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Sharia law in the UK

Islamist terror in the UK


Islam in Ireland

Islam in the UK

Islamic terror attacks on the UK began in 1969. It is hard to see how they will ever end.

Stories of British ex-Muslims.
BBC Newsnight, Nov 2013.
The ideal future for Britain is not one in which immigrants cling to their ancestors' beliefs, but rather one in which immigrants become more British, which will involve large numbers of them losing their faith, and the remaining believers being tolerant of that.
As Ed West says: "the ideal for British social cohesion would be for lots of Muslims (and Hindus and Sikhs) to become atheists, agnostics or very wishy-washy Anglicans."

Opinion polls

Young British Muslims are more Islamist, not less

"England is a cesspit. England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist Muslims."
- Shocking words from Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, angry at the radicalisation of the Nigerian Flight 253 bomber while he was a student in Britain.
Reported 3 Feb 2010. Image from here.
He may exaggerate, but what is the world coming to when foreign intellectuals complain about the jihad being exported from England? (He's not the only one.)

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)

Azzam Tamimi declares his support for Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas.
The disgusting freaks of Neturei Karta look on.
Tamimi calls for the elimination of Israel.
"anybody in the world, with faith or without faith, must come together in order to eradicate this cancer from the body of humanity. ... Do you know why Tony Blair, George Bush, and all the members of this camp are so worried? They are worried because they know the world can see clearly today that Israel is a menace, is a threat to humanity. They can no longer fool anybody and they are worried that this spoiled baby of theirs is about to be thrown out of this human body of ours. It is just a matter of time. ... This black chapter in the history of humanity will eventually come to an end"

Hilarious splicing of Azzam Tamimi in the speech above with Azzam Tamimi pretending to be moderate with a credulous NPR host.
Splicing by Dan Sytman.

Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPAC UK)

The Islamic "Human Rights" Commission (IHRC)

Lord Ahmed

Tory-supporting British Muslims


Bill Maher's takedown of Aki Nawaz comes about 80 percent of the way through Religulous.
Click to play part 1 and part 2.

Actual moderate Muslims in the UK

The Quilliam Foundation

The Quilliam Foundation (of anti-extremist Muslims) is a mixed bag. They bravely name names on the many Islamists and jihadists in the UK. They stood up to sharia by tweeting a Mohammed cartoon. But there are some problematic things about them.

The worst thing I've seen about Quilliam:
Quilliam's 2008 "About Us" page promoted Islamic extremist Ali Gomaa.
They have since replaced it with a new "About Us" page, and they don't promote any of Ali Gomaa's repellent ideas.

The best thing I've seen about Quilliam:
Maajid Nawaz stands up to sharia and bravely tweets a "Jesus and Mo" cartoon on 12 Jan 2014 and 17 Jan 2014.
He receives a storm of abuse and death threats.
He deserves serious respect for this.


Maajid Nawaz goes mad

The Quilliam Foundation list of Islamists

The Quilliam Foundation, in a leaked 2010 report, provide a useful list of UK Islamists:

Extract follows.

Islamist influenced groups, mosques and media outlets

These are a selection of the various groups and institutions active in the UK which are broadly sympathetic to Islamism. Whilst only a small proportion will agree with al-Qaeda's tactics, many will agree with their overall goal of creating a single 'Islamic state' which would bring together all Muslims around the world under a single government and then impose on them a single interpretation of sharia as state law. Local and central government should be wary of engagement with these groups as it risks empowering proponents of the ideology, if not the methodology, that is behind terrorism.

Militant Islamist groups:

  1. Al-Muhajiroun and various front groups.
Revolutionary Islamist groups:
  1. Hizb ut-Tahrir
  2. Hittin Institute
Political / entry-level Islamist groups:
  1. Groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood:
    1. Muslim Council of Britain
    2. Muslim Association of Britain
    3. Federation of Student Islamic Societies
    4. Cordoba Foundation
    5. Scottish Islamic Foundation
    6. Finsbury Park mosque
    7. Muslim Welfare House
    8. British Muslim Initiative

  2. Groups associated with Jamaat-e-Islami:
    1. Islamic Forum Europe
    2. Da'watul Islam
    3. Birmingham Central Mosque
    4. Muslim Safety Forum (disgracefully, this Islamist group advises the UK Police on issues concerning British Muslims)
    5. East London mosque
    6. Islamic Foundation / Markfield Institute
    7. UK Islamic Mission

  3. Other Islamist groups:
    1. iEngage
    2. Islam Channel
    3. Islamic Human Rights Commission

Wahhabist influenced groups and mosques

  1. Al-Maghrib Institute
  2. Tayyibun Institute
  3. Strategy To Reach Empower & Educate Teenagers (STREET)
  4. Green and Chambers consulting
  5. Siraat
  6. World Association of Muslim Youth
  7. Al-Muntada Al-Islami Trust
  8. Green Lane mosque
  9. Brixton mosque
  10. Regents Park mosque
  11. Leyton mosque
  12. Goodge St mosque
  13. Luton Central mosque
  14. Lewisham Islamic Centre

Extremist Islamists in the UK


Britain is becoming less hospitable to the fascist enemies of Britain


Jack Letts

The (very catchy) "Dirty Kuffar" (2004) by British fascists "Sheikh Terra" and the "Soul Salah Crew".
Great fun, but seriously, everyone involved in this video should be expelled, not just from Britain, but from the West entirely.
Almost every Briton agrees with me.

Islamofascists march for sharia in London, Mar 2011.
All these people should be deported.

This kind of thing is almost as unpleasant as outright jihadism:
British Muslim rapper "Ambassador" in his song "Terrorist" says all Islamic terror attacks were "inside jobs". Including 9/11, 7/7, Boston and Woolwich.
This passive-aggressive bullshit is a way for Islamic extremists to avoid condemning Islamic terror while subtly threatening Westerners.

CAGE (formerly Cageprisoners)


Asim Qureshi of CAGE supports jihad around the world: "When we see the example of our brothers and sisters fighting in Chechnya, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, then we know where the example lies. When we see Hezbollah defeating the armies of Israel, we know where the solution is and where the victory lies. We know that it is incumbent upon all of us, to support the jihad of our brothers and sisters in these countries when they are facing the oppression of the West."

I am blocked by these jihadi apologists on Twitter.
I never even interacted with them!

Sharia law in the UK

Islamist terror in the UK

The future

Islamism will be defeated, humiliated, and thrown in the dustbin of history in the next few decades. The West has seen off far greater threats than some know-nothing medieval religious revival.

The defeat of Islamism will be a great day, above all, for Muslims in the West, who will no longer be feared as a possible fifth column.

Over the next century, Islam in the West will mutate in the same way Christianity did. It will become far more tolerant and more diverse. As with Christianity, traditionalists will still exist, but they will no longer threaten violence. As with Christianity, Islamic and post-Islamic scholars will arise who question the existence of Allah, the origin of the Quran, the morality of Muhammad and even his existence. Millions of Muslims will become secular, apostates and atheists.

In the end, the idea of the West, the idea of reason, curiosity and human freedom, will prove stronger than either Christianity or Islam, or any religion.

Wonderful anti-Islamist demo, Oct 2009, from British Muslims for Secular Democracy.
"Freedom! Democracy!"
"Free Speech Will Dominate The World."
"Liberal Democracy Will Rule The World. Freedom Is Here To Stay."

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