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  A bleak view of human nature

Europeans fall for this narrative more than Americans

Anti-western "resistance" appeals to leftists

Terrorism works: The Palestinians kill civilians - and the world loves them.

The "poor" attacking the "rich"

The belief that suicide bombers are "desperate"

Peter Ferguson

  The left's support for Islamism

The left's support for the Palestinians

The Irish left's support for the Palestinians

Human rights under Palestinian rule

Why do people support the Palestinians?
(Sunday Times article)

Why do people support the Palestinians?

If it is clear to me that every liberal believer in democracy and human rights should broadly support Israel - and be broadly hostile to the Palestinians - why does the world not see it that way? Why does the world support violent, intolerant, racist, Islamic religious fanatics who are fighting to set up a tribal Islamic state in which there will be no democracy and no human rights?

It seems the Palestinians have hit all the right buttons:

  1. They are (allegedly) the "third world" fighting "imperialists" - a cause many people will support no matter what kind of "imperialism" is being attacked, and with no thought to what kind of state the "third world" rebels are fighting to establish.

  2. They are (allegedly) "non-whites" fighting "whites". The modern left, which is still in the racist world, cares primarily about crimes by "whites" or "people like us". It cares little about crimes by "non-whites". As I have argued elsewhere, this looks like anti-white racism, but is in fact just another form of anti-non-white racism, treating non-whites as if they are not adults responsible for their actions. Not criticising Palestinians or other "third world" or "non-white" peoples does not show how enlightened you are. It shows how racist you are.

    Of course, to think of this conflict as "non-whites" versus "whites" is actually nonsense. Israelis comes from all over the world, including all over the Middle East (from which they were expelled), and including places like Ethiopia. But for racists the world over (which includes most of the western left), all Israelis are honorary "whites".

  3. They are (allegedly) the "poor" fighting the "rich". The fact that it is their own fault that they are poor, and the fact that the Israelis deserve all of their wealth because they have worked hard to create it, is neither here nor there.

  4. They are fighting against Jews - always a popular target throughout history. The world has not changed that much. Prejudices don't die overnight. After Auschwitz, the world should have changed forever. But it didn't. After the industrial gassing of Jewish families, anti-semitism should have ended forever. But it didn't.

    If Israel was ever defeated by its Islamic enemies, and a second Holocaust began, much of the Islamic world would cheer the end of the hated Israel, and ignore, minimise or even cheer the second Holocaust. The western left would explain how the Jews were responsible, for having generated such hatred. The EU and UN would hem and haw and do nothing. Only America and Britain and a few others would try to stop it. How can anyone doubt the above would be the case.

  5. They are Muslim, giving them a sympathetic constituency of 1 billion people. Muslims tend to sympathise with Muslims engaged in conflict with non-Muslims worldwide. Christians aren't like this. For example, the genocide of Christians in the Sudan is generally a matter of indifference to western Christians, who are interested in other issues. See the silence of the Archbishop of Canterbury on the topic of the persecution of third world Christians.

    If the Palestinians were Christian, nobody would support them. Certainly the Islamic world wouldn't. And if they were fundamentalist Christian, the western left would despise them - and probably even support the Israelis. But, for some reason, fundamentalist Islam is alright with the western left.

  6. They are incredibly violent and barbaric, with savage attacks against the most defenceless of civilians, such as children. Due to the strange nature of humans, this gets them more support, not less. If they engaged in peaceful protest, nobody in the world would pay them much attention. But no one can ignore young people who suicide bomb restaurants and shoot toddlers.

    The Palestinians are not the most oppressed people on the planet. Far from it. There are dozens of far more oppressed peoples and hundreds of more worthwhile causes in the world. What is special about the Palestinians is that they are the most violent and barbaric of all (allegedly) "oppressed" peoples on the planet. Hence - due to the strange nature of humans - they get more attention and more support worldwide.

  7. They are fighting a democracy. A democracy gives open access to journalists and is a nice comfortable place for them to report from (good hotels, shops, restaurants, Internet access, etc.). Also, the journalist can attack the democracy in print as much as he likes without fear. By contrast, non-democracies allow little or no access, facilities are primitive and unpleasant, and journalists live in fear of arrest or even death. Hence, lots of journalists in Israel. Hardly any in the Sudan or North Korea. Hence, a war against a democracy will be covered in a lot more detail than a war against a non-democracy. Hence, the democracy will be criticised for its (minor) crimes a lot more than non-democracies committing really serious crimes. Israel gets more criticism than even countries that commit large-scale genocide.

  8. They are fighting a democracy. A non-democracy would simply exterminate or ethnically cleanse them, and the conflict would soon come to an end and be forgotten by everyone except historians. Who in the world talks about the Armenians now? Or even Bangladesh or Biafra? Most young people have never even heard of these - just as Rwanda will soon be forgotten. But a democracy like Israel cannot simply exterminate its enemy and end the conflict. It has to be far more restrained, and so the conflict goes on and on for years.

Palestinians believe in sharia law and the death penalty for atheism.
What a sordid, worthless cause "Free Palestine" is.

Leila Khaled shirt on sale to hip youngsters at a Swedish store.
The Palestinian cause has become cool to young western people, despite the fact that the Palestinians are fighting for oppression and against freedom.

