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Gaza wars - Hamas massacre - The final war

  This war must destroy Hamas

Gazans wanted this war

Palestinian hopes must be crushed

The West cannot stop this

The progress of the war

The war against Hamas - arguments

The final war against Hamas

After the genocidal Hamas massacre of Israelis on 7 Oct 2023, the worst day for Jews since the Holocaust, Hamas can no longer exist. This is "Never Again". Right here, right now.


On 7 Oct 2023, the Einsatzgruppen came again. In a one-day orgy of genocidal violence, they killed Jews.
Famous 1942 photo from here.
It is unbelievable. I never thought I would see such a thing again in my lifetime.
But this time, the Jews have a military. With an air force. And even nukes. And the Hamas Einsatzgruppen are about to be wiped off the face of the earth.

"Never Again".
This time, the Jews are armed, and the IDF is coming fast to wipe the Hamas Einsatzgruppen off the face of the earth.
See more videos.

Aircraft of the Israeli Air Force.
From here. See more.

I try to sum it up:
Hamas carried out a genocidal massacre against a heavily-armed neighbour and then retreated.


This war must destroy Hamas


Female hostages are being raped in Gaza

For months, all through the war, Hamas not only held Israeli females hostage but was raping them.
Please explain what country would tolerate this being done to their citizens?


The war may last years


The utterly innocent Shani Louk went to a music festival, and she got killed, apparently beheaded, possibly raped, and her body paraded through Gaza.
Posted here.

People don't realise. Hamas have taken Jewish men, women and children into Gaza to rape and torture. They are likely raping Jewish girls every day.
If anyone thinks Israel will stop before the captives are recovered, they are deluded. This time, Israel does not care what you think. It will not listen and it cannot be stopped.
Above are 3 year olds Emma and Yuli Cunio, abducted from Kibbutz Nir Oz.
For more posters see #BringThemHome.

Israeli children being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.
Israel will lay waste to all of Gaza until it finds these children.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, probably in Qatar, celebrating and praying for the terror operation in Israel.
Presumably Mossad teams are on the way to all these men.


Gazans wanted this war

The majority of Gazans supported starting this war for no reason. The majority of Gazans supported the rape and massacre of Israelis that started this war. So please explain why they are complaining now. They wanted this. They made this happen.

Nov 2023 poll.
64 percent in Gaza support the 7 Oct massacre.
83 percent in the West Bank support the 7 Oct massacre.

Poll, March 2024, from Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research. See PDF.
71 percent of Gazans support the 7 October massacre.
Only 23 percent oppose it, and for many that may just be for tactical reasons. They are not opposed to slaughtering Jews.

Terrorist supporter Hind Khoudary is a perfect example of what is wrong with so many Gazans.
1. On 30 Jan 2024, she defends the 7 October massacre.
2. On 30 Jan 2024, she complains about the consequences of the 7 October massacre.

When Gazans complain about the war they started.


Palestinian hopes must be crushed

To end the conflict, Palestinian hopes must be crushed. Their dreams must turn to dust. They must lose their struggle, and be seen to have lost. A new culture must emerge in Gaza after Hamas is destroyed.


On 6 October, Gaza had cafes, shopping centres, hotels and beach resorts.
On 7 October, Gaza chose to start a genocidal war of extermination against a heavily armed neighbour. And now all that is gone.
They had a good life on 6 October.
But Gazans weren't happy on 6 October, and they wanted a massive war instead.
Gazans going to total war on 7 October was the single worst idea in Gazan history.

7 Oct 2023: Celebrating their slaughter of Jews.
One month later: Consequences. (Here, the last 10 percent left of the population of Gaza City on the road south.)
From here.
Gazans going to total war on 7 October was the single worst idea in Gazan history.

A. Peace and prosperity. (Alazhar University in Gaza before the war.)
B. Total war. (Alazhar University after.)
Israel's plan for Gaza from 2005 to 2023 was A.
Israel begged Gazans to live in A.
The problem was always the Gazans. They kept choosing B.
On 7 October 2023, they made an irrevocable choice of B.
Image from here.


The West cannot stop this




Israel is changed forever


US deploys two aircraft carriers and other assets to the region to deter Iran, Syria and Hezbollah from joining the war.
A very smart move by Biden, and quickly taken.

President Biden's speech of support for Israel, Oct 2023.
Video by Daniel Edry.
Never been a Biden fan, and he's been part of the problem, but this speech is flawless. And what a video to go with it.
Biden started going wobbly weeks later. Of course he did. By 2024 he was no friend of Israel at all. But let's enjoy this video.


The progress of the war


IDF motivational speech as the troops go into Gaza to defeat evil.
Click through to play.

What a picture. The Gaza beach full of IDF soldiers. The rapist army of Satan hiding in tunnels. The IDF soldiers pumping seawater into the tunnels to flush the rapists out. What a picture.
Posted here on 5 Dec 2023.

Destroying Hamas is taking months, but it is happening.
Graph shows daily rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, Oct 2023 to Jan 2024.
Posted here.
And update in Feb 2024.

The rapist army starts surrendering to the IDF.
Posted here on 7 Dec 2023.

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