Reddy of People Before Profit.

Open support for the mass killing of Jews from Darragh Adelaide of People Before Profit.

Open support for Hamas from Una Dunphy of People Before Profit in Feb 2024.

After Palestinians kill Jews - men, women, children, entire families - in the greatest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, Richard Boyd Barrett says Palestinians "have every right to resist".


Richard Boyd Barrett says Israel has no right to self-defence. Nov 2023.
"Does a state that is built on ethnic cleansing have the right to self-defence? No! Does a regime based on apartheid have the right to self-defence? No! ... But who does have the right to self-defence? The Palestinian people have the right to resist and fight back!"

Ireland's Nazi party, People Before Profit, 11 Oct 2023, defends the taking of Jewish civilian hostages to rape and torture.


Open support for the mass killing of Jews from Brigid Purcell of People Before Profit.
During the massacre of Jewish men, women and children, she tweets that: "Palestinian resistance is beautiful, it's inspiring and it's legitimate."
Not only a celebration of rape and murder of Jews. But done in a cutesy "Halloween" style with emojis. "Boo-rigid Curse-ll". How hilarious! While women and children are being raped and burnt alive.
Has any Irish person ever posted anything so sick in my lifetime?

If you asked me what is the sickest thing said by any Irish human being since WW2, I would say it is what Brigid Purcell of People Before Profit said on the day of the massacre.

Terrorist flags after the massacre

After the barbaric Hamas massacre of Israelis in Oct 2023, People Before Profit organised marches in solidarity with the butchers of Jews.
PFLP terrorist flags were carried in these marches.

PFLP terrorist flag at a People Before Profit march in Dublin, Mon 9 Oct 2023, before all the bodies of Jews have even been found.
From here.

The PFLP actually took part in the massacre.
From here.
See their statement on the day.

Another PFLP video of their participation in the massacre.
From here.


PFLP terrorist flags at a People Before Profit march in Dublin on 11 Oct 2023.
Richard Boyd Barrett spoke at this march.

Genocidal chants and terrorist flags from a hate-filled crowd marching for "Palestine" in Dublin, 14 Oct 2023.
After the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, they don't care.
They call for more genocide of Jews ("intifada revolution", "from the river to the sea") and they carry the flags of the PFLP terrorist group, which helped carry out the massacre.

PFLP flag in the Palestine march in Cork, 14 Oct 2023.

"I didn't see the Jew-killing terrorist flags at the march"
- All the anti-Israel idiots marching in Dublin on 14 Oct 2023.
Em, they were high up on a wall with flares.
From here. See other shot.

Richard Boyd Barrett speaking in front of the PFLP flags, 14 Oct 2023.
One week after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, he screams abuse at Israel, while standing with the flags of some of the people who slaughtered the Jewish families.
Posted here.


On 7 Oct 2023, the world changed forever.
Boyd Barrett and the rest might as well stay home now.
There was no chance Israel was going to listen to them before.
There is no chance in hell Israel will listen to them now.
This is Never Again, right here, right now.

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