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  Assad the butcher

Mohammed al-Bouti

The rebels get taken over by jihadists

The jihadi butchers

"Occupied Kafranbel"

Sunni-Shia regional war

Who has done most of the killing?

Half-hearted Western intervention against Assad

Western intervention against ISIS

The Trump era

Islamic State (ISIS)

Syrian civil war

The Syrian uprising began in March 2011. The "reformer" Assad immediately started killing thousands to hold on to power. The West foolishly delayed helping the rebels, despite the fact Assad has long been one of their worst enemies.

A large part of the rebels gradually got taken over by jihadist vermin of all stripes. While Assad was helped out by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Weep for Syria.

The West should have acted quickly to kill Assad in 2011. What a tragedy that the West has no proper leadership.


Syria: Documented Torture Methods, report by Human Rights Watch of torture by Assad during the revolution, June 28, 2012.
Assad is truly his father's son now.
He is truly a brother of Saddam Hussein now.
See the full HRW report: Torture Archipelago, 3 July 2012.
And press release.

Assad the butcher

The dictator Assad responded to the rebellion by slaughtering tens of thousands of his people with advanced weaponry.

The "reformer" Assad slaughters hundreds in Homs as he tries to cling to power, Feb 2012.

A typical headline from the Syrian uprising, as the dictator Assad slaughters his own people.

Marie Colvin, killed by the butcher Assad in Feb 2012.
From Sunday Times.

Mohammed al-Bouti

The pro-Assad cleric Mohammed al-Bouti (or al-Buti) was killed in a Syrian rebel bombing in Mar 2013.

More blowback. The pro-jihad, pro-sharia, pro-Assad cleric Mohammed al-Bouti is killed by a Syrian rebel suicide bomber in Mar 2013.
Now that's ironic!
From BBC.

Jihad-promoting cleric Mohammed al-Bouti denies that his religion is peaceful. (English edition of his book Jurisprudence of Muhammad's Biography was published 1988.)
He then illustrates this beautifully by getting killed in a suicide bombing.

For any idiot (like Trump) who thinks that Assad is "anti-jihad":
Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the Assad-approved, Assad-supporting, Grand Mufti of Syria, threatens suicide bombing in Europe and the US, 2011.

The rebels get taken over by jihadists

Assad is an anti-American, anti-Israel butcher who must be overthrown. He is a state sponsor of terror. No westerner could possibly desire the survival of his regime.

However, this is the Middle East, where no revolution ends in anything good. The rebels have been joined by jihadists who are just as bad as (if not worse than) Assad. Weep for Syria.

Syrians celebrate the suicide bomb attack on top Syrian regime figures, 18 July 2012, which killed the Minister of Defense, the deputy Minister of Defense (and brother-in-law of Assad) and the assistant vice president (and former Minister of Defense).

Sums up the tragedy of the Syrian rebellion.
By Iranian artist Mana Neyestani (lives in exile in France).
From here. See discussion.

The jihadi butchers

Human Rights Watch report on war crimes by the Syrian rebels in the 2013 Latakia offensive.

Syrian rebel supporter tweets during the Innocence of Muslims riots of Sept 2012.
He is spreading the idea that the Syrian rebels are terrorists that the West should not support.
Maybe we should listen to him.

"Occupied Kafranbel"

Some English speaker among the rebels in Kafr Nabl (also spelled Kafranbel), Idlib Governorate, Syria, is producing banners so eye-catching that people think they are Photoshopped. But they are real.

See image search of banners from "Occupied Kafranbel".

Syrian rebels against the butcher Assad hold a banner, Dec 2011, wishing Obama would support their fight.
Text of banner reported here and here.
Moe Lane shows it is a real banner and there are other similar ones.

Screenshot from this video shows it is real.

The same people produce this ill-advised banner in Feb 2012, as the world does nothing.
I don't really believe they are threatening us with Islamic terror. (After all, they said they liked Bush.)
But it sounds like a threat.
Well that's not going to make anyone help them. Idiots.

Sunni-Shia regional war

With Iran and Hezbollah backing Assad, and the Sunni dictatorships and Sunni jihadists like Al Qaeda backing the rebels, the Syrian civil war has become a wider Sunni-Shia war.

Sunni jihadist rebels on a sectarian rampage against the Shia in Hatla, Syria, June 2013.
They rant about jihad and Allah, and curse the Shia and the Christians.
They carried out a massacre of Shia and blew up the Shiite mosque.
Assad is the enemy of the West. And these jihadist rebels are the enemy of the West. Weep for Syria.

Who has done most of the killing?

Who has done most of the killing of civilians in the Syrian civil war?
On the one hand, ISIS, with genocidal attacks on minorities in Iraq and Syria - and utter contempt for human life.
One the other hand, Assad, with an air force and advanced artillery - and utter contempt for human life.


Who killed civilians in Syria, 2011-2017.
From here. Using the numbers from Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Half-hearted Western intervention against Assad

The debate on Western intervention came to a head in Obama's 2nd term.

Arguments in favour of attacking Assad:
  1. Assad should have been killed or deposed years ago. He has long been an enemy of America and Israel.
  2. Assad is actually killing far more people even than his jihadi enemies.
  3. Killing dictators is good. Anywhere, anytime.
  4. To deter chemical weapons use.
  5. To inflict a defeat on Iran and Hezbollah.
  6. This is a big opportunity to destroy Syria's strategic weapons, which threaten Israel whoever runs Syria.
Arguments against attacking Assad:
  1. The rebels include jihadists and Islamists.
  2. If the rebels win, there could be a massacre of Christians and other minorities.
  3. If the rebels win, there could be an Islamist state which would be the same as or worse than Assad.
  4. Obama is the wrong guy for the job. He doesn't know what he is doing. He doesn't understand the region. A guy who supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has no credibility when it comes to Syria.

Obama is useless

After Assad's massive chemical weapons attack on civilians in 2013, Obama did nothing. Obama and his team are simply the wrong people in power at the wrong time.

The above was my "Axes of the world" page in 2005.
Since I am a neo-con bastard, I was describing Assad's Syria as part of the "Axis of Evil" since at least 2003.
But Democrats like Barack Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton do not think like the neo-cons. They did not see Syria as an enemy of America. So when the war broke out in 2011 they saw no pressing need to help topple Assad. They did nothing.
Finally, in 2013, they seem to think Assad is a bad guy.

This was in retrospect the only real chance for the Syrian people:
The Romney-Ryan ticket in the 2012 US election.
They got 61 million votes, lest we forget. That America will come back some day.


Western intervention against ISIS


ISIS begged the whole world to go to war with it. And the world did. And ISIS was destroyed.
From here.


The Trump era

Trump inherited a successful campaign against ISIS, and a half-hearted campaign against Assad. He continued both.

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