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The right and freedom - Europe and America

Europe and America

Europe and America are the origin of the universal civilization - democracy, human rights, free speech and freedom of religion. This civilization used to have a racial taint, but no longer. Now every race and every religion can join in.

The whole world - every race and every religion - should adopt these universal ideas. Europe should be side by side with America in spreading these ideas to the whole world. If the whole world adopts these universal ideas it will mean the end of war and the end of famine forever.

Europe and America: The last great hot war to destroy Western democratic civilization.
Animation showing rise and fall of the Fascist Axis in WW2, 1939-45.
From here. See full size.

Blue - Western democratic Allies. Red - Communist totalitarian Allies.
Grey - Neutral. Black - Fascist totalitarian Axis.

In America and Britain, democracy is old. In Europe, democracy is new.

Europe should support America

Europe should be side by side with America in defending the free world and spreading democracy and freedom to all of the world. Many Europeans see this, and - sometimes despite their own governments - millions of people in Europe support America. Indeed, despite everything, Europe is still the base of America's strongest support in the world.

French have much to be humble about, by Gerard Henderson, June 1, 2004: "At a time when the "give-peace-a-chance" mantra is again prevalent in the land, it is worth recording that Adolf Hitler's regime was crushed by military force and that the D-Day landings were led by the Americans and the British. No member of any pacifist society, nor any member of any international organisation, ever troubled Hitler's Reich. What's more, despite Charles de Gaulle's attempt to rewrite history, the French played only a small part in their nation's liberation in 1944 and 1945."

Madrid - Europe's 9/11

For a brief moment, it looked as if the Madrid bombings would make Europe finally understand and join with America, Britain and Israel. But then the election result showed that this was instead a total victory for Al-Qaida, and one that will encourage them to try again.

Movie of the bombings.
Also here.

Total victory for Al-Qaida

Total victory for Al-Qaida: They bomb Madrid just before the Spanish election. The frightened people vote their government out of office and vote in appeasers. The appeasers say they will pull the Spanish troops out of Iraq. Total victory for Al-Qaida. And they killed hundreds of infidels to boot. They will be delighted with this result. And this will encourage them to try again.


Appeasement didn't work

Spain abased itself in front of the jihadist murderers. Spain tried to appease the jihad.

And it didn't work. The jihad against Spain continues. As it does for all of Europe.

Every infidel country is a target:

Spain's attempt at appeasement did not work. They are still infidels, so they are still a target, and always will be, as long as violent Islamism exists. The only solution is to destroy violent Islamism.


Let me not close with pessimism. Let me attempt some optimism about Europe.

12 million people marched on the streets of Spain after the attacks. 12 million people. Raw, angry, frightened. This is the voice of the people. If you want a war, this is what it will look like. All they need to realise is where to direct their anger - not against the Spanish government, not against Bush, not against America - but against Islamism, and the Islamists will regret it.

It is often forgotten that Europe is a sleeping giant too. Europe invented the western way of war. Europe killed 100 million people in the last century. If Islamism ever succeeds in waking up Europe, and Europe re-arms and joins America in all-out war, Islamism will be destroyed. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya - all will be invaded, and forcibly reformed. Real western imperialism will come back.

The only reason Islamism has had such success so far is because the West still does not take it seriously. I will still optimistically believe that, as soon as Europe sees an existential threat, it will wake up and Islamism will be destroyed. I just hope we don't have to lose a city first. If there is one lesson of the 20th century failure to deal with the Nazis and Soviets from the start, it is that it would be far better to destroy Islamism now, when it is new and weak, rather than wait until it is strong.

U2's 9/11 tribute to America.
At Super Bowl 2002 half-time.
And search.
Bono is not American. He is Irish, like me.
And I feel about America the same way Bono does. And so do hundreds of millions of people, in Ireland, Britain, Europe and around the world.

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