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The left's support for tyranny - The left and Islamism

  The left's reaction to 9/11

Left-wing support for religious fascism

The left are partly to blame for Islamism

Will the left be pro-fascist or anti-fascist?

Why the left favours the jihad

The left's support for the Palestinian jihad

The left's support for the Iraqi jihad

The church and Islamism

People who let me down


The left and Islamism

The new threat to the West is a vile and ignorant Islamic religious fascism coming out of the Middle East.

It is based on ancient Islam, but in its modern globalised form, and its attacks on western cities, it is more like a modern, 20th century, utopian totalitarian movement, similar to violent utopian communism or to mid-20th century European fascism. It is opposed to democracy, human rights, free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of sexuality. It is at war with everyone who is not an Islamic fundamentalist fascist. It has killed vast numbers of Muslims.

The western left, to some people's surprise, are on the side of the fascists.

Chart showing a left-wing activist's level of interest in topics of oppression, until they discover who the oppressor is.
Found here.

From here.

The left's reaction to 9/11

Departure of Mehmed VI, last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, 1922.
Apparently every leftist should regret the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, according to John Pilger.
Image from here.

Left-wing support for religious fascism

It seems like only yesterday that the left was opposed to all religious fascism, indeed all religion.

How did this change come about? How has religious extremism become trendy again? (Provided it is third-world religious extremism.)

Is it really that hard to choose sides?
The photogenic Ukrainian protest group FEMEN protests topless in Paris against Islamic sharia, 31 Mar 2012.
Getty Photos. Copies here.
When I was young, it was a no-brainer for lefties to be on the side of women demanding sexual freedom against right-wing male religious mullahs.
How can the left now support the latter?
The left's support for Islamism is the main reason I regard myself as part of the western right.

Shirley Williams

iPhone 5 on sale in Gaza before Israel, report Oct 2012.
Yet Gaza is "a slum worse than anything one would have seen in Britain at the end of the 19th century", according to Liberal Democrat Shirley Williams, Nov 2012.

Liberal Democrat Shirley Williams in 2007 attacks Salman Rushdie for offending Muslims, and complains about taxpayers' money being spent protecting him from being murdered.
Christopher Hitchens delivers a classic rebuke: "I think that's a contemptible statement and I think everyone who applauded it should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves."

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges spews anti-American and anti-Israeli bigotry at the Rockford College graduation ceremony.
He has a Masters in "Divinity" from Harvard, but he cannot recognise evil or make the simplest moral judgements.
He absurdly claims that the Casablanca bombings were caused by some logical grievance, rather than coming from Islamic religious madness.
He describes the blood-soaked Iraqi jihad as "a war now of liberation of Iraqis from American occupation".
Hurray for everyone booing this fool. Good for you.

Frankie Boyle

Left-wing Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle attacks liberal western democracies, but has a soft spot for the hard men of Islam.

Frankie Boyle, 20 Nov 2012, runs interference for Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.
His Twitter picture is of the black racist Malcolm X.

Frankie Boyle, 25 Nov 2019, is angry that the White House is honouring Conan, the Delta Force dog that was injured in the raid that killed the leader of ISIS. I have no idea why this tosser is angry - other than he hates anyone who fights the jihad.
Note that the children killed in the raid were killed by the leader of ISIS, contrary to his creepy implication that the brave Americans killed them.

Frankie Boyle's love for Shaker Aamer

Scottish dhimmi Frankie Boyle went on a hunger strike in July 2013 in solidarity with Guantanamo prisoner Shaker Aamer, a Saudi arrested in Afghanistan in 2001.

I have repeatedly asked Frankie Boyle and other Shaker Aamer supporters what Shaker Aamer was doing in Afghanistan in 2001. They all decline to answer, and seem not to care.

Frankie Boyle, 22 July 2013, expresses solidarity with all of the Islamic terrorists in the POW camp in Guantanamo.

My last attempt to get an answer from Frankie Boyle, when Shaker Aamer was released in Oct 2015. No reply.
I later discovered he blocked me.

David Hukari

I am going to be mean and take a guy called David Hukari as standing for millions of leftist dhimmis across the West.

