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Turkey's genocide of non-Muslims, 1909-23

Ravished Armenia

Cenk Uygur of "The Young Turks"

Modern support for Ataturk

Modern support for the Ottomans

Modern Turkey


17th century Turkey was the great existential threat to European civilization. It was the last great Islamic imperialist threat to Europe.

20th century Turkey was a state built on genocide of Christians - a genocide that is still denied.

21st century Turkey is a state that has still failed to embrace western ideas, and is going backwards into Islamic authoritarianism.

The crucifixion of Christian girls by the Turks in 1915 during the Armenian Genocide.
From a movie re-enactment of the genocide memoir Ravished Armenia.
Real life was actually worse than this: In real life, the Christian girls were executed by impalement through the vagina.

Turkish history

The Battle of Vienna, 11-12 Sept 1683, when the Turks threatened European civilization.
One gets the feeling that the modern left would have supported the Turks.
Image from LOC. See more.

News of the victory at Vienna is received in Restoration-era England.
See the London Gazette, issue no.1861, 17-20 Sept 1683.

The Bulgarian martyresses (1877) by Konstantin Makovsky.
This shows the rape and murder of Bulgarian women by the Ottoman army in the suppression of the Bulgarian Christian uprising of 1876.

William Gladstone's summary of the history of the Turks.
From pp.9-10 of Gladstone's pamphlet Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East (1876).

The world was well aware of the Armenian Massacres of 1894-1896.
From here.

Even before the 20th century genocide of non-Muslims, the world was well aware that the Ottoman Turks slaughtered Christians and followed Islamic extremism.
Clear-sighted 1903 cartoon in New York. See full size.
This was posted at a left-wing University of Chicago site that complains about the "negative stereotyping" of the cartoon.
The same left-wing site complains about a Cox and Forkum cartoon.

Turkey's genocide of non-Muslims, 1909-23

Turkey was only 60 percent Muslim in 1850. It was 40 percent non-Muslim.
Now Turkey is 100 percent Muslim. The Christian and Greek civilization of Anatolia is gone. It is annihilated.
From here.

Extract from the entry for MOHAMMEDANISM in vol.10 of The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913).
It refers to recent atrocities by the Turks.
The full-scale Turkish genocide of Christians began in 1914, the year after this prophetic Encyclopedia was published.
Christianity understood Islam much better in this period than it does today.

The Armenian Genocide (1914-18) portrayed in the movie Ararat (2002).

The Armenian Genocide (PBS).

The burning of Smyrna and the massacre of 100,000 Christians (1922) by the Turkish army under the butcher Ataturk.

Turkey's genocide of the Christians.

The world was well aware of the genocide of Christians by the Turks.
From here.

This section listing "unreliable" Armenian genocide denial websites appeared for years on the website of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota. See their statement about it.

Ravished Armenia

A surviving segment of the movie Auction of Souls (1919), based on the book Ravished Armenia (1918) by Aurora Mardiganian.
Contains re-enactments of the Armenian Genocide of 1914-18.

Startling image from the above showing the crucifixion of Christian girls by the Turks in 1915.
See clip at 21:45 and still at 23:05.

The crucifixion of Christian girls in Malatya in 1915 was described on pp.132-133 of the book Ravished Armenia (1918).
This was also published in The Daily News, Perth, Australia, 21 May 1920.
By the way, anyone who thinks the Armenian Genocide was not jihad should read this book. The killers are clearly motivated by Islam and hate for the infidel.

In fact, in real life, the Christian girls were executed by impalement through the vagina.
From p.10 of Ravished Armenia and the Story of Aurora Mardiganian by Anthony Slide, 2014 edn.

Cenk Uygur of "The Young Turks" - Armenian Genocide denier

Turkish-American Cenk Uygur is an interesting character. A brave ex-Muslim atheist (hurray) who is however annoyingly left-wing and anti-counterjihad (boo).

I always thought he picked the disgustingly offensive name "The Young Turks" for his political talk show in 2005 out of ignorance. But of course, thinking about it, that makes no sense. How could a highly-political person of Turkish background not know all about the Young Turks and the genocide they carried out?

And then I discovered that he denied the Armenian genocide. His choice of name now seems to be something more sinister.

Historical Fact or Falsehood?, Cenk Uygur, The Daily Pennsylvanian, November 20, 1991. Also here.
As a politically active young student, Cenk Uygur denied the Armenian genocide.

Letter from Cenk Uygur to Salon, 16 June 1999, again denied the Armenian genocide.

Armenians regard Cenk Uygur as a genocide denier.
Here Armenians protest a talk by Cenk Uygur, Feb 2012.
He failed to address the issue.

Are you starting to find their name creepy yet?


Aug 2019: Young Turks host Hasan Piker mocks Navy SEAL vet Dan Crenshaw for losing an eye in Afghanistan in 2012. Piker openly supports the jihadis that attacked Crenshaw. He says "America deserved 9/11".
It makes sense that a "Young Turk" would support genocidal Islamic jihadis.

I take on a guy calling himself "The Young Turk" and yet claiming to be against genocide.

Terrorist and killers who like the "Young Turks" show

More than once, terrorists and killers have turned out to be fans of the "Young Turks" show.

A cheap shot? Not really. Only giving the left a dose of their own medicine. The left furiously blamed Sarah Palin for the Tucson shooting, even though there was zero evidence the shooter was a Palin fan. Not zero evidence with the following, though.


Elliot Rodger, the May 2014 California spree shooter, was a fan of the "Young Turks" show.

Arcan Cetin, the Sept 2016 Cascade Mall shooter, was a fan of the "Young Turks" show.


Modern support for Ataturk

Many foolish westerners have admired the butcher Ataturk, including even some otherwise sensible people.

Ataturk's 20th century "democracy" compares poorly to Britain's 18th century democracy:
Above is A View of the House of Commons, published 1749.
From NPG. See full size.

When the 2013 protesters put together a crowd-funded ad for the New York Times, the first version they came up with said they were "the proud inheritors of Ataturk's legacy."
See full size.
Thankfully they changed it for the final version. But it still shows a worrying blindness about Ataturk among Turkey's youth.

Modern support for the Ottomans

Fetih 1453 (2012).
Turkish propaganda movie where the jihadist conquerors of Constantinople in 1453 are the good guys!
Oddly, it leaves out the raping and killing of Christian women and children by the invading army, the looting of churches, selling the Christians into slavery, and so on.
The evil invading jihadist army shouts "Allah Akbar", just like modern jihadists.
See negative reviews.

At the end of the movie, Mehmed the Conqueror plays with smiling Christian children, instead of raping and killing them and selling them into slavery.

Modern Turkey

"I am honored to pay tribute to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a man whose vision, tenacity and courage put the Republic of Turkey on the path of democracy and whose legacy continues to inspire generations around the world."
- America's useless President Obama, on a visit to Turkey, Apr 2009, pays tribute to the dictator Ataturk, the butcher of the Christians of Turkey.

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