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Indoctrination of children

The Co.Kerry school children


Trocaire is the third world charity of the Irish Catholic church.

For some reason, in recent years the Catholic church has developed a left-wing, anti-Israel, anti-American "foreign policy".

It is all very well the Catholic church having obnoxious left-wing politics. I am not a member of it anyway. But the Irish taxpayer is forced to pay to fund the church's anti-Israel, anti-American charity Trocaire. I am forced to pay for the Catholic church's anti-Israel campaigns.

Click on the "charity" Trocaire's front page in Oct 2012, and this is what you see.
And I am forced to pay for this!
As at Oct 2012, only one country in the world is mentioned on the front page of this supposed charity ... Israel!

Click on Trocaire's Facebook page in June 2014 and this is what you see.
The actual banner is anti-Israel. With jihad and massacre raging across Iraq and Syria and Nigeria, this is the most important issue in the world for Trocaire. Creepy and disturbing.

Trocaire's left-wing politics

Trocaire have bad politics about almost everything. They do not even understand the cause of poverty.

Trocaire's anti-American, anti-Israel demo.
During the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, Trocaire organised this protest at the US Embassy in Dublin on 31 July 2006, trying to get the US to pressurise Israel. (And engaging in some US-bashing of its own.)
Why not protest at the Iranian Embassy in Blackrock, Co.Dublin? After all, they're the aggressors, they started the 2006 war, they want to exterminate Israel, they arm Hezbollah, and they could end the war by surrendering.
From here.
Also in picture is the anti-Israel Michael D. Higgins.


Trocaire are so anti-Israel that often it is the only specific campaign displayed on their web front page.

Left-wing Irish charity Trocaire campaigns against the life-saving Israeli wall.
There is no mention at all of Islamist terror!
"The wall does nothing to achieve a more peaceful Middle East", they claim, ignoring the fact that that is exactly what it has done.
It's a 3 minute ad for why you should not give money to Trocaire.
See more anti-Israel videos from Trocaire.

Irish charity Trocaire figures out how to bring peace to Israel.
The answer is not to end Islamism, sharia, jihad, racism, anti-semitism, incitement and Islamic terror. It's not for the Palestinians to adopt parliamentary democracy, human rights, free speech, freedom of sexuality and freedom of religion.
No, peace can be achieved "by ending the building of illegal settlements by Israel." That's all you need!
Apparently, these "illegal settlements" are the reason why the Arabs have repeatedly tried to exterminate the Jews since 1948.

Trocaire funds the anti-Israel NGO BADIL.
In 2010, BADIL awarded a "Best Caricature" prize to this cartoon.
The image featured on BADIL's website.

Hamas executes people without trial, Sept 2022.
Amnesty Ireland and Trocaire, who have opinions on literally everything in Israel, decline to tweet about it.

Garry Walsh, Israel/Palestine Officer at Trócaire, is former IPSC

Garry Walsh, Israel/Palestine Officer at Trócaire, is a former leading member of the rabidly anti-Israel IPSC.
(Hat tip for discovering this: Barry Williams.)

From here.

From here.

Garry Walsh on twitter.
The list of people he follows on Twitter gives you an idea what is in his head. (And what the Catholic charity Trocaire now stands for.)
The list includes:

Eoin Murray, Campaigns Coordinator at Trócaire, is former IPSC

Garry Walsh is not the only IPSC person in Trocaire.

From here.

Indoctrination of children

The Catholic "charity" Trocaire has direct access into the Catholic schools of Ireland, in which they can spread their anti-Israel message.

2011 Trócaire Human Rights Summer School:
Secondary students aged 16-17 visit Trocaire to learn bad anti-Israel politics, all funded by the Irish taxpayer.
From here.

2007 Trócaire Human Rights Summer School:
Secondary students aged 16-17 are told they should oppose the life-saving Israeli wall, which may have saved 1,000 lives so far.
Ignorant anti-Israel propaganda, organised by Trocaire, paid for by the Irish taxpayer.
From here.

