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Communism in the Americas

I remember Reagan being villified by the left in the 1980s for fighting communism in Nicaragua, El Salvador and elsewhere in Central America. I myself bought the line that everything Reagan was doing in Central America was wrong. I supported communist Nicaragua, for example (even though I did not support the Soviet Union).

It is true that America supported right-wing anti-communist dictators, and that war crimes and democide were committed by anti-communist forces (see estimates for democide below). But Reagan was largely proved right by history. Apart from Cuba, communism in the region was largely defeated, and Central and South America became an oasis of freedom and democracy in a world full of tyranny.

Europe's "backyard" - the Middle East and North Africa - is a mess - a dark region of tyranny and no human rights whose ideologies threaten the world. But America's "backyard" - Central and South America - became largely a region of democracy, freedom and tolerance. Precisely because of Reagan's strong stand. It worked. The left was wrong again.

The Americas in 2020.
From Freedom House 2020 map.
Still much better than Europe's "backyard" - the Middle East and North Africa.
But not as good as it was before the US abandoned global leadership under Obama and Trump.
Freedom House rankings show 3 "Not Free" countries:

Reagan and Thatcher helped bring freedom and prosperity to Central and South America

How Reagan brought freedom to Central and South America after 1980.
Trends in freedom in North (includes Central) and South America, 1946-2007.
From the Polity IV Project.
Red = Autocracy.
Black = "Anocracy" (a state with weak or non-existent central authority).
Blue = Democracy.
Cuba is the only remaining autocracy, according to them.


The Bolivarian revolution - a return to the failed past

The strongman thug Hugo Chavez and his "Bolivarian revolution" destroyed Venezuela and ruined its economy.

It is so easy to destroy a country. So hard to build it up.

Hugo Chavez in March 2006 talks about George W. Bush like a drunk 14 year old.
Are all dictators this stupid?
Compare this ignorant thug with the soaring idealism, intelligence and eloquence of President Bush.

The Axis of Evil:
The anti-American allies Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Jan 2012.
From here.

A festival of evil: Chavez's funeral, Mar 2013.
Here, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Other attendees at Chavez's funeral included the President of Cuba, Raul Castro, and the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang.
From here.

Venezuela's nightmare continues

Chavez dies, March 2013. But the Marxist nightmare continues.

Queues for food in Venezuela.
Like in the old Soviet Union.
If People Before Profit ran Ireland, we would be queueing for toilet paper like this.

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