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  The left denies that the wall ended the violence

The absurd analogy with the Berlin Wall

Robin Gunningham ("Banksy")

Roger Waters

The Israeli wall has ended the intifada

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BlueStarPR points out that the wall will vanish as soon as the threat vanishes.
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The left denies that the wall ended the violence

Leftists - who never opposed the intifada in the first place - now argue that the wall did not stop the intifada.

Their theory is that, by pure coincidence, the jihadis decided to stop killing Jews. What a stroke of luck!


Israel-hater Gary Spedding has called for me to be sacked for defending Israel.
Here he argues that the Israeli wall did not stop violence. So Israel should take the wall down.
Of course the idea that Israelis should take security advice from someone like Spedding is comical.

The absurd analogy with the Berlin Wall

Cartoon by Scott Stantis, Birmingham News, Alabama.

The kind of tossers who complain about Israeli walls and checkpoints are exactly the kind of people who were ambivalent about the violence that led to the construction of those walls and checkpoints.

Robin Gunningham ("Banksy")

British graffiti artist "Banksy" (real name Robin Gunningham) has long had a hostility towards the life-saving Israeli wall.

Banksy painted this on the Israeli wall in 2005.
From here.
I must say I like his art, but this makes no sense on the wall. It would have made a lot of sense in East Berlin, but makes no sense here.
The children are being kept out of paradise, but the people to blame are the children's own families and community. Paradise (Israel) would be happy to let them in if they did not threaten them. If they were willing to be peaceful neighbours, they could visit Israel any time. They would also be a lot richer, as well as freer, and happier. It is their own addiction to violence that keeps them trapped behind a wall.
Why not paint suicide bombers trying to dig through the wall so they can kill children playing with buckets and spades on the other side?
Why not paint Palestinians building the wall themselves to keep themselves out of Israel?

Banksy home page in Dec 2006 shows Joseph and Mary stopped by the Israeli wall.
Rather ignoring the inconvenient truth that no Jew could go to Bethlehem today because of Islamic Jew-hatred.
Joseph and Mary would be killed if they went to Bethlehem today.

Irish left-wing politician Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has this drivel as his Twitter background.

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