Anti-Israel propaganda in Catholic secondary schools in Ireland, paid for by the Irish taxpayer.
From the Trocaire propaganda pack for schools:

TV interview in 2011 of 92 year old Palestinian woman.
Her father took part in the massacre of the Jews in 1929 in Hebron.
She celebrates the massacre, and hopes for a greater massacre of the Jews in the future.

The Co.Kerry school children

Veteran Israeli journalist Sarah Honig came across a group of Irish school children in Dec 2012 in Cahersiveen, Co.Kerry, who were raising money for "Palestine" on an official school activity. Honig wrote about it in the Jerusalem Post.

It was a Trocaire collection. They were using Trocaire material at school. So it is clear they were being taught Trocaire's anti-Israel viewpoint. That is not in doubt.

The dispute is over whether, as Honig claimed, some of them also made anti-semitic remarks.

The collection for "Palestine".
From here.

The collection was at the corner of Church St and O'Connell St, Cahersiveen.
See street view.
From here.

The principal of the school denies Honig's allegations.
From The Kerryman, 30 Jan 2013.
He reveals that they were using Trocaire's anti-Israel materials.
Some points:

The Kerryman editorial, 30 Jan 2013.
It sounds like a strong attack on Honig, but they rather weaken their case on two points:

  1. They claim that the Palestinians are "oppressed". That doesn't really describe the conflict.
  2. They further weaken their case by accepting that the students may have "made some remarks" which would have been made "in a spirit of exuberant, youthful protest". So they are saying Honig could be telling the truth?
In the absence of a recording, we may never know what happened. I think I have to be agnostic on the antisemitism claim. But I certainly don't think schools should be organising pro-Palestinian demos.

The Israeli embassy wrote a reply in The Kerryman, 6 Feb 2013.
The school, if they really want to show they are balanced, should ask the embassy for material to give the pro-Israel view.
It is not right for them to only give the anti-Israel view from Trocaire.

Someone typed this into Sarah Honig's contact form on 31 Jan 2013.
Posted on her site.

How the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is introduced to children in the RE course "Become Aware".
No mention of the cause of the conflict - Islam and Islamic supremacism (the cause of the conflict in 1947, and still the cause today).
No mention of the fact that the 1967 war was fought by Israel against enemies who openly called for a genocide of the Jews.
No mention of the fact that Palestinian wealth tripled under Israeli occupation from 1967 until Arafat returned to destroy everything with his intifada.
No mention of the endless incitement to hatred and violence on Palestinian TV, and in schools and mosques, that keeps the conflict going.
No mention of the lack of religious, political and sexual freedom under the Palestinians, and the existence of all of these in Israel.
No mention of the endless Islamic terrorist attacks carried out by the Palestinians against Israel.
Just simple anti-Israel propaganda imposed on children by Trocaire and Shameful.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913.
Christianity understood Islam much better in the past.
If only RE class introduced Islam like this today.
Instead, the modern Catholics like Trocaire take Islam's side.

Even when explaining why Trocaire idiotically got involved in Israel in 2002, they never explain what was going on in 2002: endless Palestinian terror attacks on innocent and vulnerable Jews.
Not mentioned at all! There were "unprecedented levels of military confrontation and restrictions on the movement of Palestinians imposed by the Israeli army" for no apparent reason.
Just because Jews are cruel, I guess.

This Is Palestine (2017), anti-Israel video from Trocaire.

"Lastly, I condemn a disturbing, growing problem in recent years, namely the politicisation of charity, whereby NGOs such as Trócaire have become manipulated, within and without, by those with a radical left agenda which demonises Israel as the cause of the problems in the Middle East. As we have all seen over the past two years of the Arab Spring, with tens of thousands of Arabs slaughtered by other Arabs, this is clearly an absurdity."
- The Israeli ambassador, 11 Oct 2012, on the corruption of Irish charities like Trocaire into radical-left political fronts.

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