The real imperialism in the world today.
The jihad's plans to crush half of the Old World under its heel.
The left are on the side of the imperialists.
Image circulating on jihadi social networks as at 2013. See here.

A bleak view of human nature

This list of reasons explains - if you accept my bleak view of human nature - why the world supports the Palestinians, of all peoples, when there are hundreds of more worthwhile causes in the world.

The left's disgusting support for third-world religious fundamentalists.
If you cloak yourself in some "anti-imperialist" bullshit, the left will support you no matter what you stand for - even if you stand for killing gays and atheists.
Here, Irish gays march along with the flag of Hamas in hatred of Israel, the only country in the Middle East with gay rights.
These particular useful infidel idiots are Labour LGBT (Ireland).


Europeans fall for this narrative more than Americans

It should be noted that Europeans fall for this whole narrative more easily than Americans do. Americans are smarter than Europeans when it comes to the Middle East.

2014-15 poll of Americans.
From here.

Anti-western "resistance" appeals to western leftists

Two pictures sum up young western leftists' naive support for anti-western violence:

International Solidarity Movement members pose with Palestinian terrorists, summer 2006.
Holding guns are ISM volunteers from Sweden (lives in Ireland) and Scotland.
Standing on right is an Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorist.
Pictures from a infiltrator.
Full explanation in The ISM-Terror Connection by Lee Kaplan, September 13, 2006.

ISM volunteers from Ireland and Denmark standing holding guns.
Centre is the infiltrator (who risked torture and a horrible death if he was uncovered here) and a Palestinian "policeman" (i.e. terrorist).

People who attack the parliamentary democracy of Israel for alleged "human rights" abuses often turn out to be surprising enthusiasts for genuine dictatorships.
This is someone called "joe_n1nety" declaring his love for Putin's crushing of Russian democracy.

The same guy promotes fake quotes from Nazi sites.

Terrorism works: The Palestinians try to kill civilians - and the world loves them.

Incredibly, the Islamist way of war does not bring universal condemnation. Incredibly, the more brutal the Palestinians are, the more popular they are. The more indiscriminately they kill utterly innocent Israeli women and children, the more they are supported on western campuses, in demos and in the western media. It is very mysterious, and indicates the truth of my bleak view of human nature.

The Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing of 2001.
If Palestinians were not so violent and barbaric, westerners would not support them so much.
From This Ongoing War.

The "poor" attacking the "rich"

Many of the haters of western freedom claim they represent the "impoverished" of the earth, and their killers represent an attack on the "rich" of the west, who, in this bizarre world view, apparently "exploit" them. The black reality, of course, is that the leaders of the killers are often immensely rich, while their people are poor and unfree not because of the west but because of their own leaders.

Gaza 2011.
Life expectancy in Gaza is higher than life expectancy in Turkey, Egypt, Iran or Pakistan.

Funny tweet, 11 Dec 2012, from the satirical This is Palestine sums up the world we live in.
Why do people support the Palestinians, when it is such a worthless cause, most of the money is stolen, and there are so many more worthwhile causes in the world.

Another good one.
Palestinians use violence as their first resort. They never try anything else.


The belief that suicide bombers are "desperate"

Many westerners, knowing nothing about the jihad, try to impose western concepts on it. So they think a suicide bomber must be "desperate" or unhappy in some way. They only show how little they understand the enemy fighters.

Many people in the world are desperate, impoverished and oppressed. Very few of them decide to slaughter innocents as a result. It does not remotely logically follow from the previous.

In reality, of course, jihadi fighters are fighting a war, and using suicide as a tactic of war.


ThisIsPalestine sums up the idiot view that Palestinian suicide bombers are "desperate".

Suicide bombers in the intifada in Israel were not "desperate", as know-nothing leftists said.
They were and are enemy fighters, full of hatred and racism.
And now what has started in Israel has come to Europe.
But the Paris suicide bombers are not "desperate". They are evil. Their suicide is not a cry for help. It is a tactic of war.

Peter Ferguson and the appeal of primitive Palestinian tribalism to Westerners

Many secular and atheist Westerners who claim to be "rational" about religion can still get seduced by the primitive talk of Islamic land, blood and honour. It somehow has psychological appeal to some Westerners.

The Irish atheist Peter Ferguson ("Humanisticus") is a good example. The Islamic talk of land, blood, struggle and revenge means something to him. Whereas he would simply despise Christians talking the same way.


Western atheist Peter Ferguson arrives on this thread in July 2014 with the above idiotic comment.
And it soon gets worse.

A Western atheist is worried that the wrong people are living on "Islamic land".
From the above thread.

He thinks Gazans should not pursue money, jobs, fun, sex, family, shopping and happiness.
Rather they should carry on "resistance" until they get "their" land back.
From the above thread.

He doesn't quit. Land disputes in the former Ottoman Empire obsess him. The wrong people are living on Muslim land!
He's very into primitive tribal Palestinian nationalism for a "secular" guy.
I tell him: "As for settlements, couldn't care less. Why should I care where Jews live? I'm not a lefty."

More on Peter Ferguson

If you defend Israel online, you get endless abuse and libel from a wide range of people - the far right, the far left, anti-semites and Islamists. All the shoddy thinkers do not agree on much, but they agree on Israel.


My Sunday Times article: Why do people support the Palestinians?


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