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The Irish left and Israel - Anti Imperialist Action Ireland

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland

"Anti Imperialist Action Ireland" (AIAI) are a group of Irish communists who hate Israel so much they support terrorism against the Jews.

It may be wrong to give such a group any attention, but they illustrate the logical end point of the Irish left's hatred of Israel. Also, they are welcome on the more mainstream left's Palestine marches, where they proudly march with terrorist flags and no one says anything.


"Anti Imperialist Action Ireland" (AIAI), Oct 2022, declares their support for racist Jihad against the Jews.

"Anti Imperialist Action Ireland" (AIAI), Nov 2022, are putting up posters in Co.Westmeath and Co.Meath calling for the killing of Jews.

The scum of the AIAI support the Hamas-led massacre of Jews - men, women, children, entire families.
Posted on the day of the massacre, 7 Oct 2023.

AIAI scum march in Dublin, 10 Oct 2023, in support of the massacre of Jews three days earlier.
Note the PFLP terrorist flag. From AIAI.
They carried the PFLP flag the next day too.

People put up posters in Dublin of the 200 Jews (including women and children) who were kidnapped by Hamas and taken into Gaza for rape and torture.
AIAI ripped them down.
The Irish Jew-haters describe the small Jewish children abducted by jihadis after their mothers were raped and killed as "prisoners captured by the Palestinian Resistance". AIAI are not just edgy. They are evil antisemitic racists.

An example of the posters that the evil racists of AIAI ripped down.
These are 3 year old twins Emma and Yuli Cunio, abducted from Kibbutz Nir Oz by Hamas terrorists.
To the racists of AIAI, Jewish children are not human beings and have no rights.
For more posters of the hostages, see #BringThemHome.

Ireland's Jew-hating Nazi Party, AIAI, talks about: "settlements which were captured by the Palestinian Resistance on October 7th".

"Jewish settlements which were captured by the Germanic Resistance" - AIAI in rural Ukraine in 1942.

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