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Eblana debate - Replies to Richard Boyd Barrett

Replies to Richard Boyd Barrett and others

A debate on Israel was held at the Eblana Forum, Dun Laoghaire, in October 2022.
I spoke for the Ireland Israel Alliance, against Richard Boyd Barrett.
Audience members also got to speak.


Not a good debate

The video of the complete debate, both sides, including questions from the floor.


Richard Boyd Barrett (part one)

1987 stories:


More things:

Richard Boyd Barrett (part two)


Audience questions

Some of the audience cannot be heard. Others can.

The one thing we never got a clear answer on:
Has anyone in PBP (or allied groups) ever, in all the years since 2005, called on Gazans to stop resistance?
Ever? I have never heard it. I did not hear it at the debate.
Above, I ask online and (of course) got no reply.

I did a meme about the likes of Richard Boyd Barrett.
Made here.


Richard Boyd Barrett (part three)


Boyd Barrett says Palestinians should continue along the path of 80 years of pointless "resistance" that has worked so well for them, and one day they will win and the Israeli state will be "dismantled".
Cartoon from Moshik Gulst.


Other pro-Israel responses to Boyd Barrett


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