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"Woke history" Regency movies

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Woke history

Pseudohistory comes in many forms. What they all have in common is a contempt for evidence, logic and proof.

A fascinating subsection of "woke history" or crank history is the claim that lots of people in European history were actually black, and no one noticed at the time.


A site called the African American Registry.
This bills itself as: "the most comprehensive on-line database resource of African American heritage in the world". It is used in schools.
This absurdly claims that Philippa of Hainault was black.

Comical BBC series 1066: A Year to Conquer England (2017).
Portrays Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester as a black African.

Comical Channel 5 drama Anne Boleyn (2021).
Portrays Anne Boleyn as a black African.


"Queen Charlotte was black"

The fake "woke history" that has probably gained the most believers is the claim that Queen Charlotte, the Queen of Britain from 1761 to 1818, was black, and no one noticed at the time.

This crank history was mainstreamed by the Netflix show Bridgerton (2020). They doubled down in a spin-off show Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (2023).

Bizarre Netflix drama Bridgerton (2020).
Portrays Queen Charlotte as a black woman.
The mainstreaming of junk "woke history".

They doubled down in a spin-off show Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (2023).
This is not just harmless fun. People are taking this junk history into schools.

The crank history people get excited by this quote from Baron Stockmar in a sketch of the Royal family.
He says Queen Charlotte has "a true Mulatto face".
This is from p.50 of vol.1 of "Memoirs of Baron Stockmar".


I lay it out in a thread, with pictures.

Left: This meme sums up "woke history".

Let us fact-check this absurd meme:

1st sentence: True.
2nd sentence: False. Comically false. Ludicrous.
3rd sentence: False. Can't even get that right.
4th sentence: False.

5th sentence: False. There is no "they". There is one guy. And you misunderstand him. He was not being literal.

6th sentence: False.
7th sentence: False. Comically, insanely false.
8th sentence: False.
9th sentence: Maybe, but this is not "knowledge".

A children's book called Brilliant Black British History (2023) by Atinuke (no surname) publishes the crank theory.

Queen Charlotte is not a fictional character in a book. She was a real person, which is why it is so offensive to change her race.
My wife's family knew her well, and she stayed with them.
Above, Queen Charlotte arrives at my wife's family home on Wed 30 Sept 1778. She stayed with them for two nights.
This is from pp.232-238 of Appendix to Annual Register, 1778.


"Woke history" Regency movies

After the success of the "woke history" drama Bridgerton, period dramas are increasingly adopting racially diverse casts. This is called color-blind casting. The problem with that is these are then no longer period dramas. They are fantasy dramas set in an imaginary period, that never existed, that feels a lot like 21st century California.

In fairness, there is a market for it. But I love history, and I often spend time immersed in 18th and 19th century records. I love historical drama from the period. But, because I love history, I cannot watch these shows for more than 5 minutes.


Persuasion (2022).
A bizarre adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, where half of Austen's characters are black or Asian.
There must be an audience for this imaginary world. It's nice to imagine different worlds, maybe.
But for people interested in history, and wanting to be transported for a few hours to Regency England (rather than 21st century woke California) this is, well, unwatchable.

Mr. Malcolm's List (2022).
Another bizarre Regency movie set in 21st century woke California.


Everybody is black

I wonder how long the craze for making everybody in history black will last. It is even creeping into documentaries.

The comical Netflix documentary African Queens (2023).
This documentary (not meant to be fiction) portrays Cleopatra as black.
The trailer features a very strange academic called Shelley Haley saying: "I remember my grandmother saying to me: I don't care what they tell you in school. Cleopatra was black."

Meme laughing at the above.

Parody of Netflix woke history.
(Though maybe not a parody. Netflix might actually do this.)

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