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The Irish left (groups)

One way of defining "the left" is as the opponents of Western power and Western victory. People who do not identify with countries based on Western democratic values in their struggles against countries and groups based on Islamist, communist or other hostile values. At best they are indifferent. At worst they defend the enemy side.

Here are some such groups in Ireland.

"Anti-war" groups

I often write "anti-war" in inverted commas, since many of these organisations actually support wars and violence, such as the Palestinian jihad and even the Iraqi jihad.


I'm "anti-war" myself!

Hey, if you can't beat them, join them. Using their own definitions, I'm "anti-war" myself!

I totally support the war being waged by the heroic freedom fighters of the American military, of course. But I am completely opposed to the violent illegal war being waged by the fascist warmongering Iraqi resistance. The Iraqi resistance should stop, and all foreign jihadis get out of Iraq. Their violence is the root cause of the conflict. If they stopped, there would be peace. So I'm anti-war too!

Stop the war! Stop the jihad! Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia out of Iraq now!

Stop the jihad now!
End the Islamist violence against infidels!
Stop the jihad in Iraq and Palestine!
Peace on earth now!

Heroic freedom fighters.

Attacks on allied equipment

Refueling Peace

The IRA in World War Two here are angry that Ireland is not being neutral enough in the war on Nazism.
Just like the modern-day moral fools angry that Ireland is not being neutral enough in the war on Islamism.
From the IRA's War News, 2 Dec 1939.

"Anti-war" people are often remarkably non-judgemental about violence by others

"The Real Iraq Body Count: What You're Not Supposed to Know", by Glen Reinsford, makes the point:

  • Iraqi civilians killed (all deliberately) in 2006 by the Iraqi resistance: 16,791.
  • Iraqi civilians killed (all accidentally) in 2006 by Americans: 225.

  • In other words, the incredibly careful and skilled Americans have hardly killed anyone innocent since 2003, and those that have died have all been killed accidentally while engaged in street warfare with jihadis. Almost all the deaths in Iraq are at the hands of the resistance, not at the hands of the Americans. As Glen Reinsford says: "Iraqis aren't dying from war. They are being murdered by Islamic terrorists."

The Irish left's support for the Iraqi fascist "resistance"

Anti-capitalism, anti-globalisation, anti-free enterprise, anti-free trade


"The Cancer of Western Civilization" by Luke Eastwood.
This ludicrous piece of 22 January 2012 sums up the world of Indymedia Ireland.
Apparently the entire last 5,000 years was a mistake, and we need to go back to a time before towns and cities.
Pol Pot tried that, but apparently this guy will do it right.

Open support for the executed Libyan dictator Gaddafi on Indymedia Ireland, October 23, 2012.
A paper given at the First Annual Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi Day School in Dublin. The what??
This was not a fringe post either. As at Nov 2012, this was a feature post on the Indymedia front page.

Tommy Donnellan

Tommy Donnellan (or "planxtysumoud") is a west of Ireland anti-Israel activist. Here is a video in which he openly supports violence against Israel.

Indymedia Ireland glorifies the jihadist killer of Jew civilian settlers.
"Sniper Killer of 11 Israeli Soldiers: Thaer Hamad's Father Video Interviewed", Indymedia Ireland, 23 Feb 2010.
Indymedia Ireland glorifies Palestinian sniper Thaer Hamad (or Tha'ir Hamad), the killer of Israeli civilian settlers at Wadi al-Haramiya in March 2002.
They approvingly embed this video by Tommy Donnellan who tells Hamad's family they should be proud of him.
"You should be proud that you have such a brave son, such a courageous fighter" says Tommy Donnellan to the father of the Jew-killer.

Tommy Donnellan posted the video to YouTube with this write-up openly supporting the Islamic terrorist sniper.
He repeats the absurd story that the sniper, who shot civilians dead, spared civilians.
Note also the praise for the kidnap of Gilad Shalit.
Some kuffar really admire the jihad against the kuffar!

The Irish left's support for Cuban communist dictatorship

Jim Fitzpatrick


Jim Fitzpatrick, who did the famous Che Guevara poster in 1968, still has appalling politics all these years later.
He utterly hates Israel. Of course he does.
And here in Feb 2020 he declares support for the Assad regime in Syria.
Fitzpatrick blocks me on Twitter.


Ruairí McKiernan


After the mass-murdering dictator Castro died in Nov 2016, Ruairí McKiernan was one of those engaging in "whataboutery".
Here he claims that Guantanamo was worse than Castro's Cuba.
Let's compare them:

Location Years active so far Who was jailed Number of executions Which is worse (according to Ruairí McKiernan)
Guantanamo Jihadis. 0 This is worse.
Castro's Cuba Critics.
(maybe 33,000)

See above as image.

Ruairí McKiernan, 26 Nov 2016, says that before criticising: (a brutal tyranny that he likes) we should distract ourselves by looking at: (another country that can be criticised).
No we shouldn't.

Dervla Murphy

Extract from Dervla Murphy's book A place apart (1979 edn), recalling how she and her family sheltered the Nazi collaborator Charlie Kerins in 1944.
In the 1978 edn the story is on pages 15 to 23.
In fairness, she discusses the moral dilemma of sheltering a cop-killer.
She does not discuss the moral dilemma of sheltering a Nazi collaborator.

The Irish Examiner, 9 Feb 2012, prints an Israel-bashing article by Dervla Murphy.
It is framed with an emotive anti-Israel picture that may be fake: "A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, Capt. Eytan Buchman, says that the man wasn't run over. 'After claiming to be injured, he was inspected by both an IDF medic and a Red Crescent medic, both who determined that he required no medical care whatsoever,' Capt. Buchman said."
Scan from Rob Harris. See full size.

Why are young people attracted to these ideas?

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