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The Halawa case - After


Fatima Halawa elected to committee of Muslim Brotherhood youth body

Ibrahim Halawa as a public figure

Ibrahim Halawa lies about me, Nov 2021


The Halawa case (after)

In 2013, four of the adult children of Ireland's leading Muslim Brotherhood cleric, Hussein Halawa of the Clonskeagh mosque, were arrested in Egypt in the massive Muslim Brotherhood demos. The three daughters were released later in 2013. The son, Ibrahim Halawa, was released in 2017.

Back in Ireland, it would be nice to think they would have second thoughts about their father's awful ideas that got them jailed in Egypt. It would be nice to think they would rebel against Muslim Brotherhood ideas and become liberals.

No sign of that happening yet.


Fatima Halawa elected to committee of Muslim Brotherhood youth body


6 years after the "Halawa Four" were arrested:
One of the Halawa Four is elected to the committee of a Muslim Brotherhood body.
Fatima Halawa was elected to the committee of The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO), Oct 2019.
FEMYSO is a Muslim Brotherhood body.
It is the youth/student arm of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), a Muslim Brotherhood body.
From here.


Ibrahim Halawa as a public figure

Since release, Ibrahim Halawa has become a public figure, making speeches in Ireland and abroad. Many of these speeches contain political ideas. Bad political ideas.


Ibrahim Halawa at an anti-Israel protest in Dublin, Jan 2018. Also here.
He is protesting in favour of young Palestinian radical Ahed Tamimi (from a family of radicals).
Ahed Tamimi supports stabbings and suicide bombings (also here).
Notice the sinister slogans on the placard, describing Islamic terrorists as "freedom fighters", and supporting "resistance" in the context of a brutally violent Islamic terror campaign.

The radical left Amnesty Ireland continues to promote Halawa, Apr 2018.
They say he is "brave" for standing up for his father's beliefs.
Now he is home, what would be really brave (and would do a lot of good) would be if he stood against his father's beliefs.

Ibrahim on 13 May 2018 posts about a woman whose son has spent 26 years in Israeli prisons "for no reason".
Her name is Mazyounah Abu Srour.
Her son is Nasser Abu Srour, arrested in 1993 after he killed an Israeli Shin Bet security agent.
So much for "no reason".

Ibrahim Halawa speaks at a Cordoba Foundation event, London, 18 July 2018.
See full size. See video.
The Cordoba Foundation is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. See more.

Chap who is not interested in the Muslim Brotherhood remains interested in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Post on 17 June 2019 after the death of the former Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi.
From here.

Ibrahim promotes a protest after the death of Mohamed Morsi.
From 20 June 2019.

Ibrahim tweets about "the occupation" in May 2020.
But this is not in the West Bank or Gaza.
This is from an Al Jazeera story in 2020 (see text) where an Arab former resident of Ijzim in Israel returns to see his old family home, now the home of some Israelis.
Ijzim is south of Haifa, inside the 1967 borders.
The man Ibrahim calls the "owner" of the house has not lived in it since 1948.
So is all of Israel an "occupation" now?

Ibrahim Halawa lies about me, Nov 2021

I have discussed the Halawa case on my site and in the media since 2013. At no point did Ibrahim Halawa or any of his family ever explain a fact I got wrong. They avoided talking about me, since my facts were correct.

In Nov 2021, bizarrely, Ibrahim Halawa suddenly talked about me. And what he said was lies and defamation.


Ibrahim Halawa libels me on Twitter, 23 Nov 2021.
He calls me a "racist bigot".
His "evidence" is a defamatory tweet by a student called Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun of fake quotes alleged to be from me.
The tweet by Fawwaz Kekere-Ekun was so fake that he later had to delete it.
Shameful stuff. Shame on Ibrahim Halawa.

Ibrahim Halawa lies about me on Facebook, 24 Nov 2021.
He is complaining about my page on Black Lives Matter. The only problem is that what he says about it is a lie.

Unable to debate:

Lies about me:


It is hilarious that Ibrahim Halawa is judging who is "racist" and who is not.
Here he speaks at the vast Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo in June-Aug 2013.
In his speech he cited two actual racists as his leaders.
The racists that Ibrahim cited in his speech as his leaders are:

  1. Salah Soltan, senior Muslim Brotherhood leader, who: (a) spreads the medieval blood libel against the Jews, (b) says Israeli tourists in Egypt should be killed, and: (c) says people all over the world "thirst for the blood of the Jews".

  2. Mohamed Morsi, senior Muslim Brotherhood leader, who: (a) says Jews are "the descendants of apes and pigs", (b) says children should be raised to hate the Jews, (c) says apostates from Islam should be killed, and: (d) says proselytisers for other religions should be killed.

Ibrahim may not have known about their racism, but he does now, if he is reading this. It would be great if he would renounce these racists, and their racist organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood. Your turn, Ibrahim.


In 2015, Fatima Halawa described my research on the Halawa case as "lies" but declined to explain why.
I gave her plenty of chances to explain why, but got nothing.
In 2016, I wrote about the case in the Sunday Times. Fatima did not reply. She did not even write a letter to the paper.
In 2019, Fatima Halawa was elected to the committee of a Muslim Brotherhood body.
In 2021, Ibrahim Halawa described my research on the Halawa case as "false accusations and defamation" but declined to explain why.

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