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Blogs I used to read

Blogs are now so established that we have been able to watch blog authors change over time.

There are a few major blogs I used to read, but no longer.

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan was probably the original political blogger I discovered after 9/11 in 2001. I read him all the time in 2001-03. He used to be on my list of Writers on politics that I like.

But then he turned against the war. Gradually almost everything he believed switched to the opposite. He became exactly the kind of guy he would have attacked in 2001-03. Now I never read him.

Andrew Sullivan in the Obama era

First Andrew Sullivan supported Kerry for President in 2004. Then he became a fanatic supporter of Obama for President in 2008.

That's not the question that comes to my mind, when I see Andrew Sullivan and Newsweek gushing about Obama in Jan 2012.

Andrew Sullivan, the "conservative" who votes Democrat

The Economist, like Andrew Sullivan, are centre-left people posing as centre-right:
This cartoon ran in an Economist article on Iran in Jan 2014.
It got attention for its creepy anti-Israel motif.
But the most shocking thing is the naive left-wing belief that Rouhani is different to the rest of the Iranian regime. "Rouhani is a moderate", and the real bad guys are "holding him back". Yeah, right.

Andrew Sullivan backs Ron Paul

Sullivan's true love is Obama and the Democrats, but if there has to be a Republican candidate, he would like it to be .. Ron Paul!

Former sane person Andrew Sullivan backed Ron Paul for 2012.

The Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev also backed Ron Paul for 2012.

Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson on Andrew Sullivan, 5 Apr 2008: "Not a shred of the post-9/11 Sullivan remains; all that's left is a rhetoric-spewing empty shill for "progressive" causes."
Today, that's how a lot of people feel about Charles Johnson.
Hi Diary of Daedalus readers!

Sullivan and LGF, Sept 2009.
I didn't leave them. They left me.

Little Green Footballs

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