I think if you make a threat like this:

to the world's greatest anti-jihad, anti-sharia fighter, and the world's greatest fighter for human rights in the Islamic world, Robert Spencer, then you deserve a section to yourself. See larger image. From this discussion from the group Americans Against Islamophobia.

Robert Spencer notes the threat. He has been threatened with death many times by American and international jihadis. He has even been threatened with death by Al Qaeda itself (and here). And David Hukari threatens him again, 10 Nov 2010.

Is David Hukari an Islamist? Apparently not. He is a leftist who loves Obama and gets his news from leftie TV shows (see following). It takes a special kind of stupid to hate the counterjihad, not the jihad. And it's no surprise that that kind of stupid votes for Obama.

The left's support for the Palestinian jihad

The left's support for the Iraqi jihad

The church and Islamism

The western media and the western left are partly to blame for Islamism

In any struggle between the West and its enemies, leftists' instincts are to criticise their own side. Leftists like to think of themselves as intelligent dissenters and neutrals, certainly not traitors, or enemies of the West. Intelligent dissent cannot be unpatriotic, surely?

The sad fact is, though, that much as many leftists may not mean it to, such dissent does encourage the enemy, and may even create a climate that breeds new enemies:

Irish far left TD Richard Boyd Barrett is quoted by Al Qaeda.


The pro-Islamist "right"

There is another group of people in the West whose ideas fit well with the jihad - 9/11 conspiracy theorists and "right wing" Israel-haters.

These people despise America (they think it bombed itself on 9/11), defend traitors (like those in Wikileaks), defend enemy Islamists like those in Guantanamo, despise Israel and Jews, and defend Iran from attack. Since they hate America and its allies, and defend America's enemies, it is hard to see how they are "right wing". They seem the opposite of the right rather than the opposite of the left.

Helen Thomas

Mainstream left journalist Helen Thomas says in May 2010 that the Jews should "get the hell out" of Israel and "go home".
Her parents were Lebanese Christian immigrants to America.
Mark Steyn, June 17, 2010, notes that: "In 1936, during the Cable Street riots, the British Union of Fascists jeered at London Jews, "Go back to Palestine!", "Palestine" being in those days the designation for the Jewish homeland. Last week, Helen Thomas, the doyenne of the White House press corps, jeered at today's Jews, "Get the hell out of Palestine"".

Al Qaeda defends Helen Thomas, in their glossy magazine, Inspire, Oct 2010.
Hezbollah also praises Helen Thomas.
Hamas praises Helen Thomas. Terrorists love the left.

Helen Thomas featured on the official Hamas website, Dec 2011.
Terrorists love the left.

Adam Gadahn

Al Qaeda generally praises MSNBC in an internal document.
From captured letter written in Jan 2011 by Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn to an unknown recipient within Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda criticises MSNBC for firing Bush-hating nutcase Keith Olbermann and Hizballah-lover Octavia Nasr.

Al Qaeda praises Abd al-Bari Atwan and Robert Fisk and Brian Ross and Seymour Hersh and Matthew VanDyke and Eric Margolis and Gwynne Dyer.
Except the traitor can't spell their names right.
From the above internal Al Qaeda document by Adam Gadahn.

Adam Gadahn explains that the sheep are "uncovered meat".
From here.

"The war in Iraq in itself didn't cause the London bombers to blow up the Tube and a bus last summer. It was rather the story that the western media is promulgating, that the Iraqis are victims of the west rather than of their real persecutors in al Qaeda and the remnants of the Ba'ath party, that surely gave the death cult which for various reasons finds such purchase among certain Muslim youths its point of detonation. It is that utterly mendacious presentation which is the recruiting sergeant for terrorism"
- Melanie Phillips (or via here), 2006.

Will the left be pro-fascist or anti-fascist?

The disgusting, anti-American Arizona 9/11 Memorial (see photos) illustrates the left's complete inability to understand 9/11.
This memorial should be destroyed.

Iowahawk's cracking parody of the Arizona 9/11 Memorial.
See full size.
My favourite: "You don't win artsy monument grant battles with bronze eagles."

Why the left favours the jihad

Why is the left sympathetic to Islam, Islamism and the jihad? Let me suggest some reasons for this bizarre support.

