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The Irish left and Israel - Brendan Ciaran Browne

Brendan Ciaran Browne

Brendan Ciaran Browne is a Professor of Conflict Resolution at the TCD Irish School of Ecumenics.
He has a particular hatred of Israel.
And interestingly, given his job, he has a particular hatred of peace with Israel.


The Irish School of Ecumenics, 8 June 2018, promotes a one-sided article by Brendan Ciaran Browne bashing Israel.
That doesn't seem very "ecumenical" to me. Surely the whole point of ecumenics is to see both sides, not just one side.
Crucial to Irish conflict resolution in the Troubles was recognising and addressing the concerns of both sides, not just one side. Amazing that the Irish School of "Ecumenics" can't see that in the Middle East.

Another article about Gaza by Browne, 11 June 2018.
Professor of "conflict resolution" writes entire article about Gaza border conflict without ever suggesting that the Hamas mobs stop attacking the border.


"No justice, no peace."
Sums up the attitude of "conflict resolution" people to an 80 year conflict in which there has been no peace.
In other words, seek victory and keep the conflict going for decades. Do not compromise and end the conflict.
Here Brendan Ciaran Browne reacts on 24 July 2021 to the death of Muhammad al-Tamimi when attacking IDF troops.
How about suggesting that youths like Muhammad al-Tamimi stop attacking IDF troops? How about calling for an end to conflict? No, that would not excite the Western "conflict resolution" person.

In March-April 2022, there was an appalling series of terrorist attacks on Jews in Israel, on 22 March and 27 March and 29 March and 7 April.
The "conflict resolution" man at TCD, Brendan Ciaran Browne, reframes the racist murder of random Jews as "resistance", 8 Apr 2022.
He says that to stop racists killing random Jews, we should give the racists what they want.
"Conflict resolution" people are some of the worst people in the West.

Tweet of 5 July 2023 from Brendan Ciaran Browne.
The "martyrs" and "resistance" he is supporting in Jenin that week is entirely made up of Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters.
The enthusiasm here for entirely unnecessary sectarian violence is appalling.
He is literally the opposite of a "conflict resolution" guy.

I've worked out what the solution is.


Getting to the debating table

The first stage in getting any "conflict resolution" person to give up their support for conflict is to get them to the debating table.

With Brendan Ciaran Browne this is difficult.


I copied Browne on one tweet in June 2018 in response to his 11 June 2018 article above and he blocked me without any debate.

Hamas massacre of Israelis, Oct 2023


Jesus Christ Almighty.
In response to the barbaric Hamas massacre of Israelis in Oct 2023, when terrorists killed over 1,000 Jewish men, women and children in the streets and in their homes, this sick Irish academic posted solidarity with the terrorists.


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