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End communism!
Democracy now in China!


Communist China has denied human rights to all Chinese since 1949, looted their culture, and starved and killed tens of millions of Chinese.

The modern version of the dictatorship has focused on making China wealthier rather than on the doctrine of communism, and that is positive. Much better for a dictatorship to try to make products the world wants than for it to have an ideology it wants to spread (USSR).

But we are still waiting for this new wealth to translate into a middle class movement for civil liberties and human rights. Don't Chinese people want to be free like Japanese people? China needs a glasnost, and I hope I live to see it. The communist party should end, and be replaced with democracy, free speech, and freedom of religion.

The resting place of evil.
Mao's tomb, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.
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20th century Chinese democide

The butchers who ran communist China killed tens of millions of innocent humans - men, women and children.

The monster Mao may be the greatest mass killer of all time.

Almost nothing has been done in China to come to terms with this democide, and many books about it are still banned.

The Chinese butchers

Mao as a sperm.
Cracking ad for DocMorris Pharmacies condoms in Germany, 2009, showing how they could prevent undesirable pregnancy.
Other ads showed Bin Laden and Hitler sperm.
Sadly, the advertising agency apologised to China for insulting the dead butcher of Chinese.

Sick and depraved:
As at 2016, the Department of Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of Victoria, Canada, is giving awards "in memory of the late Mao Tse-Tung".
From here as at March 2016.

The massacre at Tiananmen Square, 1989


The famous video of "Tank Man", the anonymous pro-democracy freedom fighter trying to block the tanks of the unelected and illegitimate dictatorship.
See YouTube search.

Human rights

Forced population control

Freedom of religion

Freedom of speech

The album Chinese Democracy by Guns N' Roses is banned in China.

The Onion's sharp comment on communist China's endless quest for respectability, such as through hosting the 2008 Olympics.


Communist China, like all communist states, are ruthless imperialists.

Hong Kong



"Holier Than Thou" (2005) by Penn and Teller takes on the Dalai Lama.

"Capitalist" China

Internet censorship

Google China

China Launches First Willing Manned Mission Into Space (or here).
The Onion brilliantly takes on China's oppressive government.
Chinese citizen: "They didn't need to use attack dogs to get him into the spacecraft. We have come very far."
Presenter: "The space program was initially designed to rid the nation of dissidents, but the program was re-imagined as a scientific endeavour when it was discovered that beating people to death was far more cost-effective."

"The Chinese regime .. shows many signs of instability. The inherent contradiction between its dictatorial rule and its desire for economic growth so preoccupies the Beijing government that it feels compelled to crack down even on non-political semi-religious sects like the Falun Gong. The United States and the West can either make it easier or more difficult for the People's Republic of China to resolve these contradictions. Our policy in this instance ought to be the latter, so that we can hasten the day when the conflicting currents of Chinese society prove beyond the capacity of its dictatorial government to manage."
- Robert Kagan and William Kristol, in the founding neo-con text National Interest and Global Responsibility, 2000.

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