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  Hamza Tzortzis on Israel

Hamza Tzortzis debate on Israel, 2024

Hamza Tzortzis


Hamza Tzortzis quotes

Hamza Tzortzis, 2011, thinks Allah will burn his parents because they are unbelievers.
"This is the reality, brothers and sisters".
Jesus. Sad stuff. Imagine listening to this guy about any topic.
He is so close to (yet so far away from) figuring out the reality that Allah is evil.
That is the first step. The second step is to figure out that Allah does not exist.

Discussion on "The Magic Sandwich Show", June 2011, part 10.
At the end of part 9, the host points out that the Islamic penalty for apostasy is death.
At the start of part 10, the host asks Tzortzis if he thinks that is fair. He dodges into the claim that apostasy could be "fighting against the community", for which the death penalty (beheading) is reasonable.
A speaker says: "Death penalty for apostasy, death penalty for blasphemy, right? Islam condones a death penalty for both of those crimes, right?" He replies "Yes it does, yes". He then talks about "fighting against the community" again.
The speaker asks him about "apostasy without violence". He agrees that some interpretations of Islam would kill that apostate. We never seem to get an answer as to what he thinks.

In Oct 2015, Hamza Tzortzis's organisation iERA held a debate: "The Big Question: Is Islam The Cause Or Solution To Extremism?"
See full debate and search.
In this segment, Peter Tatchell challenges Anas Altikriti, Mohammed Amin, Fiyaz Mughal, Zara Huda Faris and Hamza Tzortzis to condemn sharia punishments such as death for apostasy.
He just gets evasion.


Hamza Tzortzis on Israel

Converts to Islam almost inevitably become anti-Israel.
Tzortzis for many years talked mainly about religion, not politics.
He did not talk much about Israel before Hamas' genocidal attack on Israel on 7 Oct 2023. After that, he came out as fanatically anti-Israel.


Tzortzis video on the war, 23 Oct 2023.

Tzortzis produced a book about the war, Unveiling Tyranny: The Genocide In Gaza (Dec 2023). Also here.
This is a disgusting book. He denies that the rape of Israeli women happened, despite mountains of evidence and eye-witness reports.
He makes a big issue of an incorrect report that 40 babies were beheaded, without noting that some women and children and babies were beheaded.

He claims hostages were treated well by Hamas, despite the proof that Hamas has beaten, raped and executed hostages.
Screenshots of Tzortzis' book from one of his fans here.
Absolutely disgusting stuff.



Hamza Tzortzis debate on Israel, 2024



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