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Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk's life work was an eagerness to pin much of the blame for the Islamic world's pathologies on the West and Israel.

He was beloved by those in the West who wanted to hear such an analysis - such as the entire Irish establishment.




Fisk's predictions of doom during the build-up to the Gulf War in 1990-91.
Apparently if you fight to defend your allies in the Middle East against your enemies, that will only make your enemies stronger.
This is from US action may generate uncontrollable fall-out, Robert Fisk, The Irish Times, 29 Sept 1990.
Note the highlighted quote is not from Fisk. It is from Saddam Hussein in 1975.
For more of Fisk in 1990-91 see From the Embassy, George Dempsey, 2004, pp.175-178.

"Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace".
That's how The Independent titled an interview with Osama Bin Laden by Robert Fisk in Sudan in 1993.
What genius insight. Yes, these people really understand jihad and Islam and the Middle East alright.

Fisk on Israel


Fisk was not a journalist, in the sense of just reporting facts. He was an activist. You cannot trust him.
See this one short extract from The Great War For Civilisation.
Fisk says Menachem Begin called Palestinians "two-legged beasts".
No reference. No full quote. If you fact-check Fisk you will discover it is a fake quote.

Fisk declares here that he is not a regular journalist and he does not do regular journalism.
He does activism for one side.
Which is fine if you agree with him. But not so impressive if you think he has picked the wrong side.

Fisk's narrative on Israel gets in the way of his facts:
Extract from Page 40 (a 2002 essay) in the collection The Age of the Warrior (2008) by Robert Fisk.
This claims that Ariel Sharon was found "personally responsible" for the Sabra and Shatila massacre in 1982.
Fisk has in fact claimed this is a number of places. But it is false.


Fisk on Sharon v. Fisk on Arafat


Ariel Sharon: Peacemaker, hero... and butcher, Robert Fisk, The Independent, 12 Jan 2014, after the death of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
Ariel Sharon was a democratically elected Prime Minister, and a war leader who helped save the Jews of Israel from genocide in 1967 and 1973.

Yasser Arafat Dies: The Old Man Who Dreamt Of Just One Square Metre Of Land, Robert Fisk, The Independent, 12 Nov 2004, after the death of Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat.
Yasser Arafat was a petty tyrant who oppressed his own people, and a racist terrorist who butchered Jews.


Fisk on Afghanistan


Can you oppose nation building?


Fisk identifies with the thugs who beat up Fisk


Fisk actually believed this, even as he himself was being beaten.


Fisk on Iraq


Iraqi Army's Defenses Seem Impenetrable, Robert Fisk, 2 April 2003.
Baghdad fell 7 days later.


Al Qaeda promotes Robert Fisk


Al Qaeda operative and spokesman Adam Gadahn praises Robert Fisk in a private letter within Al Qaeda, Jan 2011.


Fisk on Lebanon and Syria

Robert Fisk, 15 April 2003, says Hezbollah has no missiles.
In July-August 2006, Hezbollah fired 4,000 missiles at Israel.


Fisk on the cultural war

When commenting on the cultural war between radical Islam and western freedom, Fisk is almost guaranteed to leave a bad taste.

Robert Fisk, 13 Sept 2012, is angry at those who blaspheme against the religion of Islam and criticise the Prophet Muhammad. They should know not to do it, he says.



Robert Fisk was beloved by the Irish establishment.
He told Irish people what they wanted to hear about the Middle East - that the West and Israel are to blame.
When he died in Oct 2020, he received these tributes from the Irish President Michael D. Higgins and the Irish Taoiseach Micheal Martin (both of whom support boycotting Israel).
Hostility to the West and Israel is not "edgy" in Ireland. It is the establishment.

"Tensions Rise In Middle East As One Side Wants To Kill Jews And The Other Side Are Jews Who Don't Want To Die And Neither Will Compromise".
The Babylon Bee explains the Israel conflict.
Not a bad explanation, actually.
I love the way Benjamin Netanyahu is described as a "you can't murder Jews" extremist.
This single "funny because true" article is worth more than the entire lifetime of words by Fisk on Israel.


"There is no connection between Islam and "terror". But there is a connection between our occupation of Muslim lands and "terror"."
- Robert Fisk's useless, worthless analysis of the Islamic jihad that goes on in almost every Islamic country, and almost every country, Western or non-Western, with a significant Muslim population, and has waxed and waned, but never ended, for 1,400 years.
Fisk understands nothing. The cause of Islamic terror is not "occupation". Only a child could think that. The cause of Islamic terror is the ideology of jihad.

"[Robert Fisk] is one of your compatriots and co-religionists and I consider him to be neutral."
- Osama Bin Laden, Oct 2004.

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