Why the left favours the jihad:

  1. The left is all about some kind of vague "revolution" to destroy the West, or capitalism, and introduce something "better". And basically, no one wants to do that any more except the Islamists. The Soviet Union is gone, so the left is stuck supporting a bunch of religious maniacs.

  2. Obsessed with Daddy. The left is all about rebellion against Daddy. Daddy is Christian. Rebelling against Islam means nothing to the left.

  3. Still fighting the last war. The left are still fighting against Christianity, even though they won, and Christianity no longer oppresses anyone. I have moved on to the next war.

  4. Pure ignorance. Most leftists know nothing about jihadist slaughters that do not involve the West - Nigeria, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, India, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia - and get angry if you bring them up. They think jihad only happens with westerners.

  5. White people are the bad guys. The left loves its white guilt, and is only interested in situations where the white man can be blamed. The left tends to support anyone fighting against "the white man". It ignores conflicts where there are no "white" people involved. I use sneer quotes here since the left's racial categories are usually ludicrous.

  6. Violent people are exciting. The left loves violent "resistance" of all forms. If Islamists desired the same goals - sharia law - but used entirely peaceful methods, the left would find them very uninteresting.

Why the left does not like Hindus.

He only likes her because she is violent.

The greatest speaking of truth to a mob that I have ever seen.
Counter-jihad hero Robert Spencer speaks truth to a mob of left-wing and communist jihad supporters, Stuttgart, Germany, June 2, 2011. And here.
Spencer made a great speech, that could be given to the Islamism-supporting left all over the West: "I came from the United States of America to stand for freedom, with all free people, against the forces of oppression and darkness which you are representing. ... You are fighting for the most radically intolerant and hateful ideology on the planet. ... You are already subjugated! You are already their useful idiots. You are already their tools. You are out here in their service. And you think your fight is for freedom. You are fighting for your own slavery! You are fighting for your own enslavement. And it will come. It will come to you. ... You are fighting for the destruction of all the freedoms that you enjoy. You are fighting for the .. defeat of your own selves, of your own lives. You are slaves seeking slavery. ... you are the most foolish, you are the most evil, foolish people on Earth. We are standing for the human rights of all people. Of the oppressed Christians in Indonesia, in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Sudan ... And so, in closing, I have to say: Shame on you!"

My view of the cause of jihad comes from reading the words of jihadists, not the words of leftists.

This is a classic:
A liberal Egyptian woman, who has to live with jihadism and Islamism, promotes my site. She uses even stronger language against those ideologies than I do. From comments on Buzzfeed on 5 Nov 2015.
But her being a liberal Egyptian means nothing to a confident western leftist, who dismisses her, and says I am not to be trusted because I am "anti-jihad".
Just eight days later, the jihad kills 130 people in Paris.
The attitudes of leftists like this are one reason why the jihad against the West will continue for decades.

"When I ran into trouble with the so-called "human rights" commissions up in Canada, it seemed bizarre to find the progressive left making common cause with radical Islam. One half of the alliance profess to be pro-gay, pro-feminist secularists; the other half are homophobic, misogynist theocrats. Even as the cheap bus 'n' truck road-tour version of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, it made no sense."
- Mark Steyn.

Sanctuary (and part 2) - Bill Whittle on the sickness of the left, as they compound their error in opposing the liberation of Iraq with shameful tacit support for the post-war fascist "resistance":
"I, for one, can not get past the idea that millions of Western Progressives would rather see a nation re-enslaved, or erupt in civil war, or have twenty thousand of their countrymen come home in boxes than admit that they were wrong."
He says this war has shown us the left in all its horror:
"But this war has done much more. It has shown us just how many people here inside the walls of our Sanctuary wish for - work for - its destruction."
If you must read just one essay attacking the left for its lack of support for the War on Islamism, read this one.

Wafa Sultan on how the left supports the enemy:
"As an Arab woman who suffered for three decades living under Islamic Sharia, it is clear to me that Islam's political ideology and Sharia must be fought relentlessly by Western civilization to prevent its application in a free society. However, I have found myself fighting on two fronts. The first front is against Islamists, a daunting fight indeed. But the other front is one shaped by too many uninformed individuals who like to view themselves as open minded "progressives"."

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