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Intersex conditions

What is a woman?

The quasi-religious nature of trans claims

Punishment of people for not believing in trans ideology

Enoch Burke - Trans ideology jails its first victim in Ireland

Most people's sexual identity is not recognised

"Let Women Speak"

Social media tends to ban people who disagree with trans ideology.

Graham Linehan

Trans issues

For woke people, discussion of sensitive issues to do with sex should be done in an atmosphere of hysteria, where you are "cancelled" if you say the wrong thing. Whether the topic is proof in sex abuse cases, or age of consent laws, or trans issues, woke people believe it should be discussed in an atmosphere of screaming hysteria with a constant threat of a cancel mob against those with the wrong opinions.

More than any other issue, it is trans issues that woke people believe should be discussed in an atmosphere of screaming hysteria. Those who fail to have the correct opinions, or even use the wrong pronouns, should be censored, banned, sacked and prosecuted. That is how woke people think we should discuss this issue. I'm not kidding.


What I think

Here is what I think.

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Issues people argue about


Sex is well-defined.
There are two sexes, male (XY DNA) and female (XX DNA).
There are not three sexes, or more. There are two.
The XY people make a small, mobile gamete. The XX people make a large, immobile gamete. There is no 3rd gamete.
You cannot change your sex. You can live a different life to others of your sex. But you cannot change your sex.
Figure from here.

How I (and 90 percent of humans) see the world.
Call us mad, but this is what we (90 percent of humans) believe.
Found here.


Intersex conditions


Diagram shows how a tiny number of exceptions does not disprove the basic binary nature of sex.
From Colin Wright.
See where the 0.02 percent figure comes from.

Trans people are not in the 0.1 percent. Trans people are in the 99.9 percent.
From here.


What is a woman?

The alternative to my view above is some alternative philosophical universe that remains unclear. The big thing that remains unclear is summarised by the question: "What is a woman?" No trans activist has ever answered that question. I think they cannot.

Trans activists confidently say: "Trans women are women". But that statement has no meaning unless you can define what a "woman" is.

People say that trans rights are like gay rights in the 1970s. That this is just a re-run of old arguments about tolerance. But that is not true. Gay rights only asked us to allow gay people live their lives in peace. It was easy. Trans rights (at least as commonly phrased) require us to accept a new philosophical model of the universe.


Matt Walsh asks "What is a woman?"
He will never get an answer.

Matt Walsh finds that Maasai tribesmen in Kenya know what a woman is.
They are obviously lagging behind Western leftists, who do not know what a woman is.
When Matt Walsh tells the Maasai tribesmen about gender theory, he discovers to his surprise that none of them believe in this Western gibberish.

Some people answer "What is a woman?" by saying: "A woman is someone who identifies as a woman".
Which sounds clever for 5 seconds, until you realise it is the same as this definition: "A woman is someone who is a woman".
It is not a definition at all. It leaves completely unanswered what a "woman" is.
The image above (found online) shows what it would look like if we used such "definitions" for all words.

Where babies come from, according to woke science:
The first thing to understand is that sex is a spectrum.
So Mummy or Daddy, or both, will release a sperm or a sperg or a spegg or an egg. Or all four. Or a new undiscovered one.
This, or these, will travel to meet another sperm or sperg or spegg or egg, and fertilise it.
Nine months later, Mummy or Daddy, or both, will give birth.
And that's the science.


The quasi-religious nature of trans claims

Many people have noted the quasi-religious nature of trans claims, the peer pressure to agree with them, the lack of evidence given for them, the lack of any calm debate about them, the near-mystical redefinition of words, and the punishment of unbelievers, by banning or sacking or even prosecution. Religion finds a way. If humans do not believe in old religions, they will believe in new ones.


The ACLU in Feb 2021 has a quick catechism of some beliefs of the new religion, which it absurdly calls "FACTS".
They are of course not facts at all, but just religious assertions.
For a religion that did not exist in 2010!


Atheists argue about the new religion

The new religion has hoovered up many atheists. Some atheists believe in it. Some do not.


Atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins issued this tweet in Apr 2021.
He asked what is the difference between trans-gender people and trans-racial people like Rachel Dolezal.
It is a good question and I have never seen it answered.

Dawkins' tweet angered atheists who believe in the new religion:


"The Friendly Atheist" Hemant Mehta, Apr 2021, attacks Richard Dawkins for the tweet above.
He declares it as a fact that trans-gender people are the other gender.
Mehta says: "Trans people ... aren’t changing genders just for the hell of it. ... They don’t “choose to identify” as the other gender as if it’s some kind of light switch; they are the other gender. ... Dawkins .. defines trans women as “men [who] choose to identify as women” (and vice versa) when that’s not the case at all. It’s not merely a question. There’s nothing to “discuss.”"


The 1850 version of Hemant Mehta explains to us that the eucharist really is the body and blood of Christ.
That is how I feel when I am told that some chap with a penis and testicles really is a woman. It just feels like a religious declaration to me.
From p.215 of the Catechism of perseverance (1850).

Another atheist who believes in the trans religion.
PZ Myers, the "evolutionary biologist" and "sceptic" who believes in trans pseudoscience and puts pronouns in his bio.

Similarities between religion and the trans movement.
Posted here.


Punishment of people for not believing in trans ideology

Since 2015, trans ideology has made it very clear that it is opposed to free speech and freedom of debate. Across the West, people are censored, banned and even prosecuted for disagreeing with aspects of trans ideology.

I am not talking about hate speech. I am talking about people who simply disagree with trans ideology.


Punishment for misgendering means you cannot mention trans people


Women's sports


Enoch Burke - Trans ideology jails its first victim in Ireland


Most people's sexual identity is not recognised

A strange aspect of the modern trans debate is that my sexual identity, the sexual identity of most humans, has no name.

Most people are "super-straight"


2018 study says only 3 percent of "straight" men would date a trans person.
So we have a term for the 100 percent, which is "straight". We need a term for the 97 percent.

The numbers from the above.
"Exclusionary" here means will not date a trans person.
97 percent of straight men will not. 98 percent of straight women will not.
It is mad that there is no term for these people.


All sexual identities are recognised except super-straight


Wikipedia lists a vast number of Sexual identities.
But it does not list my sexual identity (the sexual identity of most humans). Amazing.

Sexuality Wiki on Fandom lists a vast number of Sexual identities.
But it does not list my sexual identity (the sexual identity of most humans). Amazing.

From knowyourmeme images.
See main page.


"Let Women Speak"

"Let Women Speak" is the global movement led by the brilliant Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull.

I went to "Let Women Speak" in Dublin, on 16 Sept 2023, as a male ally. It was a great day.
A lunatic leftist mob protested it. They carried a Lenin flag, and multiple hammer and sickle flags, and they screamed foul abuse.
The Gardai were fantastic. They kept the leftist mob behind a barrier some distance away. The Gardai made sure that violence against our rally was impossible.


"Let Women Speak", Dublin, 16 Sept 2023.
I was at this. What a great day.
Colette Colfer writes about this event, and the lunatic leftist mob protesting it: "Gender ideologists can freely voice their opinions, celebrate their community, publicly fly flags, give speeches, and speak on main-stream media, without having to have barricades to protect them from an angry mob. Women in Ireland had one day and just two hours of that one day, to gather and speak on a street in Dublin. Even this modicum of time was vociferously protested."

Violent threat against the above rally.
From here.

Violent threat against the rally.
From here.

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